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du 20 octobre 2005 au 25 juin 2006

Unfinished Music
Lennon / Ono

Cité de la musique, Paris, France


John Lennon


Discographie / Discography

John Lennon

Mes Matérialisés

John LennonBed InBID0027VHS
John LennonImagineApple Records1A 062-04914, 5C 062-04914LP
1970John LennonInstant Karma!Apple Records2C 006-91.149 M, APPLE 10037
1971John LennonPower To The PeopleApple Records2C 006 04766 M7
1972John LennonHappy Xmas (War Is Over)Apple RecordsR 59707
1980John Lennon(Just Like) Starting OverGeffen Records791867
1981John LennonImagineApple Records2C 008-04940, 2C 008-04.9407
1981John LennonWomanGeffen RecordsGEF 791957
1983John LennonNobody Told MePolydor817 254-77
1997John LennonWedding AlbumRykodiscRCD 10413CD
2010John LennonSome Time In New York CityCapitol Records50999906507272xCD

Mes Autres

1968John LennonUnfinished Music No.1: Two VirginsM1283
1969John LennonLive Peace In Toronto 1969M1608
1969John LennonUnfinished Music No.2: Life With The Lions + InnerM1407
1969John LennonWedding AlbumM1925
1970John LennonJohn Lennon/plastic Ono BandM25613
1971John LennonClockM806
1971John LennonImagineM19910
1971John LennonThe Lost Lennon Tapes Vol. 1M646
1971John LennonThe Lost Lennon Tapes Vol. 8M644
1972John LennonLive In NycM16011
1973John LennonMind GamesM16017
1974John Lennon, Paul MccartneyA Toot And A SnoreM1929
1974John LennonWalls And BridgesM27112
1975John LennonRock N RollM27113
1975John LennonShaved FishM26710
2004John LennonAcousticM16016

Allées X Venues

John Lennon


20000-00-00Lennon RemembersB01


11965-00-00Lost Home Tapes 1965-1969B01


999M+9 octobre 1940 (Liverpool, England) / 8 décembre 1980 (New York, USA)1980-12-08Mort de John LennonNew YorkNY, USB


200X+{2005-10-20/2006-06-25}2005-10-20Unfinished MusicCité de la MusiqueParisFranceB


(2/1) John Lennon, Lennon Remembers

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Lennon remembers
4 cd
artwork, eac logs, and md5s included

1.00 gb

part1 1- working class hero

disc 1
1. Tape Setup And Testing
2. The POB Album (Part 1)
3. Primal
4. His Singing
5. Working Class Hero, Remember
6. POB As Personal
7. God And Pain
8. George martin And Phil Spector
9. "Let's Start Again" - The POB Album
10. God
11. "All These Songs Just Came Out Of me"
12. Yer Blues, Parody
13. Yoko And John On Each Others Music
14. Heroin
15. Back To POB, Pepper
16. Toronto Rock And Roll revival
17. On George, Paul And Dylan - JL's Tastes
18. The Beatles As A band
19. Lennon As A Guitarist
20. Ringo's Solo Records
21. Paul, Let It Be And The Break Up
22. Brian's death, The Maharishi
23. Paul Takes Over, Magical Mystery Tour
24. Lennon - McCartney Songwriting
25. Maharishi
26. Apple, Events, MBE Etc
27. The Breakup Announcement
28. Northern Songs
29. Maneuvering

disc 2
1. Genius Is pain
2. Living In The Past
3. Beatles vs Yoko
4. "They Imitate Us"
5. More On The Breakup, The Beatles, Yoko
6. Bigger Than Elvis, Wm. Mann, Messages
7. LSD
8. A Hard Day's Night
9. Day Tripper, Drugs And Alcohol
10. Rubber Soul
11. Derek And Brian
12. Satyricon On Tour
13. Holiday With Brian, Brian vs klein
14. "We Were The Biggest Bastards"
15. The Rolling Stones vs The Beatles
16. The Press vs The Beatles
17. The Beatles Protected
18. Not Being Without Yoko
19. Working Or Not Working, Avant-Garde Stuff
20. Magic Alex, Manson, Balmy fans
21. Giving Up Their private Lives
22. Strange Doings In denmark

part 2- life with lions

disc 1
1. Directness Of Rock, "Blues Is A Chair"
2. The Beatles Music - Early Studio Work Pepper, White Album
3. Live recordings, Concerts
4. Ticket To Ride, Walrus
5. Song dedications
6. Abbey Road, Plagiarism Suit
7. Instant Karma, Spector, Wenner's Instamatic
8. Stereo, Taking Control Of production
9. Give Peace A Chance, Working Class Hero
10. POB Album - Picking The Single
11. Guitar vs Piano
12. JL's Favourite JL Songs
13. Let It Be In Much More depth
14. More On McCartney
15. Cripples And Humiliation
16. "If I Could Be A Fisherman, I Would"
17. The Beatles Effect - "Nothing Has Changed"
18. The Beatles In America - 1940's Horses
19. Revolution
20. More On POB, Working Class Hero

disc 2
1. Happiness Is A Warm Gun
2. POB Simplicity
3. Allan Klein
4. Eastman And Klein
5. Straightening Out The Finances, Epstein
6. Paul vs Ringo
7. Beatles Roles, Beatles Myth
8. George
9. "Not Interested In Other Music"
10. "I've Always Been A Genius"
11. Yoko, Zappa, Warhol And Welles
12. "Will You Retire"
13. Prejudisc Against Yoko
14. NYC, Liverpool, SF And London
15. Dylan
16. Magical Mystery Tour


(1/1) John Lennon, 1965-00-00, Lost Home Tapes 1965-1969

Audio/Flac, /, ()


The Lost Home Tapes 1965-1969 [Misterclaudel MCCD-123/124, 2CD]

This two-CD set has just been released. While some tracks might have appeared on other boots, there are some tracks which were previously unreleased or they are longer than previous sources.

As far as home recordings go, the sound is pretty decent.

Disc 1
Track 101. He Said, He Said
Track 102. She Said, She Said
Track 103. Hold On, I’m Coming *
Track 104. Mr. Moonlight *
Track 105. Mellotron Music No. 1
Track 106. Mellotron Music No. 2
Track 107. Mellotron Music No. 3
Track 108. Mellotron Music No. 4
Track 109. Mellotron Music No. 5
Track 110. We Can Work It Out - Lucy From Littletown
Track 111. Down In Cuba
Track 112. Pedro The Fisherman
Track 113. Chi-Chi’s
Track 114. Daddy’s Little Sunshine Boy
Track 115. Stranger In My Arms

The “Good Morning, Good Morning” Tape (January - February, 1967)
Track 116. Piano Songs 1 and 2 *
Track 117. Testing The Equipment No. 1 *
Track 118. Good Morning, Good Morning / Testing the Equipment No. 2 / There’s a Blue Ridge ‘Round My Heart’ / Mellotron Rhythms / Mellotron Drones and Cacophony *

The “Cry Baby Cry” Tapes
Track 119. Guitar Jam *
Track 120. Mellotron Noise and Babbling / Noise Redux *
Track 121. Cry Baby Cry, Piano Instrumental *
Track 122. Piano Instrumental, Laughing Eyes *
Track 123. Piano Waltz, Listening To Records *
Track 124. Cry Baby Cry, Across The Universe *
Track 125. Drone and Cueing Tapes *

Track 201. Nothing But Hold Tight / Hey Bulldog / Hey Bulldog / Hey Bulldog / Set Me Free / Across The Universe / Piano Instrumental *
Track 202. She’s Walking Past My Door / You Know My Name (Look up The Number)

The “Julia” Rehearsal Tapes
Track 203. Julia (false start) / Julia (guitar track - complete)
Track 204. Julia (false start) / Julia (vocal overdub - complete)
Track 205. Julia (vocal and guitar overdub - complete) / Julia (playbacks)
Track 206. The Maharishi Song

The “Oh My Love” Rehearsal Tape
Track 207. Oh My Love (acoustic guitar demo) / Oh My Love (acoustic guitar demo w/false start) / Oh My Love (a cappella demo - Yoko) / Oh My Love (a cappella demo - Yoko) / Oh My Love (acoustic guitar demo) *
Track 208. A Case Of The Blues
Track 209. I’ve Got A Feeling
Track 210. Don’t Let Me Down
Track 211. Don’t Let Me Down
Track 212. I’ve Got A feeling
Track 213. I Want You* = Previously Unreleased, or longer than previous sources


merci a hardprog pour le partage de son titanesque travail : Rock on TV *

1964-03-20Great BritainReady Steady Go, John Lennon , The Beatles ,
1965-04-16Great BritainReady Steady Go, John Lennon , John Lennon , Paul McCartney ,
1968-08-24Great BritainFrost On Saturday, John Lennon , Yoko Ono ,
1971-02-16DutchToppop, John Lennon ,
1975-04-18Great BritainOld Grey Whistle Test, John Lennon ,
1975-09-29AustriaPopscope, John Lennon , Status Quo ,
1975-09-30Great BritainOld Grey Whistle Test, John Lennon ,
1976-01-10AustriaPopscope, John Lennon ,
1977-09-16AustraliaNightmoves, John Lennon ,
1980-12-10FranceStudio 3, AC/DC , John Lennon ,
1984-10-04GermanyShow Co, The Beatles , John Lennon ,
1990-12-07SwissPerokstroika, John Lennon ,
2007-07-08GermanyVinyl, John Lennon ,

Yoko Ono


Discographie / Discography

Yoko Ono

Mes Matérialisés

1971Yoko OnoFlyApple RecordsSVBB 33802xLP
1971Yoko OnoMrs. LennonApple Records18397
2007Yoko OnoYes, I m A WitchAstralwerksASW 79287, 094637928721CD
2009Yoko OnoBetween My Head And The SkyChimera Music10CD
2012Yoko OnoYokokimthurstonChimera MusicCHIM 010CDCD

Mes Autres

1961Yoko OnoCough PieceM1921
1970Yoko OnoPlastic Ono BandM1929
1973Yoko OnoApproximately Infinite UniverseM16024
1981Yoko OnoSeason Of GlassM26716
1993Yoko OnoA Chance Operation: The John Cage TributeM23229
2012Yoko Ono, Kim Gordon, Thurston MooreYokokimthurstonM3206
2013Yoko Ono, Plastic Ono BandTake Me To The Land Of HellM25912

Allées X Venues

Yoko Ono


1+[SetlistFm]1955-02-10Sarah Lawrence CollegeBronxvilleNY, USB


2+[AIU]{1961-06-16/30}1961-06-16Paintings And Drawings By Yoko OnoAG GalleryNew YorkNY, USExpoB


3+[AIU]{1965-03-03/31}1965-03-03Owner Of IsrealNew YorkNew YorkNY, USExpoB


4+[AIU]{1966-11-09/22}1966-11-09Yoko Ono At IndicaIndica GalleryLondonEnglandExpoB


5+[AIU]{1967-01-16/29}1967-01-16Unfinished Paintings And ObjectsCamden SquareLondonEnglandExpoB
6+[SetlistFm]1967-04-29The 14 Hour Technicolour Dream 1967B
7+[AIU]{1967-10-11/11-14}1967-10-11Half-a-wind ShowLisson GalleryLondonEnglandExpoB
8+[AIU]{1967-10-14/15}1967-10-14A Perception Weekend With Yoko OnoMidland Arts CentreBirminghamEnglandExpoB


9+[AIU]{1968-05-28/06-01}1968-05-28Water ShowArts Lab CenterLondonEnglandExpoB
10+[AIU]{1968-06-02/09}1968-06-02Four Thoughts: Yoko Ono And John LennonArts Lab CenterLondonEnglandExpoB


176P+[Chris Cutler probes #10 (19)]1969(with the Beatles unreleased studio session)
11+[SetlistFm]+John Lennoon1969-03-02Lady Mitchell HallCambridgeEnglandB


12+[SongKick]+Frank Zappa live, Yoko Ono, and John Lennon1971-06-06Fillmore EastNew YorkNY, USB
13+[AIU]{1971-10-09/27}1971-10-09This Is Not HereEverson Museum of ArtSyracuseNY, USExpoB
14+[AIU]{1971-12-01/15}1971-12-01This Is Not HereMuseum of Modern (F)ARTMuseum of Modern (F)ARTExpoB
15+[SetlistFm]+John Lennoon1971-12-10John Sinclair Freedom Rally 1971B
16+[SetlistFm]+John Lennoon1971-12-17Apollo TheaterNew YorkNY, USB


17+[SetlistFm]+John Lennoon1972-02-18Mike Douglas ShowPhiladelphiaPA, USB
18+[SetlistFm]+John Lennoon1972-04-22Duffy SquareNew YorkNY, USB
19+[SetlistFm]+John Lennoon1972-05-26The Dick Cavett ShowNew YorkNY, USB
20+[SetlistFm]+John Lennoon1972-08-30One to OneMadison Square GardenNew YorkNY, USB
21+[SetlistFm]+John Lennoon1972-09-04Las VegasNV, USB


22+[SetlistFm]1973-10-23Kenny s CastawaysNew YorkNY, USB
23+[SetlistFm]1973-10-24Kenny s CastawaysNew YorkNY, USB
24+[SetlistFm]1973-10-25Kenny s CastawaysNew YorkNY, USB
25+[SetlistFm]1973-10-26Kenny s CastawaysNew YorkNY, USB
26+[SetlistFm]1973-10-27Kenny s CastawaysNew YorkNY, USB
27+[SetlistFm]1973-10-28Kenny s CastawaysNew YorkNY, USB


28+[SetlistFm]1986-02-28Aula Vrije Universiteit BrusselBrusselsBelgiumB
29+[SetlistFm]1986-03-01CongresgebouwDen HaagNetherlandsB
33+[SetlistFm]1986-03-16Wiener KonzerthausViennaAustriaB
34+[SetlistFm]1986-03-18Hala TivoliLjubljanaYugoslaviaB
35+[SetlistFm][SongKick]1986-03-21Wembley Conference CentreLondonEnglandB
36+[dbEtree]1986-04-18Warfield TheatreSan FranciscoCA, USB
37+[SetlistFm][SongKick]+Lou Reed live, U2, Peter Gabriel, The Police, Bryan Adams, Joan Baez, The Neville Brothers, Third World, Hooters, Little Steven, Peter, Paul & Mary, and Joni Mitchell, Bob Geldof, Stanley Jordan, Joan Armatrading, Jackson Browne, San1986-06-15Conspiracy of Hope 1987MetLife StadiumEast RutherfordNJ, USB


38+[AIU]{1988-11-06/12-16}1988-11-06Three EventsUniversity of MissouriKansas CityKS, USExpoB


39+[AIU]{1989-02-08/04-16}1989-02-08Objects, FilmsWhitney Museum of American ArtNew YorkNY, USExpoB
40+[AIU]{1989-09-23/10-29}1989-09-23The Bronze AgeCranbrook Academy of ArtBloomfield HillsMI, USExpoB
41+[AIU]{1989-10-07/15}1989-10-07The Bronze AgeGrand PalaisParisFranceExpoB
42+[AIU]{1989-11-03/12-31}1989-11-03The Bronze AgeCarl Solway GalleryCincinnatiOH, USExpoB
43+[AIU]{1989-12-01/22}1989-12-01The Bronze AgePhilip Samuels Fine ArtSaint LouisMO, USExpoB


44+[AIU]{1990-01-19/03-11}1990-01-19Currents: Yoko OnoThe Institute of Contemporary ArtBostonMA, USExpoB
45+[AIU]{1990-02-23/03-11}1990-02-23Objects, FilmsInstitute of Contemporary ArtBostonMA, USExpoB
46+[AIU]{1990-03-21/04-22}1990-03-21In FacingRiverside StudiosLondonEnglandExpoB
47+[AIU]{1990-03-27/04-02}1990-03-27The Bronze AgeStockholm Art Fair / Lilla GallerietStockholmSwedenExpoB
48+[AIU]{1990-05-12/07-14}1990-05-12FumieSogetsu Art MuseumTokyoJapanExpoB
49+[AIU]{1990-08-10/09-16}1990-08-10En TranceRanders KunstmuseumRandersDenmarkExpoB
50+[AIU]{1990-08-25/09-30}1990-08-25Insound/instructureHenie Onstad Arts CentreHovikoddenNorwayExpoB
51+[AIU]{1990-10-23/11-24}1990-10-23To See The SkiesFondazione MudimaMilanoItalyExpoB
52+[AIU]{1990-11-09/12-31}1990-11-09Painting To See The SkiesGalerie Marika MalacordaGenevaSwitzerlandExpoB


53+[AIU]{1991-02-10/03-10}1991-02-10Birch MonologuePorin TaidemuseoPoriFinlandExpoB
54+[AIU]{1991-04-27/06-02}1991-04-27Peace! Fridur!The Reykjavik Municipal Art MuseumReykjavikIcelandExpoB


55+[AIU]{1992-04-25/06-27}1992-04-25Endangered Species 2319-2322Mary Boone GalleryNew YorkNY, USExpoB
56+[AIU]{1992-06-13/11-08}1992-06-13Endangered Species 2319-2322Stiftung StarkeBerlinGermanyExpoB
57+[AIU]{1992-08-22/11-29}1992-08-22Color, Fly, SkyMuseet for SamtidskunstRoskildeDenmarkExpoB


58+[AIU]{1993-02/03}1993-02A Piece Of SkyGalleria Stefania MiscettiRomaItalyExpoB
59+[AIU]{1993-03-13/05}1993-03-13Play It By TrustGalleria 56BudapestHungaryExpoB
60+[AIU]{1993-03-16/05-02}1993-03-16Endangered Species 2319-2322Ludwig MuseumBudapestHungaryExpoB
61+[AIU]{1993-04-16/05-29}1993-04-16Waiting For The Sunrise: Exhibit A-oShoshana Wayne GallerySanta MonicaCA, USExpoB
62+[AIU]{1993-06-01/08-30}1993-06-01Endangered Species 2319-2322Centre for Contemporary ArtWarsawPolandExpoB
63+[AIU]{1993-06-15/09-05}1993-06-15Family AlbumStiftung StarkeBerlinGermanyExpoB
64+[AIU]{1993-09-29/10-31}1993-09-29GlimpseCranbrook Academy Of ArtCranbrookCanadaExpoB
65+[AIU]{1993-10-07/25}1993-10-07Endangered Species 2319-2322Wacoal Art Center/Spiral GardenTokyoJapanExpoB


66+[AIU]{1994-02-05/03-12}1994-02-05Yoko OnoGalerie AAmsterdamNetherlandsExpoB
67+[AIU]{1994-09-13/10-27}1994-09-13Half Full / Half EmptySanta Barbara Contemporary Arts ForumSanta BarbaraCA, USExpoB
68+[AIU]{1994-11-11/1995-01-29}1994-11-11Franklin Summer 94Galerie und Edition HundertmarkKölnGermanyExpoB
69+[AIU]{1994-12-01/25}1994-12-01Original Paintings And SculpturesThe Frankel CollectionPalm BeachFL, USExpoB


70+[AIU]{1995-05-09/06-18}1995-05-09Sphere 9Fundacio Pilar i Joan Miro a MallorcaPalma de MallorcaSpainExpoB
71+[AIU]{1995-05-13/06-25}1995-05-13Three RoomsGalleria Civica di Arte ContemporaneaTrentoItalyExpoB
72+[AIU]{1995-07-13/09-13}1995-07-13Sphere 9Stiftung StarkeBerlinGermanyExpoB
73+[AIU]{1995-10-28/12-12}1995-10-28Drawings From Franklin Summer And Blood ObjectsUBU GalleryNew YorkNY, USExpoB


74+[dbEtree]1996-03-12Morning Becomes EclecticSanta MonicaCA, USB
75+[SetlistFm][Sugarmegs][SongKick]+Ima1996-03-13The RoxyLos AngelesCA, USB
76+[SongKick]+Yoko Ono, Gong, and Tribal Hearts1996-03-19Great American Music HallSan FranciscoCA, USB
77+[AIU]{1996-04-02/30}1996-04-02Spots On The Wall And Blue RoomGallery 360TokyoJapanExpoB
78+[AIU]{1996-04-12/05-04}1996-04-1273 Windows On Rodeo DriveBeverly Hills Fine Art CommissorBeverly HillsCA, USExpoB
79+[AIU]{1996-04-13/05-18}1996-04-13Wishing TreeShoshana Wayne GallerySanta MonicaCA, USExpoB
80+[SongKick]+Ima1996-05-14Irving PlazaNew YorkNY, USB
81+[SetlistFm]1996-05-25Melkweg The MaxAmsterdamNetherlandsB
83+[SongKick]{1996-06-15/16}+Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Beck, Smashing Pumpkins, Björk, A Tribe Called Quest, Rage Against The Machine, and Fugees1996-06-15Tibetan Freedom Concert 1996Golden Gate ParkSan FranciscoCA, USB
84+[SetlistFm][Sugarmegs][SongKick]+Red Hot Chili Peppers live, Fugees, De La Soul, Beck, Sonic Youth, Yoko Ono, Buddy Guy, The Skatalites, and Rage Against The Machine1996-06-16Tibetan Freedom Concert 1997Golden Gate ParkSan FranciscoCA, USB
85+[AIU]{1996-09-14/11-14}1996-09-14MindscapesMuseum Randers KunstmuseumRandersDenmarkExpoB
86+[AIU]{1996-10-18/12-23}1996-10-18FlyAnderson GalleryRichmondVA, USExpoB


87+[AIU]{1997-01-09/03-08}1997-01-09Yoko OnoGalleria 56BudapestHungaryExpoB
88+[AIU]{1997-02-07/03-23}1997-02-07Yoko Ono And FluxusSouthbank CentreLondonEnglandExpoB
89+[AIU]{1997-06-12/07-13}1997-06-12Conceptual PhotographyFotografisk CenterCopenhagenDenmarkExpoB
90+[AIU]{1997-06-23/07-25/-06-26/08-10}1997-06-23En Trance Ex ItLonja del PescadoValenciaSpainExpoB
91+[AIU]{1997-09-06/11-02}1997-09-06Have You Seen The Horizon Lately?The Contemporary Arts CenterCincinnatiOH, USExpoB
92+[AIU]{1997-09-27/11-09}1997-09-27Conceptual PhotographyKonsthallenGöteborgSwedenExpoB
93+[AIU]{1997-10}1997-10Balance PieceKleine International KunstvereinZurichSwitzerlandExpoB
94+[AIU]{1997-10-03/11-09}1997-10-03En Trance Ex ItRufino Tamayo MuseumMexico CityMexicoExpoB
95+[AIU]{1997-11-23/03-15}1997-11-23Have You Seen The Horizon Lately?Museum Of Modern ArtOxfordEnglandExpoB


96+[AIU]{1998-01-16/02-26}1998-01-16Conceptual PhotographyToldkammaretHelsingörDenmarkExpoB
97+[AIU]{1998-04-04/05-30}1998-04-04Have You Seen The Horizon Lately?Fruitmarket GalleryEdinburghScotlandExpoB
98+[AIU]{1998-04-24/05-30}1998-04-24En Trance Ex ItAndre Emmerich Gallery & Deitch ProjectsNew YorkNY, USExpoB
99+[AIU]{1998-05-01/05-31}1998-05-01Crickets: Works From 58 - 98Serge Ziegler GalerieZurichSwitzerlandExpoB
100+[AIU]{1998-06-11/08-09}1998-06-11En Trance Ex ItMuseo de MonterreyMexico CityMexicoExpoB
101+[AIU]{1998-06-18/09-20}1998-06-18Have You Seen The Horizon Lately?Museum Villa StuckMünchenGermanyExpoB
102+[AIU]{1998-10-15/11-05}1998-10-15En Trance Ex ItMuseo de Arte ModernoBuenos AiresArgentinaExpoB
103+[AIU]{1998-10-21/11-29}1998-10-21Wish Trees For BrazilTheatro Nacional & PantheoBrasiliaBrazilExpoB
104+[AIU]{1998-11-13/12-12}1998-11-13Have You Seen The Horizon Lately?Ormeau Baths GalleryBelfastIrelandExpoB


105+[AIU]{1999-01-09/02-27}1999-01-09Have You Seen The Horizon Lately?The Minories Art GalleryColchesterEnglandExpoB
106+[AIU]{1999-02-23/03-23}1999-02-23Wish Trees For BrazilMuseo de Arte Moderna de BahiaBahiaBrazilExpoB
107+[AIU]{1999-03-27/05-30}1999-03-27Helsinki City Art Museum, Helsinki, FinlandHelsinki City Art MuseumHelsinkiFinlandExpoB
108+[AIU]{1999-05-21/07-04}1999-05-21ImpressionsBergen KunstmuseumBergenNorwayExpoB
109+[AIU]{1999-09-02/10-03}1999-09-02En Trance Ex ItMACSantiagoChileExpoB
110+[AIU]{1999-11-17/2000-01-15}1999-11-17Open WindowUmm El-FahemUmm al-FahmIsraelExpoB
111+[AIU]{1999-11-26/2000-03-25}1999-11-26The Israel MuseumJerusalemIsraelExpoB


112+[AIU]{2000-02-21/04-23}2000-02-21Yoko Ono EbroPalace of SástagoZaragozaSpainExpoB
113+[AIU]{2000-05}2000-05Ex ItBiennale of SydneySydneyAustraliaExpoB
114+[SetlistFm][DbEtree]+Yoko Ono, Thurston Moore, DJ Olive2000-06-03Bell Atlantic Jazz Fest 2000Battery ParkNew YorkNY, USB
115+[AIU]{2000-07-09/08-15}2000-07-09Yoko Ono TajoMuseo Wolf Vostell Malpartida de CáceresMalpartida de CáceresSpainExpoB
116+[AIU]{2000-08-25/10-01}2000-08-25Freight TrainBerlinBerlinGermanyExpoB
117+[AIU]{2000-09-15/10-21}2000-09-15The Four Seasons And Film StillsUbu GalleryNew YorkNY, USExpoB
118+[AIU]{2000-10-18/2001-01-14}2000-10-18Yes Yoko OnoJapan SocietyNew YorkNY, USExpoB
119+[SetlistFm]2000-11-09Japan SocietyNew YorkNY, USB


120+[AIU]{2001-03-10/06-17}2001-03-10Yes Yoko OnoWalker Art CenterMinneapolisExpoB
121+[AIU]{2001-05-11/06-23}2001-05-11HerstoryGalerie Rafael VostellBerlinGermanyExpoB
122+[AIU]{2001-09/2002-01-08}2001-09Mend Piece For The WorldOrmeau Baths GalleryBelfastIrelandExpoB
123+[AIU]{2001-09-02/2002-07}2001-09-02Freight TrainRed Brick WarehouseYokohamaJapanExpoB
124+[AIU]{2001-09-27/2002-01-06}2001-09-27Yoko Ono ImpressionsPalau de la VirreinaBarcelonaSpainExpoB
125+[AIU]{2001-10-02/31}2001-10-02Yoko Ono Vertical MemoryGallery 360TokyoJapanExpoB
126+[AIU]{2001-10-19/12-06}2001-10-19HerstoryGalerie WildFrankfurt am MainGermanyExpoB
127+[SetlistFm]2001-10-28Hammerstein BallroomNew YorkNY, USB


128+[AIU]{2002-02-23/05-20}2002-02-23Yes Yoko OnoArt Gallery of OntarioTorontoCanadaExpoB
129+[AIU]{2002-05-01/06-22}2002-05-01Mend Peace For The World, Imaginary Map Peace, Wish Tree For Exeter 2002Spacex GalleryExeterEnglandExpoB
130+[AIU]{2002-05-07/06-30}2002-05-07Mend Piece For The WorldKiasmaHelsinkiFinlandExpoB
131+[SongKick]+Grace Jones, Boy George, Rozalla, Yoko Ono, Kym Mazelle, and Jaki Graham2002-06-01Purple In The Park 2002Brockwell ParkHerne HillEnglandB
132+[AIU]{2002-06-20/08-24}2002-06-20My Mommy Was BeautifulShoshana Wayne GallerySanta MonicaCA, USExpoB
133+[AIU]{2002-06-22/09-08}2002-06-22Yes Yoko OnoSan Francisco Museum of Modern ArtSan FranciscoCA, USExpoB
134+[AIU]{2002-09}2002-09Mend Piece For The WorldBlack Mountain CollegeCullowheeNC, USExpoB
135+[AIU]{2002-10-18/01-06}2002-10-18Yes Yoko OnoMIT List Visual Arts CenterCambridgeExpoB
136+[AIU]{2002-10-20/11-20}2002-10-20From My WindowKlausEngelhorn20ViennaAustriaExpoB
137+[AIU]{2002-10-25/2003-01-26}2002-10-25Yes Yoko OnoMuseum of Contemporary ArtMiamiFL, USExpoB
138+[AIU]{2002-10-26/2003-01-12}2002-10-26En TranceSECCAWinston SalemNC, USExpoB


139+[AIU]{2003-02-16/04}2003-02-16Freight TrainP.S. 1 Contemporary Art CenterNew YorkNY, UsExpoB
140+[AIU]{2003-06-14/07-06}2003-06-14Yoko Ono Film Works FilmsDie Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst (NGBK)BerlinGermanyExpoB
141+[AIU]{2003-06-21/09-14}2003-06-21Yes Yoko OnoRodin GallerySeoulSouth KoreaExpoB
142+[AIU]{2003-07-02/09-28}2003-07-02Yoko Ono Women S RoomMusée d Art moderne de la Ville de ParisParisFranceExpoB
143+[AIU]{2003-07-25/08-31}2003-07-25Yoko OnoArt Hotel Blaue GansSalzburgAustriaExpoB
144+[AIU]{2003-09-18/2004-05}2003-09-18Freight TrainDetroit Institute of ArtsDetroitMI, USExpoB
145+[AIU]{2003-10-04/11-01}2003-10-04The Odyssey Of A CockroachDeitch ProjectsNew YorkNY, USExpoB
146+[AIU]{2003-10-25/2004-01-12}2003-10-25Yes Yoko OnoArt Tower MitoMito CityJapanExpoB
147+[AIU]{2003-12-11/2004-02-29}2003-12-11Yoko Ono Women S RoomKampa MuseumPrahaCzech RepublicExpoB


148+[AIU]{2004-01-27/03-28}2004-01-27Yes Yoko OnoHiroshima City Museum of Contemporary ArtHiroshimaJapanExpoB
149+[AIU]{2004-02-05/03-07}2004-02-05The Odyssey Of A CockroachInstitute of Contemporary ArtsLondonEnglandExpoB
150+[AIU]{2004-03-01/07}2004-03-01New York 65-66 Fluxus Films + London 66-67Institute of Contemporary ArtsLondonEnglandExpoB
151+[AIU]{2004-04-08/18}2004-04-08The Chelsea Art MuseumNew YorkNY, USExpoB
152+[AIU]{2004-04-16/-05-17}2004-04-16Morning Beams For Portsmouth CathedralPortsmouth CathedralPortsmouthEnglandExpoB
153+[AIU]{2004-04-20/05-30}2004-04-20I Love UGallery 360TokyoJapanExpoB
154+[AIU]{2004-05-20/09-05}2004-05-20Yoko Ono Women S RoomThe Women s MuseumAarhusDenmarkExpoB
155+[AIU]{2004-05-29/08-08}2004-05-29Yoko Ono Remember LoveKulturhusetStockholmSwedenExpoB
156+[AIU]{2004-07-17/09-12}2004-07-17Yes Yoko OnoKirishima Open-Air MuseumKagoshimaJapanExpoB
157+[AIU]{2004-07-21/09-30}2004-07-21Editions, Ephemera And Printed WorksPrinted MatterNew YorkNY, USExpoB
158+[AIU]{2004-10-02/12-12}2004-10-02Yes Yoko OnoMuseum of Modern ArtShigaJapanExpoB


159+[AIU]{2005-01-22/05-08}2005-01-22Horizontal MemoriesAstrup Fearnley Museet for Moderne KunstOsloNorwayExpoB
160+[SetlistFm][SongKick]+Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon2005-02-19TonicNew YorkNY, USB
161+[SongKick]{2005-04-22/24}+PJ Harvey, The Zombies, Peaches, John Frusciante, I Am Kloot, Gang Gang Dance, Prefuse 73, and Kid Koala2005-04-22All Tomorrow s Parties 2005Pontins Camber Sands Holiday ParkCamber SandsEnglandB
162+[SetlistFm]2005-04-24All Tomorrow s Parties 2005Pontins Camber Sands Holiday ParkCamber SandsEnglandB
163+[AIU]{2005-06-04/07-30}2005-06-04HerstoryGalerie RuethmuellerBaselSwitzerlandExpoB
164+[AIU]{2005-06-04/08-14}2005-06-04Horizontal MemoriesMigros Museum für GegenwartskunstZurichSwitzerlandExpoB
165+[SongKick]+Patti Smith live ,Tori Amos, Sinéad O Connor, Beth Orton, Marianne Faithfull, Yoko Ono, and Tim Booth2005-06-18Southbank CentreLondonEnglandB
166+[AIU]{2005-08-06/10-23}2005-08-06Yoko OnoMuseum Moderner KunstPassauGermanyExpoB
167+[SongKick]{2005-09-04/05}+The Black Keys, Spoon, Cat Power, Wolfmother, Devendra Banhart, Sleater-Kinney, Sonic Youth, and Vetiver2005-09-04Arthurfest 2005Barnsdall Art ParkLos AngelesCA, USB
168+[dbEtree]2005-09-05Barnsdall Art ParkLos AngelesCA, USB
169+[AIU]{2005-10-06/29}2005-10-06We Re All WaterGallery 360TokyoJapanExpoB
170+[AIU]{2005-10-08/30}2005-10-08Sky Tv For Hokkaido 2005ShimizuHokkaidoJapanExpoB
171X+{2005-10-20/2006-06-25}2005-10-20Unfinished MusicCité de la MusiqueParisFranceB
172+[SetlistFm]2005-11-29Canal RoomNew YorkNY, USB


173+[AIU]{2006-02-23/04-20}2006-02-23Heal Yoko OnoGalerie Davide Di MaggioBerlinGermanyExpoB
174+[AIU]{2006-06-03/07-01}2006-06-03Mending PeaceCentre AVancouverCanadaExpoB
175+[AIU]{2006-06-15/07-15}2006-06-15Wake Yoko OnoM3 - Galerie Gianluca RanziAntwerpenBelgiumExpoB
176+[SetlistFm][SongKick]{2006-08-10/12}+Beck, Band of Horses, Cold War Kids, Hot Chip, Morrissey, The Knife, The Whitest Boy Alive, and Liars2006-08-10Øya Festival 2006OsloOsloNorwayB
177+[AIU]{2006-10-18/2007-03-28}2006-10-18GrapefruitBerkeley Art MuseumBerkeleyCA, USExpoB
178+[AIU]{2006-11-06/25}2006-11-06Hiraku/openGallery 360TokyoJapanExpoB


179+[AIU]{2007-01-26/02-25}2007-01-26Il Giorno Della Memoria (holocaust Day)GAMeCBergamoItalyExpoB
180+[AIU]{2007-05-02/06-30}2007-05-02Yoko Ono Open CityKasa GaleriIstanbulTurkeyExpoB
181+[AIU]{2007-05-30/06-24}2007-05-30Odyssey Of A CockroachMoscow s Second Contemporary Art BiennaleMockbaRussiaExpoB
182+[AIU]{2007-06-13/08-05}2007-06-13Window For GermanyKunsthalleBremenGermanyExpoB
183+[AIU]{2007-07-06/09-07}2007-07-06Imagine Peace Featuring John & Yoko S Year Of PeaceEmily Davis GalleryAkronOH, USExpoB
184+[SongKick]{2007-07-13/15}+Iron & Wine, Beach House, Grizzly Bear, of Montreal, Deerhunter, De La Soul, Klaxons, and Girl Talk2007-07-13Pitchfork Music Festival 2007Union ParkChicagoIL, USB
185+[SetlistFm]2007-07-14Pitchfork Music Festival 2007Union ParkChicagoIL, USB
186+[AIU]{2007-09-26/10-28}2007-09-26Imagine Peace Featuring John & Yoko S Year Of PeaceUTSA Art GallerySan AntonioTX, USExpoB
187+[AIU]{2007-11-10/2008-02-04}2007-11-10Horizontal MemoriesCentro Cultural Banco do BrasilSao PauloBrazilExpoB
189+[AIU]{2007-12-10/29}2007-12-10FlyGallery 360TokyoJapanExpoB


190+[AIU]{2008-04}2008-04Imagine PeaceThe John Erickson Museum of ArtBelfastIrelandExpoB
191+[SongKick]2008-04-04The BluecoatLiverpoolEnglandB
192+[AIU]{2008-04-18/05-18}2008-04-18Touch MeGalerie LelongNew YorkNY, USExpoB
193+[AIU]{2008-04-26/07-06}2008-04-26En TranceTowada City ProjectTowadaJapanExpoB
194+[AIU]{2008-08-02/11-09}2008-08-02Yoko Ono S Wish Trees To PasadenaOne ColoradoPasadenaCA, USExpoB
195+[AIU]{2008-08-24/11-16}2008-08-24Between The Sky And My HeadKunsthalleBielefeldGermanyExpoB
196+[AIU]{2008-08-25/10-08}2008-08-25Imagine Peace Featuring John & Yoko S Year Of PeaceBucknell UniversityLewisburgPA, USExpoB
197+[AIU]{2008-09-10/11-13}2008-09-10Three Mounds Of EarthHikawa-Akasaka ShrineTokyoJapanExpoB
198+[AIU]{2008-09-19/10-26}2008-09-19Yoko Ono FlyWarsaw Centre for Contemporary ArtWarsawPolandExpoB
199+[AIU]{2008-09-29/01-07}2008-09-29SognareSanta Caterina MuseumTrevisoItalyExpoB
200+[AIU]{2008-10-20/2009-01-25}2008-10-20Bell Of PeaceGakushuin Women s CollegeTokyoJapanExpoB
201+[AIU]{2008-10-27/12-08}2008-10-27Imagine Peace Featuring John & Yoko S Year Of PeaceVisual Arts Gallery of New Jersey City UniversityNew JerseyNJ, USExpoB
202+[AIU]{2008-11-22/2009-01-23}2008-11-22Yoko Ono FlyKe Center for the Contemporary ArtsShanghaiChinaExpoB
203+[AIU]{2008-12-03/25}2008-12-03Gallery 360 DegreesMinamiaoyamaTokyoJapanExpoB
204+[AIU]{2008-12-09}2008-12-09Wish Tree For TokyoMuseum of Contemporary ArtTokyoJapanExpoB
205+[AIU]{2008-12-13/2009-03-15}2008-12-13Between The Sky And My HeadBaltic Centre of Contemporary ArtsGatesheadEnglandExpoB


206+[AIU]{2009-03-07/30}2009-03-07Yoko Ono FlyKe Center for the Contemporary ArtsShanghaiChinaExpoB
207+[AIU]{2009-05-28/09-20}2009-05-28Anton’s MemoryFondazione Bevilacqua La MasaVeneziaItalyExpoB
208+[SongKick]+The Plastic Ono Band, Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band, and Antony & The Johnsons, Mark Ronson, Cornelius, Ornette Coleman, Sean Lennon, Yoko Ono, YEnglanda Honda, Pamelia Kurstin, Charlotte Muhl, Shimmy Shimizu, and Shahzad Ismailly2009-06-14Southbank CentreLondonEnglandB
209+[SongKick]2009-06-17Cafe OTOLondonEnglandB
210+[SongKick]{2009-06-20/21}+Moby, Mark Ronson, Yo La Tengo, Four Tet, Patti Smith, Cornelius, Yoko Ono, and The Plastic Ono Band2009-06-20Meltdown Festival 2009Southbank CentreLondonEnglandB
211+[dbEtree]+Sean Lennon2009-10-05Le Grand Journal - Studio Canal+ParisFranceB
212+[AIU]{2009-10-06/2010-01-04}2009-10-06Imagine Peace At JemaSamuel P. Harn Museum of ArtGainesvilleFL, USExpoB
213+[dbEtree]+Sean Lennon2009-11-26LiquidroomTokyoJapanB
214+[AIU]{2009-12-05/25}2009-12-05A HoleGallery 360TokyoJapanExpoB


215+[SongKick]2010-02-15Brooklyn Academy of MusicBrooklynNY, USB
216+[SetlistFm][SongKick]+The Plastic Ono Band, Yoko Ono, and Cornelius2010-02-16Brooklyn Academy of MusicBrooklynNY, USB
217+[SongKick]2010-02-23Fox TheaterOaklandCA, USB
218+[AIU]{2010-05-03/05-07}2010-05-03Wish Tree For OberlinOberlin CollegeOberlinOH, USExpoB
219+[AIU]{2010-05-25/10-30}2010-05-25I Ll Be BackStudio Stefania MiscettiRomaItalyExpoB
220+[AIU]{2010-09-10/2011-11-13}2010-09-10Das GiftHaunch of VenisonBerlinGermanyExpoB
221+[SongKick]+The Plastic Ono Band, Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, Iggy Pop, Perry Farrell, and RZA, Carrie Fisher, Harper Simon, Vincent Gallo, Cornelius, tUnE-yArDs, Nels Cline, and Mike Watt2010-10-01Orpheum TheatreLos AngelesCA, USB
222+[SongKick]+The Plastic Ono Band, Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, Lady Gaga, Kim Gordon, and Thurston Moore, Cornelius Brothers, Perry Farrell, Carrie Fisher, Vincent Gallo, YEnglanda Honda, RZA, Harper Simon, and tUnE-yArDs2010-10-02Orpheum TheatreLos AngelesCA, USB
223+[SongKick]2010-10-03The GRAMMY MuseumLos AngelesCA, USB
224+[AIU]{2010-12}2010-12SmileGallery 360TokyoJapanExpoB


225+[SongKick]+Mi-Gu, If By Yes, KEMP, Eden (MN), The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, and Kemp and Eden2011-03-19ElysiumAustinTX, USB
226+[SetlistFm][SongKick]+Sonic Youth, Yoko Ono, Mike Patton, Sean Lennon, Cibo Matto, Mephista, Marc Ribot, Uri Caine, and Aleph Trio2011-03-27Miller TheatreNew YorkNY, USB
227+[SetlistFm]2011-04-02Madison Square ParkNew YorkNY, USB
228+[AIU]{2011-07-30/10-16}2011-07-30The Road Of HopeThe Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary ArtHiroshimaJapanExpoB
229+[AIU]{2011-09-06/10-15}2011-09-06Imagine Peace Featuring John & Yoko S Year Of PeaceStaller Center Stony Brook UniversityNew YorkNY, USExpoB
230+[AIU]{2011-11-08/12-15}2011-11-08Imagine Peace Featuring John & Yoko S Year Of PeaceUniversity of La Verne Harris Art GalleryLa VerneCA, USExpoB
232+[AIU]{2011-12-10/2012-01-28}2011-12-10I Want You To Remember Me / OboeteteGallery 360TokyoJapanExpoB
231+[AIU]{2011-12-10/2012-01-28}2011-12-10LightTomio Koyama GalleryTokyoJapanExpoB


233+[AIU]{2012-01-13/03-10}2012-01-13Our Beautiful DaughtersVadehra Art GalleryNew DelhiIndiaExpoB
234+[AIU]{2012-05-12/09-04}2012-05-12Add ColourTheMuseumKitchenerCanadaExpoB
235+[AIU]{2012-06-06/09-16}2012-06-06GrapefruitModerna MuseetStockholmSwedenExpoB
236+[AIU]{2012-06-21/09-09}2012-06-21To The LightSerpentine GalleryLondonEnglandExpoB
237+[SongKick]2012-10-15TimesCenter StageNew YorkNY, USB
238+[AIU]{2012-12-10/2013-01-26}2012-12-10Water SourceGallery 360TokyoJapanExpoB


239+[AIU]{2013-02-15/05-12}2013-02-15Half-a-wind ShowSchirn KunsthalleFrankfurtGermanyExpoB
240+[SongKick]+The Plastic Ono Band, Sean Ono Lennon, and Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band2013-02-17VolksbühneBerlinGermanyB
241+[SetlistFm][SongKick]+Southbank Sinfonia and Yoko Ono2013-06-23Meltdown Festival 2013Southbank CentreLondonEnglandB
242+[SongKick]+Yoko Ono and Lavender Orange, Kurvi Tasch and Salt Circle2013-06-29Silver Dollar RoomTorontoCanadaB
243++Thurston Moore2013-08-07Tranatlantyk FestivalPoznanPolandB
244+[SongKick]+Thurston Moore2013-08-10Kampnagel SommerfestivalHamburgGermanyB
245++Thurston Moore2013-08-18Huvila FestivalHelsinkiFinlandB
246++Thurston Moore2013-08-19Huvila FestivalHelsinkiFinlandB
247+[AIU]{2013-09-10/10-01}2013-09-10My Mommy Is BeautifulArmory Art GalleryBlacksburgVA, USExpoB
248+[AIU]{2013-09-14/2014-01-11}2013-09-14Imagine Peace Featuring John & Yoko S Year Of PeaceTaubman Museum of ArtRoanokeVA, USExpoB
249+[SetlistFm][Sugarmegs][SongKick]+Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band2013-09-15The Bowery BallroomNew YorkNY, USB
250+[SongKick]+War Is Over! live2013-11-14MCASydneyAustraliaB
251+[AIU]{2013-11-15/2014-02-23}2013-11-15War Is Over! (if You Want It)Museum of Contemporary ArtSydneyAustraliaExpoB
252+[SongKick]+War Is Over! live2013-11-17Sydney Opera HouseSydneyAustraliaB
253+[SongKick]+War Is Over! live2013-11-25MCASydneyAustraliaB
254+[AIU]{2013-12-09/2014-01-18}2013-12-09Yoko Ono ArisingGallery 360TokyoJapanExpoB


255+[AIU]{2014-01-24/03-29}2014-01-24Imagine PeaceBob Rauschenberg Gallery at Edison State CollegeFort MyersFL, USExpoB
256+[SongKick]+Imagine Dragons, The Flaming Lips, The Fray, Tegan and Sara, Colbie Caillat, Cold War Kids, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Cake, Pussy Riot, Blondie, Bob Geldof, Sting, Yoko Ono, and Susan Sarandon2014-02-05Amnesty International Bringing Human Rights Home liveBarclays CenterBrooklynNY, USB
257+[AIU]{2014-03-14/08-31}2014-03-14Half-a-wind ShowGuggenheim Bilbao MuseoaBilbaoSpainExpoB
258+[SongKick]+Thurston Moore Trio and Yoko Ono2014-03-23Cafe OTOLondonEnglandB
259+[SongKick]+Laleh, Angélique Kidjo, Yoko Ono, Hugh Jackman, Daniela Mercury, Steve Harvey, and Bjorn Ulvaeus2014-11-20CRC @ 25 2014United Nations General AssemblyNew YorkNY, USB


260X+{2015-02-05/04-27}2015-02-05Wish TreeCentre PompidouMetzFranceExpoB
261+[AIU]{2015-05-17/09-07}2015-05-17One Woman Show, 1960–1971MoMANew YorkNY, USExpoB
262+[SongKick]+Yoko Ono, Blood Orange, Virgil Abloh, and Empress Of2015-06-21Museum of Modern ArtNew YorkNY, USB
263+[MOT]{2015-11-08/2016-02-14}2015-11-08From My WindowMuseum of Contemporary ArtTokyoJapanExpoB


264+[AIU]{2016-03-09/07-10}2016-03-09LumièreMAC LyonLyonFranceExpoB
265+{2016-06-24/10-31}2016-06-24Dream Come TrueMuseo de Arte ModernoBuenos AiresArgentinaExpoB


merci a hardprog pour le partage de son titanesque travail : Rock on TV *

1968-07-19Great BritainHow It Is, Yoko Ono ,
1968-07-19Great BritainHow Late It Is, Yoko Ono ,
1968-08-24Great BritainFrost On Saturday, John Lennon , Yoko Ono ,
1971-11-16Great BritainOld Grey Whistle Test, The Mothers of Invention , Jean-Luc Ponty , Yoko Ono ,
1984-06-26NorwayZikk Zakk, Yoko Ono ,
2003-10-17Great BritainLater With Jools Holland, Yoko Ono ,
2009-10-23Great BritainLater With Jools Holland, Yoko Ono ,