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mercredi 2 juin 1982

Frank Zappa.

Salle Omnisports, Rennes, France



June 2nd, 1982

More than anything else, this tape serves as a reminder of how ugly an outdoors audience recording might become, and how lucky we should be to have so many good sounding tapes from those free-air 1982 concerts. This is one of (if not THE) worst sounding tapes I have, one that takes a whole lot of concentration as well as a good imagination, as your brain has to extrapolate a lot of music that's hidden in this sonic mess. Luckily enough, the only instrument that's somewhat discernable is Frank's lead guitar.

The Black Page solo is an exception, though - FZ moves a lot in his lowest register and uses some loops, and the end result is mostly a blur (although the audible parts lead me to believe that it was a good solo). The solos in Truck Driver Divorce and Zomby Woof are both definitely good, though, and the long King Kong solo (rather straight R&R with some cool deviations into different modes) is the highlight of the night.

In Sharleena (which seems to have a great solo), FZ exclaims "Marqueson's Chicken" in the second fill-in-the-blank space, foreboding the world premiere of said piece, which opens the short encore section (*). From what I can hear, it's an impressive WP for such a complex song, though the solo seems a bit lackluster. Interestingly enough, after the return to the head, there's a short solo spot for Tommy before they return to the head again. I don't think I've heard this in any other version, though I wouldn't be surprised if I'm proven wrong somewhere below.

This was the first, and possibly the last time I listened to this show in its entirety. Completists only. (*) This surprised me a little, as I've been told that the chicken incident happened at the Bremen concert, which took place a week after this show.


Source : http://zappastuff.iwarp.com/82rvw2.htm#jun2

Discographie / Discography


You Are What You Ist<br /><br />

You Are What You Ist

Ship Arriving<br/>Too Late To Save<br/>A Drowning Witch

Ship Arriving
Too Late To Save
A Drowning Witch

The Man From Utopiat<br /><br />

The Man From Utopiat

Line Up

Ed Mann : Percussion
Tommy Mars : Keyboards
Robert Martin : Keyboards, Tenor Saxophone, Vocals
Scott Thunes : Bass, Vocals
Steve Vai : Guitar
Chad Wackerman : Drums
Ray White : Guitar, Vocals
Frank Zappa : Guitar, Vocals


2Goblin Girl
3Black Page #2
4Cocaine Decisions
5Nig Biz
6Disco Boy
7Teenage Wind
8Truck Driver Divorce
9Fine Girl
10Zomby Woof
11King Kong
13Marqueson s Chicken
14No No Cherry
15The Man From Utopia Meets Mary Lou

Allées O Venues

Frank Zappa


360+[CUlrich][FZshows]{a115a-/b+}1982-05-05 Vejlby Risskov Hallen, Aarhus, Denmark
370ticketT+[CUlrich][Sugarmegs][FZshows]{a5b,a110a-}1982-05-07 Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden
380+[CUlrich][Sugarmegs][FZshows]{a115a-}1982-05-08 Drammenshallen, Drammen, Norway
390+[CUlrich][FZshows]{a125a-/b+}1982-05-10 Scandinavium, Göteborg, Sweden
400+[CUlrich][FZshows]{a135a-/b+}1982-05-12 Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany
410+[CUlrich][FZshows]{a115a-/b+}1982-05-14 Vorst Nationaal, Brussels, Belgium
420+[CUlrich][FZshows]{a135b-,a90b+}1982-05-15 Ahoy Sportpaleis, Rotterdam, Netherlands
430ticketT+[CUlrich][FZshows]{a120b+}1982-05-18 Hippodrome, Paris, France01
440B+[CUlrich][Sugarmegs][FZshows]{a130a-}1982-05-21BtB 11 As An Am Sporthalle, Köln, Germany01
450+[CUlrich][FZshows]{a130b+}1982-05-22 Philipshalle, Düsseldorf, Germany
460+[CUlrich][FZshows]{a75b+}1982-05-23 Ostseehalle, Kiel, Germany
470+[CUlrich][FZshows]{a125a-/b+}1982-05-28 Palais Des Sports, Saint Étienne, France01
480+[CUlrich][Sugarmegs][FZshows]{a120b+}1982-05-29 Les Arenes, Fréjus, France01
490+[CUlrich][FZshows]{a110b+}1982-05-30 Les Arenes, Cap D Agde, France01
500X+[CUlrich][FZshows]{a75c-}1982-06-02 Salle Omnisports, Rennes, France01
510+[CUlrich][FZshows]{s10b+}1982-06-03 Palais Des Sports, Dijon, France01
520+[CUlrich][Sugarmegs][FZshows]{a100a-/b+}1982-06-05 Vechtewiese, Schottdorf, Germany
530+[CUlrich][FZshows]{a10b+}1982-06-06 Rhein Neckar Stadion, Mannheim, Germany
540+[CUlrich][Sugarmegs][FZshows]{a120b+}1982-06-08 Congress Centrum, Hamburg, Germany
550+[CUlrich][FZshows]{a125b}1982-06-09 Stadthalle, Bremen, Germany
560+[CUlrich][FZshows]{a135b}1982-06-10 Grugahalle, Essen, Germany
570+[CUlrich][Sugarmegs][FZshows]{Ea85b,La125a-/b+}1982-06-11 Alte Oper, Frankfurt, Germany
580+[CUlrich][FZshows]{a110a-/b+}1982-06-13 Feste Marienburg, Würzburg, Germany
1ticketT+{Cancelled}1982-06-17 Le Palais Des Sports, Lille, FranceCancelled
590+[CUlrich][Sugarmegs][FZshows](1982/06/18-19){a105a-}1982-06-18 Hammersmith Odeon, London, England
600+[CUlrich][FZshows]{Ea100b+,La145b}1982-06-19 Hammersmith Odeon, London, England
610+[CUlrich][FZshows]{a125b-}1982-06-23 Sporthalle, Boblingen, Germany
620+[CUlrich][Sugarmegs][FZshows]{a120b+}1982-06-26 Olympia Halle, München, Germany
630+[CUlrich][FZshows]{a90a/a-and125125b+/b}1982-06-28 Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria01
640+[CUlrich][Sugarmegs][FZshows]{a120b+}1982-06-29 Sporthalle, Linz, Austria01
650+[CUlrich][FZshows]{a120b+}1982-07-02 Stadio Comunale, Torino, Italy
660+[CUlrich][FZshows]{a140b+}1982-07-03 Campo Communale, Bolzano, Italy
670+[CUlrich][Sugarmegs][FZshows]{a40b,a130b+}1982-07-04 Quartiere Fieristico, Bologna, Italy01
680+[CUlrich][FZshows]{a140a-/b+}1982-07-05 Stadio Marassi, Genova, Italy
690+[CUlrich][FZshows]{a20b,a115b+}1982-07-07 Parco Lago Redecesio, Milano, Italy01
700+[CUlrich][FZshows]{a125a-}1982-07-08 Stadio Municipale, Pistoia, Italy
710+[CUlrich][FZshows]{a70b+,a55b+,a25a-/b+,a130b+}1982-07-09 Mattatoio Do Testaccio, Roma, Italy01
720+[CUlrich][FZshows]{a45b-,a135b+}1982-07-12 Stadio San Paolo, Napoli, Italy
730+[CUlrich][FZshows]{a65b+/c-}1982-07-14 Stadio Communale Favorita, Palermo, Italy


(430/1) Frank Zappa, 1982-05-18, Hippodrome, Paris, France

Audio/Flac, ?/?, (?)


Frank Zappa

Nouvel hippodrome de paris

01 - Crowd Noise
02 - Treacherous Cretins
03 - Drowning Witch
04 - Envelopes
05 - Joe's Garage
06 - Why Does It Hurt When I Pee
07 - City Of Tiny Lights
08 - Pound For A Brown
09 - Outside Now
10 - You Are What You Is
11 - Mudd Club
12 - The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
13 - RDNZL
14 - Advance Romance
15 - Disco Boy
16 - Teenage Wind
17 - Truck Driver Divorce
18 - The Blue Light
19 - Zomby Woof
20 - Strictly Genteel
21 - The Closer You Are
22 - Johnny Darling
23 - Whippin' Post
24 - The Illinois Enema Bandit

(440/1) Frank Zappa, 1982-05-21, BtB 11 As An Am, Sporthalle, Köln, Germany

Audio/WMA, ?/?, (?)


Frank Zappa
Koln, Germany

Source: AUD > ? > CDR > EAC > SHN

Disc 1:
01. Tuning
02. Zoot Allures (incl. When No One Was No One)
03. Sofa
04. Fine Girl
05. Easy Meat
06. Dead Girls Of London
07. Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously?
08. What's New In Baltimore?
09. Moggio
10. Drowning Witch (incl. But Who Was Fulcanelli?)
11. Envelopes
12. Bamboozled By Love

Disc 2:
01. Let's Move To Cleveland
02. Tinseltown Rebellion
03. Approximate
04. Cosmik Debris
05. Doreen
06. Goblin Girl
07. Black Page #2
08. Sharleena
09. Strictly Genteel
10. No No Cherry
11. Man From Utopia
12. Whipping Post

Frank Zappa - guitar, vocals
Chad Wackerman - drums
Ed Mann - percussion
Tommy Mars - keyboards
Robert Martin - keyboards, tenor saxophone, vocals
Scott Thunes - bass, vocals
Steve Vai - guitar
Ray White - guitar, vocals

Review from Zappa Tape Reviews

May 21st, 1982
Sporthalle, Koln, Germany

About 15 min into the show, FZ says "That's not safe, put it down!" to someone. The funny thing is, while listening to this tape, I felt an urge to yell back the same thing to Frank several times, in reference to his guitar. No folks, FZ does *not* play it safe tonight - fact is, he does things with his axe tonight that make Charles Manson look like a little school-girl in comparison. I hadn't listened to this show for quite a while, and though I remembered it was one of the better '82 shows, I didn't expect it to be this astounding. This is Zappa's night - 10 solos, while we only get one solo from another bandmember.

The show kick-starts with Zoot Allures, which gives a strong hint that Frank is having one of *those* nights tonight. The first part of the solo is "When No One Was No One", but the mix on Guitar doesn't do it justice, in this reporter's opinion. On this tape, where Frank's Strat is crisp and cutting, the solo becomes much more touching. For the first three minutes, he keeps playing creative and beautiful melodies (including two nice "Squirm" teases), then he seems to be planning where to go next for a minute. The direction he chooses, is one he would follow for much of the evening: loop madness! For three minutes, Frank mangles out chords and noises, from which he makes loops, tries out various combinations and plays melodies on top (some of this can be heard on Guitar). Quite cool, and only the beginning.

The band plays nice versions of Sofa and Fine Girl, before it's time for the second guitar-tour-de-force: Easy Meat. The first lines in Frank's solo are so beautiful, we begin to believe he's about to compose a new Sinister Footwear. Then, abruptly, he kicks off one of his thunder-like loops, adds another one, and on top of this chaos, he reprises the great first melody. The rest of this great solo continues like this - a big variety of loops, mixed with neat melodies. The beauty and the beast in one!

Dead Girls Of London is nice, and even a song like Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously? is unusually interesting tonight. FZ tells the full story behind it, how German concert promotor Fritz Rau once made a fuzz about people eating asparagus. One Peter Eggers in invited onstage to translate Frank's words into German, and he also get to do Fritz Rau impersonations during the song, cracking up the vocalists (which is probably while Bobby Martin sings some ugly out-of-tune harmonies). What's New In Baltimore?, a song that would rarely disappoint on this tour, comes with another great guitar solo, which deviates into a boogie jam. Moggio is just as tight as we've come to expect from these guys, and leads us right into the next highlight of the show.

Drowning Witch brings us two awesome solos. Frank squeals out some typical Eastern-European-influenced melodies on the first one, utilizing his "Bulgarian Bagpipe" and feedback techniques to great effect. The second one is even better, much because some brilliant support from Thunes. Frank used half of it on Guitar as "But Who Was Fulcanelli?", but he should have used it in its entirety. And once again, I prefer the sound on this tape.

This is one of the best years for Bamboozled By Love (in my opinion, nobody sang it better than Bobby, though I know I'm in minority here). The vamp, a groovy mix of blues and reggae, brings a short and good FZ solo. It feels like he was simply catching his breath here - we're just about to get another one of Dr Zappa's cruel guitar treatments. The Young & Monde solo (which can be heard on "As An Am") is...well, I can't think of a better word than "violent". For the first half it's a regular - though very nasty - solo, and for the second half, Frank once again freaks out with his loops. I'm trying to imagine the looks on the faces in the audience - this must have been quite a thing to experience live.

Tinseltown Rebellion gives us some comic relief, with another one of those weird, but hilariously funny Grandma Variations, and the equally weird segue into Approximate. In Cosmik Debris comes the only non-FZ solo of the show, a really good Vai solo. Doreen is always great to hear, and the Goblin Girl/Black Page segue on this tour is one of my favorites ever. However, the BP solo does turn out disappointing. Maybe my expectations were to high, and maybe my ears were saturated with nasty FZ notes, but this solo doesn't come near the heights the previous ones did. Frank is back in gear for Sharleena, though. This time he chooses a straighter R&R-approach, though he skillfully avoids becoming predictable - on the contrary, he uses the old blues scale in very creative ways, over Scott's bouncy bass.

The encores are of the unsurprising kind: Strictly Genteel, No No Cherry, Man From Utopia, and Whippin' Post. Frank's final solo is not one of his best of the evening, but good for a WP, one of the worst guitar vehicles of the 80s, if you ask me. Some loops near the middle, but not as deranged as the previous orgies. Well, there is actually one more surprise tonight, when WP ends on a big C major chord, instead of the expected Am. A strange ending to a sick show.

'Nuff said - this is one of the very best '82 tapes, and hence, one of the most essential of all Zappa tapes. If you don't already have it - go get it!


(470/1) Frank Zappa, 1982-05-28, Palais Des Sports, Saint Étienne, France

Audio/Flac, ?/?, (?)


Frank Zappa

Palais des sports, st. etienne, france

01 - Outside Now
02 - Montana
03 - Easy Meat
04 - Dead Girls Of London
05 - Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously
06 - What's New In Baltimore
07 - Moggio
08 - City Of Tiny Lights
09 - Pound For A Brown
10 - Joe's Garage
11 - Why Does It Hurt When I Pee
12 - Drowning Witch
13 - Envelopes
14 - Harder Than Your Husband
15 - Bamboozled By Love
16 - Let's Move To Cleveland
17 - Tinseltown Rebellion
18 - Approximate
19 - Cosmik Debris
20 - Strictly Genteel
21 - No No Cherry
22 - The Man From Utopia Meets Mary Lou
23 - The Illinois Enema Bandit

(480/1) Frank Zappa, 1982-05-29, Les Arenes, Fréjus, France

Audio/Flac, ?/?, (?)


Frank Zappa

les arenes, frejus, france

01 - Crowd Noise
02 - Zoot Allures
03 - Introduction
04 - Sofa
05 - Dancin' Fool
06 - RDNZL
07 - Advance Romance
08 - Dead Girls Of London
09 - Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously
10 - What's New In Baltimore
11 - Moggio
12 - Fine Girl
13 - Zomby Woof
14 - King Kong
15 - Sharleena
16 - Doreen
17 - Goblin Girl
18 - Black Page #2
19 - Cocaine Decisions
20 - Nig Biz
21 - Crowd Noise
22 - Strictly Genteel
23 - Crowd Noise
24 - No No Cherry
25 - Man From Utopia Meets Mary Lou
26 - Crowd Noise
27 - Whippin' Post

(490/1) Frank Zappa, 1982-05-30, Les Arenes, Cap D Agde, France

Audio/flac, ?/?, (?)


From FZShows:

30-May 1982, Les Arenes, Cap d'Agde, France
110 min, Aud, B+

Zoot Allures, Broken Hearts Are For Assholes, Montana, Easy Meat, Bobby Brown, Joe's Garage, Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?, City Of Tiny Lights (solo on YCDTOSA #5), Pound For A Brown, Sofa, Harder Than Your Husband, Bamboozled By Love, Let's Move To Cleveland, Tinseltown Rebellion, Approximate, Cosmik Debris, The Closer You Are, Johnny Darling, Tell Me You Love Me, Strictly Genteel, No No Cherry, The Man From Utopia Meets Mary Lou, The Illinois Enema Bandit

Lineage: Audience tape, TDK SA (unknown, but allegedly low gen)->Denon DRM800A->Creative SB Live->SoundForge (normalizing, speed correction, editing, tracking)->FLAC Frontend lvl 7

Here's a review I wrote back in 2000:

After an interesting deviation yesterday, Frank once again decides to use Zoot Allures as show-opener. The result can be heard on YCTDOSA #3, one of those excellent solos that has made me reevaluate my
conviction that 1975/76 was the best tour for Zoots. After some rather amusing intro talk from FZ, the band serves us a long string of crowd pleasers (Hearts/Montana/Meat/Brown/Garage/Pee). The only thing of interest here is Frank's Easy Meat solo, a rather laid-back affair, nicely interspersed with some aggressive outbursts - great!

One more solo from this show was released - the one in City Of Tiny Lights, which showed up on YCDTOSA #5. I like this solo - from its first quirkily melodic line, it works its way through an interesting landscape of melodies, often seeming to build in intensity, but Frank manages to stay
unusually low-key throughout. Pound For A Brown brings two long solos, one from Bobby and one from Frank. Bobby has found a nice electric organ sound on his synth, and delivers a pretty good solo, with a long scatting/singing along section. Frank's solo is really good, dense and intense, and quite funky in a Zappy way.

For Bamboozled By Love, FZ once again shows his more thoughtful, calm side, with an odd (but cool!) solo. By now, we begin to wonder whether Frank is having a low-key evening or if he's been saving energy
for something. The answer comes in a monstrous Young & Monde, where FZ releases most of the pressure he's been building up - for 7 1/2 minutes, he makes his guitar scream with pain and agony, using his whole bag of tricks; feedback, whammy-bar, loops, and those twisted little melodies no one else could have thought of. Excellent!

Unfortunately, it's pretty much downhill from here - a long string of songs that are good, but lack solos or any other deviations. We get one more solo, a very good one, in the show-closing Enema Bandit. But with
Frank in a great soloing shape, the number of guitar solos (7) is a little disappointment. His playing is unusually nuanced tonight, and it would be interesting to hear what a Sinister Footwear, a Sharleena or a Clownz would sound like. Still, a very good show on a very good-sounding tape. Being rather sparsely circulated, I would call this tape one of the hidden gems of this tour.

01 Zoot Allures
02 Broken Hearts Are For Assholes
03 Montana
04 Easy Meat
05 Bobby Brown
06 Joe's Garage
07 Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?
08 City Of Tiny Lights (tape flip @ 8:27)
09 Pound For A Brown
10 Sofa
11 Harder Than Your Husband
12 Bamboozled By Love
13 Let's Move To Cleveland (tape change - cuts at end)
14 Tinseltown Rebellion (fades in)
15 Approximate
16 Cosmik Debris
17 The Closer You Are
18 Johnny Darling
19 Tell Me You Love Me
20 Strictly Genteel
21 No No Cherry
22 The Man From Utopia Meets Mary Lou
23 The Illinois Enema Bandit

Samples history:
Yojimbo: http://www.zappateers.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=10622
Chunga's Revenge: http://www.zappateers.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=10687

(500/1) Frank Zappa, 1982-06-02, Salle Omnisports, Rennes, France

Audio/flac, ?/?, (?)


Frank Zappa
2-Jun 1982, La Salle d'Omnisports, Rennes, France

Available Recordings, according JN:
78 min, Aud, C-

Source: 75:46 min, C- (freqzenzies on a extremly low level, sounds like the taper "could'nt come in")
Lineage: AUD > ? > cass/? > A/D nakamichi/UA-5 USB > wav Audition 1.5 (tracked, slightly hissreduced, speedcorrected) > shntool > flac frontend (lvl 7 / 441 MB FLAC) & CDR
Taped by: N/A
Transfered & Edited by: walk

Frank Zappa's Band:
Ed Mann - percussion
Tommy Mars - keyboards
Robert Martin - keyboards, tenor saxophone, vocals
Scott Thunes - bass, vocals
Steve Vai - guitar
Chad Wackerman - drums
Ray White - guitar, vocals
Frank Zappa - guitar, vocals

01 ] Doreen °°° only last 10 secs
02 Goblin Girl
03 Black Page #2
04 Cocaine Decisions
05 Nig Biz
06 Disco Boy
07 Teenage Wind
08 Truck Driver Divorce
09 Fine Girl
10 Zomby Woof
11 King Kong °°° tf @ 4:47.115 speed correction b10cts from here on
12 Sharleena ---> encore
13 Marqueson's Chicken
14 No No Cherry
15 The Man From Utopia Meets Mary Lou

first time played:
Marquesons Chicken

tf = tapeflip
[ = cut at the end
] = cut at the beginning
][ = cut/flaw in the track
~ = fading in/out or connects two or more tracks played like one (medley)
-IC = incomplete
& = added from dif source, complete or partly
°°° = walk's notes

thanks to M for the tapes

from the zappateers vault
a walk tape rip
enjoy !!!

(510/1) Frank Zappa, 1982-06-03, Palais Des Sports, Dijon, France

Audio/flac, ?/?, (?)


1982 06 03 Dijon 7.42 Aud (Chunga's Revenge)

Another very short one from the 1982 Tour.
The entire piece as known.
Including file with fingerprints.

Thanks to flambay for all his friendly advices.

According to the Catalogue:
1982 06 03 Dijon, France - SBD 15min B+
not available
note: only mp3 version has circulated (9min)

According to FZ Shows:
3-Jun 1982, Palais des Sports, Dijon, France
15 min, SBD, B+
What's New In Baltimore?, Moggio

Although FZ Shows is THE highly appreciated standard, in this case there's a correction necessary.
The 15 minutes are way too much, all circulating versions are not more than around 8.30 minutes, and these need gigantic speed correction, so finally it's close on 8 minutes.

Around 23 years ago I made a copy of the Metz and Paris tapes and Dijon was a snippet on it also. I got the tape from a friend who got it in a trade. So I'm not sure which gen this is, but it must be a low one.

It's raw from my tape. The edits are as follows:
Speed correction: + 200 cts.
Phase shift adjustment: moving left channel 3 samples ahead
Volume: normalized
Tape TDK SA90 Aud > Nakamichi CR-1E 2-Head deck > Sound Blaster Live! 24 bit > SoundForge 6.0 recording wav.file > SF 6.0 speed correction, editing and normalizing volume >SF 6.0 tracking > Flac Frontend level 8 flac.files > you

Source: Aud
Concert recorded: Unknown, thanks a lot wherever you are!
Speed correction advice: flambay
Phase shift advice: flambay
Transferred and Edited: Chunga's Revenge

Line Up:
FZ, Ray White, Tommy Mars, Chad Wackerman, Ed Mann, Bobby Martin, Scott Thunes, Steve Vai.

Songlist for tonight:
01 What's New In Baltimore? 5.02 ooo fades in
02 Moggio 2.33
03 Fine Girl 0.05 ooo only 5 seconds fades out

Sorry guys, this is all there is as far as we know.
I wonder what happened with the taper during recording this show... but thanks anyway!
Although not likely, hopefully one day somebody out there presents the full blown show.

Keep Zappateers alive and well!

(630/1) Frank Zappa, 1982-06-28, Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria

Audio/mp3, ?/?, (?)


Frank Zappa
Stadthalle, Wien

01 strictly genteel
02 doreen/goblin girl/black pageno2
03 cocaine decisions/nig biz
04 sinister foot wear
05 marque sons chicken
06 tell me you love me/broken heart sare for assholes
07 drowning witch
08 envelopes
09 bambooz led by love
10 lets move to cleveland
11 tinseltown rebellion/approximate/cosmik debris
12 king kong part one
13 king kong part two
14 bobby brown/sofa
15 stevies spanking

(640/1) Frank Zappa, 1982-06-29, Sporthalle, Linz, Austria

Audio/WMA, ?/?, (?)


29-Jun 1982, Sporthalle, Linz, Austria

Source: 125:39 min, Aud, B+/B
Lineage: Aud master>CDR/?>wav (CEP, retracked)>flac (Frontend with SBE correction) (784 MB)
Taped by: n/a
transferred by: n/a
Ripped by: BengoFury (from a traded CDR)

This is session #165 in #zappateers

Mammy Anthem
Story Of King & Donkey
Cocaine Decisions
Nig Biz
Disco Boy
Teenage Wind
Truck Driver Divorce
Clownz On Velvet
Broken Hearts Are For Assholes
Dead Girls Of London
Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously?
What's New In Baltimore?
Joe's Garage
Why Does Hurt When I Pee?
Sharleena (fade/cut @5:57)
Tell Me You Love Me
City Of Tiny Lights (incl It Ain't Necessarily So)
Pound For A Brown (incl Birthday [Beatles], Happy Birthday To You, q: Sweet Leilani)
Let's Move To Cleveland (with "Bobby Brown" fake intro)
Tinseltown Rebellion
Cosmik Debris (q: Happy Birthday To You)
Black Page #2 (incl Louie Louie)

== Frank Zappa's Band Sep 1981 - Jul 1982 ==
FZ, Steve Vai, Ray White, Scott Thunes, Chad Wackerman, Ed Mann, Tommy Mars, Bobby Martin.

(670/1) Frank Zappa, 1982-07-04, Quartiere Fieristico, Bologna, Italy

Audio/mp3, ?/?, (?)


19820704 Frank Zappa bologna

01 d1 - 01 Mammy Anthem
02 d1 - 02 Bamboozled By Love
03 d1 - 03 Let's Move To Cleveland
04 d1 - 04 Tinseltown Rebellion
05 d1 - 05 Approximate
06 d1 - 06 Cosmik Debris
07 d1 - 07 Drowning Witch
08 d1 - 08 Envelopes
09 d1 - 09 Dead Girls Of London
10 d1 - 10 Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously
11 d1 - 11 What's New In Baltimore
12 d1 - 12 Moggio
13 d1 - 13 Doreen
14 d1 - 14 Goblin Girl
15 d1 - 15 Black Page #2
16 d1 - 16 Tell Me You Love Me
17 d2 - 17 Stevie's Spanking (q Inca Roads)
18 d2 - 18 King Kong
19 d2 - 19 Sofa
20 d2 - 20 No No Cherry
21 d2 - 21 The Man From Utopia Meets Mary Lou
22 d2 - 22 Camarillo Brillo
23 d2 - 23 Muffin Man
24 d2 - 24 The Illinois Enema Bandit
25 82-07-04 00 Soundcheck

(690/1) Frank Zappa, 1982-07-07, Parco Lago Redecesio, Milano, Italy

Audio/mp3, ?/?, (?)


(((FROM: http://lukpac.org/~handmade/patio/bootlegs/)))

Parco Redecesio, Milan, July 6, 1982 (2 CD/CD-R)

Parco Redecesio, Milano, 07-Jul-1982 (!)

Label: LZCD 043 (non-CD-R)

Musicians: Frank Zappa, Ray White, Steve Vai, Tommy Mars, Bobby Martin, Ed Mann, Scott Thunes, Chad Wackerman and Dweezil Zappa

Sound quality: "excellent audience"

1. Zoot Allures
2. You Are What You Is
3. Mudd Club
4. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
5. Joe's Garage
6. Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?
7. Marqueson's Chicken
8. Fine Girl [Stage #1 version]
9. Zomby Woof [Stage #1 version]
10. King Kong (including "It Ain't Necessarily the Saint James Infirmary" on Guitar [Zappa/Gershwin/Gershwin/Heyward/Primrose])
11. Sharleena

12. Doreen
13. Goblin Girl / The Black Page#2 (including "Do Not Try This At Home" on Guitar)
14. Broken Hearts Are For Assholes
15. Stevie's Spanking
16. Tell Me You Love Me
17. Sofa #2
18. No, No Cherry [L. Ceasar / J. Gray]
19. The Man from Utopia Meets Mary Lou [Donald & Doris Woods / Obie Jesse]
20. Volare [Domenico Modugno]
21. Bobby Brown
22. The Closer You Are [Earl Lewis / Morgan Robinson]
23. The Illinois Enema Bandit

This is the concert depicted on the Man from Utopia cover - with mosquitos everywhere and the crowd throwing syringes at the band. (Zappa gave the date as July 6, but it's really July 7.) The CD-R discs have colour-copied stickers on them, and came in two separate plastic sleeves with inlays with pictures from Shut Up & Play Yer Guitar and Guitar. The LZ double CD has a "different cover".

(710/1) Frank Zappa, 1982-07-09, Mattatoio Do Testaccio, Roma, Italy

Audio/flac, ?/?, (?)


19820709 Frank Zappa Rome

01 00 Crowd Noise & Tuning
02 01 The Mammy Anthem
03 02 Band Intros
04 03 Dancin' Fool
05 04 RDNZL
06 05patched Advance Romance
07 06 Joe's Garage
08 07 Why Does It Hurt When I Pee
09 08 Marqueson's Chicken
10 09 Easy Meat
11 10 Dead Girls Of London
12 11 Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously
13 12 What's New In Baltimore
14 13 Moggio
15 14 Broken Hearts Are For Assholes
16 15 Sinister Footwear II
17 16 Stevie's Spanking
18 17 Tell Me You Love Me
19 18 The Closer You Are
20 19 Johnny Darling
21 20 King Kong
22 21 Sofa
23 22 Encore Break #1
24 23 No No Cherry
25 24 The Man From Utopia Meets Mary Lou
26 25 Encore Break #2
27 26 Strictly Genteel
28 27 The Illinois Enema Bandit