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du samedi 19 novembre au dimanche 20 novembre 1977

Fete du nouveau populaire de Paris

Pavillon de Paris, Porte de Pantin, Paris, France


Ticket trouvé sur planetgong.altervista.org
Tous les documents suivant sont de Daniel Mercurin

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Fete du nouveau populaire de Paris


11977-11-19Captain BeefhearthPorte De PantinParisFranceA01
31977-11-20Henry Cow + OrckestraPorte De PantinParisFranceA01
21977-11-20National HealthPorte De PantinParisFranceA01


(1/1) Fete du nouveau populaire de Paris, 1977-11-19, Captain Beefhearth, Porte De Pantin, Paris, France

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Captain Beefheart
Fete Du Nouveau Populaire De Paris
The DM's Tapes : DM007
Taper : DM
(1977) cassette recorder
(2013) Marantz stereo cassette recorder CP230 > Realtek ALC888S
Lineage: ANA(M) > WAV(PCM 44.1Khz 16 bits) > Flac(Level 8)
-Audacity v 2.0.2
-Trader's Little Helper v 2.7.0 (Build 172)

Captain Beefheart
Jeff Morris Tepper
Eric Drew Feldman
Denny Walley
Harry Duncan
Robert Williams

01 x
02 Low Yo Yo Stuff
03 Bat Chain Puller
04 I Wanna Find A Woman That'll Hold My Big Toe Till I Have To Go
05 Abba Zaba
06 Dali's Car/One Nest Rolls After Another/The Dust Blows Forward & The Dust Blows Back
07 Nowadays A Woman's Got To Hit A Man
08 Click Clack
09 Grow Fins
10 Golden Birdies
11 Electricity
12 A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets To A Diamond
13 China Pig
14 Sun Zoom Spark
15 My Human Gets Me Blues
16 Floppy Boot Stomp
17 Moonlight On Vermont
18 Carson City
19 x

posted on Zappaters by Galeans
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
Le Nouvel Hippodrome (Fete Du Nouveau Populaire De Paris), Paris Sorbonne Université (1),
Paris, France

1977 11 19

This copy: 99.06 min, Aud, B+ MONO

Lineage: (1977) cassette recorder
(2013) Marantz stereo cassette recorder CP230 > Realtek ALC888S
Lineage: ANA(M) > WAV(PCM 44.1Khz 16 bits) > Flac(Level 8)
-Audacity v 2.0.2
-Trader's Little Helper v 2.7.0 (Build 172)

Taped and transferred by: sousmarin (2)

Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart): vocals, tenor and soprano sax, bass clarinet
Denny Walley (Feeler's Reedo/Walla Walla): guitar, slide guitar
Jeff Morris Tapper (Jeff Tapir/White Jew): guitar, slide guitar
Eric Drew Feldman (Black Jew Kitabo): bass, keyboards, synth
Robert Williams (Wait for Me): drums, percussion


01 Hair Pir: Bake III [02:06]
02 Suction Prints [04:22]
03 Low Yo Yo Stuff [04:40]
04 Bat Chain Puller [06:17]
05 I Wanna Find A Woman That'll Hold My Big Toe Till I Have To Go [01:54]
06 Abba Zaba [03:39]
07 Dali's Car [02:50]
08 One Nest Rolls After Another [00:24]
09 The Dust Blows Forward & The Dust Blows Back [02:59]
10 Nowadays A Woman's Got To Hit A Man [04:31]
11 Click Clack [07:15]
12 Grow Fns [05:19] °°° tf at the end, no music missing
13 Golden Birdies [02:35]
14 Electricity [04:31]
15 A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets To A Diamond [03:01]
16 China Pig [06:05]
17 Sun Zoom Spark [03:02]
18 My Human Gets Me Blues [03:32]
19 Floppy Boot Stomp [05:04]
20 Moonlight on Vermont [05:23]
21 Owed T'Alex [04:58]
22 Old Black Snake [00:58]
23 Pachuco Cadaver [04:42]

Alastair Dickson: The following year, I seem to recall that the Magic Band played Paris, either financed by or at a benefit for a French Trotskyist group ... And continuing on interesting concerts, around 77, wasn't there a double-headed Magic Band and Prime Time concert? That would have been wonderful, given that they were the only two bands to be operating a sound based on 2 guitars playing very different lines.

Alastair Dickson: On the subject of Captain Beefheart outside the English speaking world, I have this vague memory that a Magic Band circa 76 was scheduled for a concert in Paris but not the UK etc. My recollection was that this was at some kind of festival organised by a French Trotskyist party. Anyone confirm this or tell me that my memory's faulty?

Robert Williams: One of my favorite shows was the one we played in Paris on November 11th, 1977 at the Hippodrome. There were ten thousand kids under the big top that night.
[Scott McFarland: WAIT FOR ME! Robert Williams Pants Out. Private source. Early 1997]

John Gray: How did it go in Paris at the Hippodrome?
Don Van Vliet: The people were dancing to Trout Mask Replica music! I mean dancing! In France!
[John Gray: Dancing With the Captain. The Bat Chain Puller Is Flushed With Optimism. Sounds. December 12, 1977]

John Morthland: He's feeling particularly sprightly right now - just came from Paris, where he played before 10,000 at a National Socialist Party music festival, the highlight of a tour that's done quite well despite there being no new album in the stores or record label behind him. In truth, this could conceivably be his time. Earlier in his career, he was the number one weirdo for audiences that prized weird above and beyond all else. That's a lot of baggage to carry, and in more subdued times such as these, perhaps his music can be taken strictly on its own terms and viewed as the unique, vital stuff that it is.
[John Morthland: The Number One Weirdo Comes Back To Earth. Gig, February 1978]

John Orme: Don Van Vliet is a happy man. A fortnight ago he brought his new Magic Band to Paris for its European debut, and although the gig is now three days away, it is easier to whistle a dance-along selection from Trout Mask Replica than to stop him talking about the success of the concert and the band.
Don Van Vliet: This band is so good - the best I have ever had! They play with a smile. They really breathe up there when they are playing. After all this time I have finally found the band I'm looking for. It's amazing! Playing with this group is like going for a walk: they are so happy when they play. People I meet from the audience have been coming up and telling me how pleased they are that I have finally found a band that I am content with - and they are right.
The gig we played in Paris was monstrous. It was three days ago, but I haven't slept since - it was so good! And my voice, well, I can still feel that show in my voice. It hit me so hard I am down to three octaves .... I couldn't get over the way the audience was singing along with it, singing the words back at me in English - and I don't speak a word of french.
This group, I tell you, I couldn't believe that there were such nice people still around on this earth. True, they are playing what I have written, but they really are playing. This band is moving so fast that very soon I won't have to tell them anything. I really must say: this band is the best ....
[John Orme: Captain Horn-Blower. Melody Maker, December 12, 1977]

Don Van Vliet: I played a thing in France - a festival. There were ten thousand people in the rain, and me under a thing where the rain didn't hit me. I was feeling sorry for the people in the rain. Things like that are hard if you're at all feeling. I apologised at least twelve times, I probably bored everyone to tears. That's not good business. god, that was terrible. It's wonderful to see people out in the rain, but not with me under a canopy. Do you know how cold it was that night? It would freeze the fur on a
fishing pole, I'll tell you that. Contact lenses would be frightening in that kind of cold. I think it must have been at least ten below.
[Byron Coley: Captain Beefheart Pulls A Hat Out Of His Rabbit. New York Rocker #18, January 1979]

Great show with a great setlist, from one of his comeback tours, in which he proved to still be the great Captain everybody knew and loved. This is, apparently, a second source compared than the one perviously circulating. I don't know how this compares to the other source, as I don't have it, but this is from the master and sounds pretty nice. This version, anyway, apparently misses the last three songs ("Veteran's Day Poppy", "The Blimp" and "Big Eyed Beans from Venus"), which, unfortunately, I don't have.

This is a re-tracked re-seed of the recent dimeadozen seed. If you want to help seeding, rename everything as above and trash files 01, 06, 19 and the fingerprints.

Thanks for sousmarin for taping and sharing (2)

Enjoy !!

-- Galeans

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(1) Paris Sorbonne Université : why?
(2) The taper is DM (Daniel Mercurin)
SMJ032 / DM007

(2/1) Fete du nouveau populaire de Paris, 1977-11-20, National Health, Porte De Pantin, Paris, France

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Fete Du Nouveau Populaire De Paris
The DM's Tapes : DM004
(1977) cassette recorder
(2013) Marantz stereo cassette recorder CP230 > Realtek ALC888S
Lineage: ANA(M) > WAV(PCM 44.1Khz 16 bits) > Flac(Level 8)
-Audacity v 2.0.2
-Trader's Little Helper v 2.7.0 (Build 172)

Dave Stewart
Phil Miller
Neil Murray
Pip Pyle

01 Cold As Starshine
02 A Legend In His Own Lunchtime
03 The Collapso
04 Underdub
05 Tenemos Roads

(3/1) Fete du nouveau populaire de Paris, 1977-11-20, Henry Cow + Orckestra, Porte De Pantin, Paris, France

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Henry Cow with Orckestra-Mike Westbrook Brass Band featuring Frankie Armstrong
Fete du Nouveau Populaire de Paris
Paris, France
November 19, 1977
(Sometimes listed as November 20, 1977)

Aud?>CD-R>EAC>WAV>Trader's Little Helper>FLAC (Level 8)

1. Wheel of Fortune
2. Nirvana Variations > Long Piece (excerpt) > Terrible as an army with banners
3. Naima > Mourn not the dead > Jackieing
4. On Suicide > Wheels Go Round
5. (Frankie Armstrong solo song)

1. (Frankie Armstrong solo song)
2. (Frankie Armstrong solo song)
3. Kanonensong
4. Let the Slave
5. Alabama Song
6. Bartlemy Farm

Lindsay Cooper - bassoon, flute, oboe
Chris Cutler - drums Fred Frith - guitar
Dagmar Krause - voice
Tim Hodgkinson - organ, clarinet, alto sax
Georgie Born - bass, cello
Mike Westbrook - piano, euphonium
Dave Chambers - soprano sax, tenor sax
Kate Barnard - piccolo, tenor horn
Paul Rutherford - trombone, euphonium Phil Minton - trumpet
Frankie Armstrong - voice

I'm pretty sure I have posted this show on Dime before? But it has been so long that I have totally forgotten! I had this show listed as being "November 20, 1977". Though now I can see that it was more likely the 19th.



The real apperance is : November 20, 1977 at 24:00



Captain Beefheart