o∞19691024 Amougies 19700801 Festival d Aix-en-Provence 19760619 Festival de Louveciennes 19771119 Fête du nouveau populaire de Paris 19790505 Fête du 0 de conduite (Lannion) 19810610 Fête du temps libre (Place de la république) 198109 Festival indigène 52° Biennale de Venise AC/DC 1976 AC/DC 1981 * Aksak Maboul Alain Bashung Alan Stivell Albert Marcoeur Alkan Andy Warhol Ange Angelo Branduardi Anna Teresa De Keersmaeker Archie Shepp Areski/Fontaine B Movie Beat Generation Beatles Story Bejart Bill Deraime Blue Oyster Cult Bob Dylan Boot/Live Brian Eno Bridget Riley Buzzcocks Can Canterbury+ Captain Beefheart Caravan Carla Bley Catherine Ribeiro Charlélie Couture Chelsea Ciment (Heiner Müller) CocoRosie Colin Stetson Colosseum Crium Delirium CSN Dan ar Bras 1979 * Dan Ar Bras 1981 Dan Ar Bras 1982 Daniel Humair Danser sa vie Dark Star David Byrne David Crosby Doc Watson Documenta documenta  8 documenta 13 documenta 14 Dogs Donovan Dr Feelgood Dream Syndicate Earl Okin Edward Primrose Einstürzende Neubauten Eric Dolphy Faust Faust I et II (Robert Wilson) Festival d Automne 1980/82 Festival Elixir 1 (19790714 Irvillac) Festival Elixir 2 (19800816 Plouneour-Trez) Festival Elixir 3 (19810711 Plomodiern) Festival Elixir 4 (19820717 Saint Pabu) Festivals Elixir Festivals Elixir suite Fête de l Huma 19800913 Fête de l Huma 20120915 Films Festival d Aix-en-Provence 1970 Florian Hecker Frida Kahlo (Lupe Velez) Gary Wright Gentle Giant Gershwin Glenn Branca 1988 Glenn Branca 2013 Glenn Branca 2015 * Gong * Gong 1971 Gong 1973 Gong 1974 Grateful Dead Grateful Dead * Harold Budd Hatfield and the North Henry Cow Ianis Xenakis Incredible String Band Indoor life Ironing Board Sam Jacques Higelin James Bowman japrocksampler Jazz Jean-Claude Gallotta Jean-Luc Ponty Jean-Michel Basquiat Jeanne Added Jefferson Airplane Jo Lemaire John Cage John Cale John Coltrane John Greaves John Lennon John Renbourn John Zorn Johnny Winter Juan Carmona Habichuela nieto Julie Ferrier Julos Beaucarne Keith Haring Kevin Ayers 1971 Kevin Ayers 1972 * Kim Gordon King Crimson L Esplanade (Lille Fairgrounds) L homme à tête de chou L oreille oubliée La Monte Young La Rotonde (Faches Thumesnil) La Salle Industrielle (Lille) La Salle Roger Sallengro (Lille) La Volupté Numérique Laurie Anderson Laurie Anderson et Lou Reed Le Bataclan (Paris) Le Cinéma Le Capitole (Lille) Le Mal court (Jacques Audiberti) Le Mery Le Palais des Sports (Lille) Le Palais Rameau (Lille) Le Quatuor Le Retour (Harold Pinter) Le Roi se meurt (Ionesco) Leonard Cohen Les années POP (1956-1968) Les Bas-fonds (Maxime Gorki) Les Nus Lili Fisher Lille 2004 Linder Liverpool 2008 Liverpool 2010 Lou Reed Lounge Lizard Loupideloupe Ludus Luis de Luis Magazine Magma * Magma 1976 Magma 1981 Magma 2009 Malicorne Mama BEA Tekielski Marc Seberg Marquis de Sade Matching Mole Matthew Barney Maxime Le Forestier Michael Levinas Michael Nyman Michel Portal Mike Heron Mike Oldfield Miles Davis Moondog Moriarty Morton Feldman National Health Neil Young * Neil Young 2008 New York Extravaganza Nico Nouvelle Biennale de Paris 1985 Parov Stelar Band Patti Smith Paul Haig Paul McCartney Pegi young PERRO Pete Brown Pete Doherty 2010 * Pete Doherty 2012 Peter Frampton Peter Gabriel Peter Hammil Père Ubu Philippe Deschepper Pink Floyd * Pink Floyd 1970 Pink Floyd 1972 Pipiloti Rist Presence Panchounette Psychic TV Psy[k]é/Off the Wall Quicksilver Messenger Service Rainbow Raymond Devos Return To the Forbidden Planet Rhys Chatham 2005 * Rhys Chatham 2010 Robert Charlebois Robert Wood Robert Wyatt Rock and Roll 39-59 Roland Becker Rory Gallagher 1976 * Rory Gallagher 1980 Rubberworks Museum Sax Pustuls Scorpions Scott Taylor Serge Gainsbourg Shakti Simples Minds SMJ Snakefinger Soft Machine Sonic Youth Sore Throat Spheres d Influence Spirit Splendid s (Jean Genet) Status Quo Stefan Grossman Stephan Eicher Stephen Stills Steve Hillage Steve Reich Sugar Blue Sun Ra Supertramp Syd Barrett Takis Talking Heads Tania Mouraud Ted Nugent Téléphone The Beatles * The Beatles 1969 The Beatles Liverpool The Beatles Show The Boomtown Rats The Clash The Honeymoon Killers The London Dungeon The Old Woman (Robert Wilson) The present day composers refuse to die... The Residents * The Residents 1986 The Residents 1989 The Residents 2017 The Rolling Stones The Saints The Stranglers The Velvet Underground Theatre des Amandiers Théâtre de l Atelier Third Ear Band Throbbing Gristle Tony Oursler Tuxedomoon 1981 Tuxedomoon 2003 * Unfinished Music Van der Graaf Generator Veronique Vincent et Aksak Maboul Von hier aus WC3 Yes Yoko Ono Zappa * Zappa 1968 Zappa 1970 Zappa 1978 Zappa 1982





Discographie / Discography


Mes Matérialisés

1971CaravanIn The Land Of Grey And PinkDeramSDL-R1, SDL R1LP
1972CaravanWaterloo LilyDeramSDL 8LP
1973CaravanFor Girls Who Grow Plump In The NightPink ElephantPE 877.052LP
1974CaravanCaravan & The New SymphoniaPink ElephantPE 877 063LP
1975CaravanIf I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over YouLes Disques Motors, Les Disques Motors44002, MT 44.002LP
1991CaravanBack To FrontKingdom RecordsCDKVS 5011CD

Mes Autres

1968CaravanCaravan (remastered)M2109
1970CaravanIf I Could Do It All Over Again I D Do It All Over YouM17012
1971CaravanIn The Land Of Grey And PinkM16611
1972CaravanWaterloo LilyM1778
1973CaravanFor Girls Who Grow Plump In The NightM12812
1974CaravanCaravan & The New Symphonia (the Complete Concert)M1939
1975CaravanCunning StuntsM19210
1976CaravanBlind Dog At St. Dunstan SM1539
1977CaravanBetter By FarM1929
1995CaravanThe Battle Of HastingsM22311
2003CaravanThe Unauthorised Breakfast ItemM19215

Allées X Venues



123D1971-03-19Westfield CollegeHampsteadEnglandB


331D1973-11-26Le BataclanParisFranceB
332D1973-11-26Maison De Radio FranceParisFranceB


347D1974-03-10Salle Des FêtesCoulommiersFranceB
4141974-11-10Live Radio ShowSan FranciscoCA, USB01


459ticketT1975-04-19L OlympiaParisFranceB01
510ticketT1975-11-26Bourse Du TravailLyonFranceB


573ticketT1976-12-13Palais Des SportsParisFranceB


(414/1) Caravan, 1974-11-10, Live Radio Show, San Francisco, CA, US

Audio/Flac, /, ()



Probably recorded at the Record Plant, Sausalito, CA on November 10, 1974 (see notes below)
FM radio broadcast (?)

Lineage: Bootleg > ? > Trade CDR > EAC (secure) > FLAC (L8)

1. Announcement by radio dj
2. Memory Lain, Hugh
3. Headloss
4. For Richard
5. Band introduction / Virgin On The Ridiculous
6. Be All Right
7. Chance Of A Lifetime
8. The Love In Your Eye

Total time 1:05:40

Pye Hastings - Guitar & Vocal
Geoffrey Richardson - Viola, Guitar, Flute
Dave Sinclair - Keyboards
Mike Wedgwood - Bass & Vocal
Richard Coughlan - Drums

The Ayanami bootleg artwork says this was recorded at the Record Plant on the 15th of October 1974. That date is most likely incorrect as that day they played in Columbus, OH. There were three Record Plant studios at that time, in New York City, in Los Angeles, and in Los Angeles. The authorative Calyx website lists in their Caravan chronology a live radio show in San Francisco on November 10, 1974. Since Sausalito is located directly across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, I'm guessing there is a high possibility that the Record Plant in Sausalito actually is the place where this performance was recorded for a radio broadcast. The radio dj also confirms the Record Plant but does not mention a place.


Support the artists! Buy their official releases, go to their concerts!
Trade freely! Do not buy or sell! Keep it lossless!

Uploaded to Dime by propylaen in December 2013.


(459/1) Caravan, 1975-04-19, L Olympia, Paris, France

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Paris, France
April 19th, 1975

SOURCE : true mono VG 1st gen aud from a tape traded in the 80's.

PLEASE NOTE : I had to re-flac (February 2013) the initial wav files, because I have lost my first post. Sound quality is strictly similar to my previous post.
This in not an upgrade. The quality of this one is below what I use to share here, but consider this tape is rare and David Sinclair is in top condition !

-> unknown basic mono recording gear
-> 1st gen Sony AHF Type I cassette (was duplicated on hissy cassette recorder)
-> Nakamichi Dragon (NAAC auto-azimuth) for playback
-> Pioneer PDR 609 stand alone CD burner -> WAV -> EAC
-> Goldwave v.5.08 for tracks splitting, edits, mono mix
-> Flac Frontend -> FLAC level 8 align on sector boundaries

01.Memory lane, Hugh
03.The love in your eye
04.The Dabsong conshirtoe
05.Be all right/Chance of a lifetime
06.For Richard

Total time 1:14:08

Pye Hastings (gt, voc.)
Geoffrey Richardson (violin)
David Sinclair (keys)
Richard Coughlan
Mike Wedgewood

Recorded by Pierre M.
Digitized and shared by finkployd49 (January 2009 and February 2013).


merci a hardprog pour le partage de son titanesque travail : Rock on TV *

1965-04-10DutchCombo, Caravan ,
1969-03-15Great BritainColour Me Pop, Caravan ,
1970-09-19Great BritainDisco 2 Gb, Caravan ,
1970-10-28DutchEddy Ready Go, Caravan ,
1971-03-03DutchMidweek, Caravan ,
1971-03-31DutchMidweek, Caravan ,
1973-01-02FranceRockenstock, Caravan ,
1973-12-15FrancePop Deux, Caravan ,
1975-10-04GermanyDisco, Caravan ,
1980-10-26FranceFestival Jazz Juan Les Pins, Caravan ,
1981-05-13FranceStudio 3, Caravan ,
1984-05-23SwissFlashjazz, Caravan ,
1991-02-07Great BritainBedrock, Caravan ,

Henry Cow


Discographie / Discography

Henry Cow

Mes Matérialisés

1976Henry CowConcertsCompendium RecordsFIDARDO 12xLP
1978Henry Cow, Slapp HappyIn Praise Of LearningLtmLTM 1010LP
1978Henry CowThe Henry Cow LegendLtmLTM 1008LP
1979Henry CowWestern CultureCelluloidLTM 1.013, ltm1013LP
1991Henry CowUnrestEast Side DigitalESD 80492CD

Mes Autres

2010Henry CowJohn Peel Session (24th April 1973)F7243

Allées X Venues

Henry Cow


11972-00-00Explorer S ClubLondonEnglandB01


21975-05-17Palais Des SportsGrenobleFranceB01
31975-10-25Centre Socio-educatifMassy PalaiseauFranceB01


41976-01-21Kingston PolythechnicKingstonScotlandB01
51976-01-31School Of EconomicsLondonEnglandB01
61976-11-10France MusiqueParisFranceB01
12ticketT1976-11-12Théâtre De La RenaissanceParisFranceB


11++Orckestra1977-11-20Porte De PantinParisFranceA01


231978-03-12Rio FestivalLondonEnglandB01
81978-05-21Festival Du Jazz ProgressifLa Celle Saint CloudFranceB01


999M+3 March 1951 (Hornsey, England) / 18 September 2013 (London, England)2013-09-18Mort de Lindsay CooperLondonEnglandB


9ticketT2014-11-21The BarbicanLondonEnglandB01 / 02
10AfficheA2014-11-23Teatro Diego FabbriForliItalyB01


(1/1) Henry Cow, 1972-00-00, Explorer S Club, London, England

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Henry Cow
Explorer's Club
Late 1972 / Early 1973

Fred Frith
Chris Cutler
Tim Hodgkinson
John Greaves
Geoff Leigh

51:46 minutes

1 Improvisation (4:02)
2 Improvisations (42:37)
3 Nine Funerals Of The Citizen Kane (5:05)

The whole concert (material from their first album "Unrest") was played without a break.There are two parts because of the tape change.

I've got this from trades in the late 70's on one side of a C-120 cassette tape(unknown generation).
In the early 90's I saved it on a C-90 chrome tape.

Quality is B-/C+

(2/1) Henry Cow, 1975-05-17, Palais Des Sports, Grenoble, France

Audio/Flac, /, ()



Palais des Sports
17 may 1975
Festival (with Mahjun, Mama Béa Tekielski, Magma)

01 Beautiful as the moon... (6:54) >
02 Nirvana for mice > Improvisation (4:22) >
03 Ottawa Song (3:36) >
04 Gloria Gloom (4:45) >
05 Ruins > Improvisation (11:46) >
06 ...Terrible as an army with banners (3:46)
07 Improvisation (11:46) [inc]

Total : 46'55

Fred Frith (g, vl, p)
Tim Hodgkinson (alt.sax, cl, org)
Dagmar Krause (voc)
John Greaves (b, voc)
Lindsay Cooper (bso, fl, ob)
Chris Cutler (d)

AUD > reel-to-reel (mono, 1st gen.) > wav > flac
Uploaded by Uncle Meat, 2009

(3/1) Henry Cow, 1975-10-25, Centre Socio-educatif, Massy Palaiseau, France

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Henry Cow

Centre Socio-Educatif
Massey-Palaiseau, France

October 25, 1975


01 Beautiful As The Moon, Terrible As An Army With Banners (6:48)
02 Nirvana For Mice (4:21)
03 Ottawa Song (4:05)
04 Gloria Gloom (8:32)
05 Ruins (22:02)
06 Beautiful As The Moon Reprise (2:29)

TT - 48:21

Dagmar Krause - Vocals
Fred Frith - Lead Guitar
Tim Hodgkinson - Keyboards, Woodwinds
John Greaves - Bass Guitar
Lindsay Cooper - Woodwinds
Chris Cutler - Drums

The mighty Henry Cow live in France during the "In Praise Of Learning Period".
A relatively short performance but this was a festival appearance so I assume it's complete.
Sound is reasonably good for a 1975 audience recording although the bass is quite high in the mix and the vocals sometimes get a little lost.
However, the performance is (in my opinion) very pleasing.

(4/1) Henry Cow, 1976-01-21, Kingston Polythechnic, Kingston, Scotland

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Henry Cow
Kingston Polythechnic
21 January 1976 [not 26th]

Source: Printed CD, not CD-R

Fixed glitches at 0.22 track01
Fixed stereo balance, reduced right channel by 5%
Fixed varying balance within tracks
Fixed varying volume levels within tracks
Noise print NR, worked really well
Removed tuning > false starts (2.32min) between tracks 08 & 09
Applied slight treble EQ
Cross-mixed tracks (80:20), more stable stereo image, instruments / voice clearer
Cross-faded tracks for smooth transitions and eliminate silences
Increased track levels by 3dB
First 10 sec of Track01 are still rough, but much improved

Quality: Worth an A++ now

As I had run out of great Dime Henry Cow stuff to remaster, I decided to turn my hand to one my boots and it has turned out to be one of my best! It was a labour of love, as yoou can see from the amount of editing, but listening to the difference between this and the original is amazing, as is the peformance itself.

The resident Dime experts say this has been posted here before, so if you already have it, then this is still a great upgrade, so for you and listeners new...

...I hope you enjoy this as much as I now do.

Dagmar Krause Vocals, piano (?)
Fred Frith Guitar, Bass, Viola, Piano, Vibes
Tim Hodgkinson Organ, Alto, Clarinet
Lindsay Cooper Bassoon, oboe, soprano, flute (?)
John Greaves Bass, piano (?), vocals (?)
Chris Cutler Drums (and anything else you can hit)

Set List (76.29)
05.34 Beautiful As The Moon
04.25 Nirvana For Mice
03.23 Ottawa Song
03.55 Gloria Gloom
05.08 Ruins (improv)
15.37 Ruins (theme etc)
02.58 Terrible As An Army With Banners
18.57 Free improv
16.10 Living In The Heart Of The Beast

Notes / Credits
1. Thanks to 'urich21' and 'numediaman' for help with details of this concert
2. Frequency response extends beyond 20khz, so no lossy artifacts visible in Nero
3. As usual, no artworks - anybody?

Usual Stuff:
Please ask before posting this anywhere
Don't transfer to MP3 or other Lossy media
Trade, Don't sell or do anything else you shouldn't do with this good stuff!

(5/1) Henry Cow, 1976-01-31, School Of Economics, London, England

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Henry Cow
School Of Economics
31 January 1976

Dagmar Krause - voice
Tim Hodgkinson - clarinet, alto sax, organ, piano, voice
Lindsay Cooper - bassoon, oboes, flute, piano, voice
Fred Frith - guitar, viola, violin, xylophone
John Greaves - bass guitar
Chris Cutler - drums

CD1 (46:40)
1 Beautiful As The Moon - Terrible As An Army With Banners
(incl. Nirvana For Mice / Ottawa Song / Ruins)

CD2 (44:55)
1 Improvisation
2 Living In The Heart Of The Beast
3 Teenbeat (Encore)

Quality: B-

C-90 tape (unknown generation) from trades
--> wav (Terratec Phono PreAmp Studio)
--> track separation (Nero)
--> flac (level 8)

transfered and uploaded by nadir_53

don't sell, don't encode to mp3!

(6/1) Henry Cow, 1976-11-10, France Musique, Paris, France

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Paris, France – France Musique Radio Broadcast
November 10, 1976

FRED FRITH: guitar, violin, xilofono, voce, piano
TIM HODGKINSON: organ, clarinet, alto sax
LINDSAY COOPER: flute, bassoon, oboe
GEORGIE BORN: electric bass, cello
DAGMAR KRAUSE: voice, piano

01) Radio Intro > Erk Gah > Terrible as an Army with Banners > Improv (38:35)
02) Improv > Living in the Heart of the Beast (11:14)
03) Living in the Heart of the Beast (3:58)
04) Interview (w/Fred Frith,Tim Hodgkinson & Linsay Cooper) (6:51)
60' 40"

This is a single CD (60:38) version of a France Musique (FM Broadcast) from Nov 10,'76 (date according to Calyx)
Foobar2000 CDtect said CDDA 99%

54 min, FM A- incl. interview

Thanks to Jorg

Lineage: Unknown FM recording > CDr in trade > EAC > WAV > Flac8

Please don't sell. Please don't encode to mp3 except for your private use.

(7/1) Henry Cow, 1976-11-25, Chaumont, France

Audio/Flac, /, ()


-- Edited RESEED --
[Originally posted as "Henry Cow - France 1976"]


Chaumont, France
Nov. 25, 1976

Source: Dime download (id=57899) lineage - SBD/2nd? Gen Tape/CDR/EAC/Flac8/you

Editing [TomP.] :

Boosted levels by 12dB
Reduced LH channel by 40% to balance with RH
Removed several glitches
Removed extended period of (near) silence, cross-faded between tracks
Inserted track markers
Gentle 2db Nero 6 noise reduction
Burnt to Yamaha AMQR CD-R

- hope this matches my description of edit / remaster ?

Transfer: EAC > Flac Frontend (level 6)
Quality: Worth a solid A now

This is an edited / remastered post, with the encouragement of original poster 'avantprog', of a Henry Cow Concert, probably from Chaumont as the Nancy (Nov 18) set list was slightly different according to comments made by 'numediaman' in the orginal post.

The original version was a difficult listen as the original info file acknowledged that the levels were 'a little low in the mix', so I edited and remastered initially for my own interest. The music is absolutely untouched, so those that have the original and do their own editing need read no further...

What I discovered was a real jewel - the quality is pretty good, Dagmar seems to be on great form and it features what is possibly the only full version I have ever come across (with lyrics as confirmed from the Tim Hodgkinson 'Each to his Own Thoughts' CD) of the infamous 'Hold to the Zero Burn, Imagine', possibly still called 'Erk Gah' at this time.

The other medleys of Ruins and Beautiful as the Moon are also different to versions that I've heard on other posts, so overall this set is now probably one of my very favourites and I thought others might like the benefit of my editing work...

... Enjoy!!

Fred Frith Guitar, Viola, Piano (?), Vibes (?)
Tim Hodgkinson Organ, Alto, Clarinet
Lindsay Cooper Bassoon, soprano, flute (?)
Georgie Born Bass
Chris Cutler Drums (and anything else you can hit)
Dagmar Krause Vocals, Piano (?)

Set List: [in the original post, the two discs were reversed]

Disk 1
29:17 Hold to the Zero Burn, Imagine (aka. Erk Gah)
[Opening Improv. REMOVED = Box d7t5]
05:08 ?
19:56 Improv > Ruins
05:42 ? [Closing Improv REMOVED = Box d7t6]

Disk 2
09:16 (Woodwind piece) [REMOVED = Box d7t6+7]
34:22 Beautiful as the Moon
..... > Improv
..... > Terrible as an Army with Banners
17:50 Living in the Heart of the Beast

1. Set list is my best interpretation - can Henry Cow / Slapp Happy lovers help?
2. As usual, no artworks as I'm not very good at that kind of thing - anybody else?

Usual Stuff:
Please ask before posting this anywhere
Don't transfer to MP3 or other Lossy media
For trading only
Don't sell or do anything else you shouldn't do with this stuff!

(11/1) Henry Cow, 1977-11-20, Porte De Pantin, Paris, France

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Henry Cow with Orckestra-Mike Westbrook Brass Band featuring Frankie Armstrong
Fete du Nouveau Populaire de Paris
Paris, France
November 19, 1977
(Sometimes listed as November 20, 1977)

Aud?>CD-R>EAC>WAV>Trader's Little Helper>FLAC (Level 8)

1. Wheel of Fortune
2. Nirvana Variations > Long Piece (excerpt) > Terrible as an army with banners
3. Naima > Mourn not the dead > Jackieing
4. On Suicide > Wheels Go Round
5. (Frankie Armstrong solo song)

1. (Frankie Armstrong solo song)
2. (Frankie Armstrong solo song)
3. Kanonensong
4. Let the Slave
5. Alabama Song
6. Bartlemy Farm

Lindsay Cooper - bassoon, flute, oboe
Chris Cutler - drums Fred Frith - guitar
Dagmar Krause - voice
Tim Hodgkinson - organ, clarinet, alto sax
Georgie Born - bass, cello
Mike Westbrook - piano, euphonium
Dave Chambers - soprano sax, tenor sax
Kate Barnard - piccolo, tenor horn
Paul Rutherford - trombone, euphonium Phil Minton - trumpet
Frankie Armstrong - voice

I'm pretty sure I have posted this show on Dime before? But it has been so long that I have totally forgotten! I had this show listed as being "November 20, 1977". Though now I can see that it was more likely the 19th.



The real apperance is : November 20, 1977 at 24:00

(23/1) Henry Cow, 1978-03-12, Rio Festival, London, England

Audio/mp3, /, ()


Henry Cow
London rio festival

01 - Viva Pa Ubu
02 - Improv
03 - Ruins
04 - Bittern Storm Over Ulm
05 - Half The Sky Pt 1
06 - Half The Sky Pt 2
07 - Erk Gah Pt 1
08 - Erk Gah Pt 2
09 - Teenbeat Pt 1
10 - Teenbeat Pt 2
11 - Untitled
12 - Untitled

(8/1) Henry Cow, 1978-05-21, Festival Du Jazz Progressif, La Celle Saint Cloud, France

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Henry Cow
La Celle-Saint-Cloud / France
MJC Nord / Festival du Jazz Progressif
21 May 1978

Tim Hodgkinson
Fred Frith
Chris Cutler
Lindsay Cooper

with (probably):
Yochk'o Seffer
Henry Kaiser III
Annemarie Roelofs

setlist (thanks to unclemeat)
01 Intro (by Tim Hodgkinson)
02 On the raft
03 Slice
04 Intro (by Fred Frith)
05 Viva Pa Ubu / Jackie-ing / March / tuning up/ Trio
06 Falling away
07 Ruins variations / Improvisation / Virgins of Illinois

total time: 40:40

quality: B-

source: cassette recording (mono) from trades (unknown generation)
transfer to wav by TomP who also did some remastering
(selecting the better sounding channel and evened the volume levels)
track separation and flac (8) by nadir_53 (nero wave editor)

first uploaded by nadir_53 September 2014

Any information about the definitive line-up and setlist is highly welcomed!

(9/1) Henry Cow, 2014-11-21, The Barbican, London, England

Audio/Flac, /, ()


A Celebration Of Lindsay Cooper
Henry Cow, News From Babel, Music For Films, Oh Moscow
The Barbican, London
Nov 21 2014

1. Entrance
2. Welcome
3. Half The Sky(False Start) - Henry Cow
4. Half The Sky - Henry Cow
5. Gretel's Tale - Henry Cow
6. Look Back - Henry Cow
7. Falling Away - Henry Cow
8. Slice - Henry Cow
9. Reset
10. Moss - News From Babel
11. Black Gold(False start) - News From Babel
12. Black Gold - News From Babel
13. Dragon At The Core - News From Babel
14. Waited/Justice - News From Babel
15. Late Evening - News From Babel
16. Victory - News From Babel

1. Entrance
2. Women's Wrongs - Music For Films
3. Lots Of Strikes->General Strike - Music For Films
4. Iceland - Music For Films
5. Empire Song - Music For Films
6. Plate Dance->As She Breathes - Music For Films
7. Oh Moscow Intro
8. England descending - Oh Moscow
9. On German Soil - Oh Moscow
10. Lovers - Oh Moscow
11. Oh Moscow - Oh Moscow
12. Forgotten Fruit - Oh Moscow
13. Crowd
14. Anno Mirabilis
15. Outro

Michel Berckmans – Bassoon, Oboe, English Horn
Chris Cutler – Drums
Fred Frith – Guitars, Bass
John Greaves – Bass, Vocals
Alfred Harth – Tenor & Soprano Saxophones, Clarinet, Pocket Trumpet
Tim Hodgkinson – Alto Sax, Clarinet, Keyboards
Dagmar Krause – Vocals
Phil Minton – Vocals
Zeena Parkins – Harp, Piano, Keyboards
Sally Potter – Vocals
Anne-Marie Roelofs – Violin, Trombone
Veryan Weston – Piano, Keyboards

Sonic Studios DSM-6>PA6-XP>M Audio Microtrack>
Wavelab>CD Wave Editor>FLAC Level 8

An EBR Recording

(9/2) Henry Cow, 2014-11-21, The Barbican, London, England

Audio/Flac, /, ()


A Celebration Of Lindsay Cooper
London, England - The Barbican
November 21, 2014

Michel Berckmans – Bassoon, Oboe, English Horn
Chris Cutler – Drums
Fred Frith – Guitars, Bass
John Greaves – Bass, Vocals
Alfred Harth – Tenor & Soprano Saxophones, Clarinet, Pocket Trumpet
Tim Hodgkinson – Alto Sax, Clarinet, Keyboards
Dagmar Krause – Vocals
Phil Minton – Vocals
Zeena Parkins – Harp, Piano, Keyboards
Sally Potter – Vocals
Anne-Marie Roelofs – Violin, Trombone
Veryan Weston – Piano, Keyboards

I set
101) Sally Potter announcement (2:23)
Henry Cow set
102) Half The Sky (False Start) (0:23)
103) Half The Sky (5:25)
104) Gretel's Tale (4:51)
105) Look Back (1:55)
106) Falling Away (7:48)
107) Slice (0:30)
108) Applause (1:28)
News From Babel set
109) Moss (4:56)
110) Black Gold (False start) (0:59)
111) Black Gold (3:43)
112) Dragon At The Core (5:44)
113) Waited/Justice (6:19)
114) Late Evening (5:55)
115) Victory (6:23)
58' 48"

II set
201) Entrance (1:28)
Music For Films set
202) Women's Wrongs (4:10)
203) Lots Of Strikes > General Strike (3:54)
204) Iceland (3:57)
205) Empire Song (2:35)
206) Plate Dance > As She Breathes (11:21)
Oh Moscow set
207) England descending (8:45)
208) On German Soil (8:08)
209) Lovers (4:13)
210) Oh Moscow (6:43)
211) Forgotten Fruit (4:19)
212) Applause (3:13)
213) Anno Mirabilis (4:04)
214) Applause (1:21)
68' 17"

Lineage: audience recording > Sony PCM-D50 (48000 Hz/ 16 bit) > Nero > Flac (level 8)

(10/1) Henry Cow, 2014-11-23, Teatro Diego Fabbri, Forli, Italy

Audio/Flac, /, ()


HENRY COW | MUSIC FOR FILM | NEWS FROM BABEL | OH MOSCOW play the music of Lindsay Cooper
Forlì, Italy - Teatro Diego Fabbri
November 23, 2014 - 8,00 pm

Alfred Harth - Tenor and Soprano Saxophones, Clarinet, Pocket Trumpet
Anne-Marie Roelofs - Violin, Trombone
Chris Cutler - Drums
Dagmar Krause - Vocals
Fred Frith - Guitar, Bass
John Greaves - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Michel Berckmans - Bassoon, Oboe, English Horn
Phil Minton - Vocals
Sally Potter - Vocals
Tim Hodgkinson - Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Keyboards
Veryan Weston - Piano, Keyboards
Zeena Parkins - Harp, Piano, Keyboards

I set
101) Sally Potter intro (2:28)
Henry Cow set
102) Half The Sky (5:26)
103) Gretel's Tale (4:37)
104) Look Back (1:47)
105) Falling Away (7:58)
106) Slice (0:35)
107) Applause (1:18)
News From Babel set
108) Moss (5:13)
109) Black Gold (3:38)
110) Dragon At The Core (5:54)
111) Waited/Justice (6:25)
112) Late Evening (5:57)
113) Victory (5:43)
114) John Greaves outro (1:29)
58' 36"

II set
Music For Films set
201) Women's Wrongs (3:47)
202) Lots Of Strikes > General Strike (3:25)
203) Iceland (3:54)
204) Empire Song (2:46)
205) Plate Dance > As She Breathes (11:08)
Oh Moscow set
206) England descending (9:32)
207) On German Soil (9:16)
208) Lovers (4:10)
209) Oh Moscow (7:26)
210) Forgotten Fruit (4:21)
211) Applause (2:44)
212) Anno Mirabilis (4:45)
213) Applause (4:52)
72' 13"

Lineage: audience recording (2nd source) > Sony PCM-D50 (48000 Hz/ 16 bit) > Nero > Flac (level 8)

Note: This was the third concert of Henry Cow reunion tour. After the date of Forlì, the group is broken down to London for the last farewell to Lindsay Cooper. All together they have scattered the ashes in the Thames. Ashes that Sally Potter, partner of Lindsay, kept in her house

Area Sismica presenta l’eccezionale riunificazione di una band che ha avuto un impatto epocale tra il ‘68 e il ’78 e che ha modificato radicalmente gli stilemi compositivi di buona parte della musica che ascoltiamo tutt’ora, gli HENRY COW, il cui ultimo concerto si è tenuto nel luglio del 1978.

Nati dall’incontro tra Fred Frith e Tim Hodgkinson alla Cambridge University e con Chris Cutler e Lindsay Cooper come elementi stabili, la formazione si è via via evoluta.
E proprio alla fagottista/oboista Lindsay Cooper, a distanza di un anno dalla sua prematura scomparsa, è dedicato questo progetto.
Questa triste ricorrenza ha fatto si che tutti i membri della band abbiano trovato il modo di liberarsi dagli innumerevoli impegni, che non hanno mai permesso la reunion richiesta a gran voce da pubblico e critica.

In un’epoca di grandi trasformazioni sociali, i membri degli Henry Cow hanno vissuto la loro vita artistica senza compromessi, rifuggendo dalle logiche commerciali che stavano dietro al mondo discografico e dai promoter dei concerti, che hanno tradito fin da subito lo spirito di qualsiasi elemento di rottura che muoveva e muove ogni forma d’arte.
Questa loro radicalità non ha comunque evitato un impatto notevole in termini globali. La popolarità raggiunta è stata sfruttata dalla band per contagiare altre formazioni in questa lotta che prese il nome di Rock In Opposition.
Sull’onda del RIO nacquero gruppi musicali in tutto il mondo, quali Art Zoyd, Univers Zero, Zamla Mammaz Manna, Aksaq Maboul, Etron Fou LeLouBlan (ai quali Area Sismica dedicò il suo primo festival) e gli italiani Stormy Six.

I componenti del gruppo, una volta terminata l’esperienza con la band, hanno intrapreso percorsi che li ha portati ai vertici della musica attuale, alimentando ulteriormente il mito degli Henry Cow.
Ad esempio Fred Frith ha dato origine a progetti fondamentali, quali Art Bears, Massacre, Skeleton Crew, Keep the Dog, Tense Serenity, the Fred Frith Guitar Quartet, Eye to Ear e ha composto per Arditti Quartet, Asko Ensemble, Ensemble Modern, ROVA Sax Quartet, Arte Quartett e tanti altri.
Ha tutt’ora un’attività musicale frenetica nei 5 continenti, oltre che essere docente al Mills College di Oakland (California) e all’Accademia Musicale di Basilea (Svizzera).
Chris Cutler, oltre a proseguire nella carriera in qualità di musicista – come ad esempio con i superlativi Cassiber, Art Bears, News from Babel, Pere Ubu e brevemente nei Gong – è una figura fondamentale per tutti gli ambiti contemporanei per aver fondato l’etichetta indipendente Recommended Records, tra le più importanti label attualmente in attività.
Anche Tim Hodgkinson ha mantenuto un’attività di grande rilievo, collaborando con Lol Coxhill, Tom Cora, John Zorn, Evan Parker, Catherine Jauniaux, Charles Hayward, ecc. e creando formazioni quali K-Space e Konk Pack e innumerevoli progetti legati all’improvvisazione musicale.

Ci limitiamo a citare questi tre membri fondamentali degli Henry Cow, ai quali si sommano le esperienze chilometriche di tutti gli altri musicisti che nella serata del 23 novembre ridaranno vita a:

NEWS FROM BABEL (1984 – 1986)
OH MOSCOW (1987 -1993)
oltre che ai già citati HENRY COW (1968 – 1978)

Questo progetto non è da vedere come una ripartenza della band, è un vero e proprio episodio unico, aumentando la portata dell’evento, già storico di per sé.

Area Sismica proporrà a Forlì uno dei tre eventi previsti (gli altri due accadranno in Inghilterra) e attesi da così tanto tempo.
Un bellissimo suggello sulla nostra venticinquennale attività.

Questo evento è dedicato a Pierantonio Pezzinga.


Canterbury +


Allées X Venues



3+Radio Broadcast1970-00-00EggLondonEnglandB01


41978-07-19Soft HeadPhoenix ClubLondonEnglandB01


21983-07-25BBC Goes to CanterburyBBCLondonEnglandB01


5++Marie Goyette1998-09-22Dagmar KrauseKyoto UniversityKyotojapanB01


12014-06-07Artchipel OrchestraTeatro KennedyFasanoItalyB01


6++Blegvad Greaves Cutler Mantler Krause2015-05-29Dagmar KrauseBologna TeatroSan LeonardoItalyB01


(3/1) Canterbury, 1970-00-00, Egg, London, England

Audio/Flac, /, ()



Radio Broadcast, London, mid 1970, stereo

I'm going to discover in my cellar about 30 magnetic tapes (7 inches)
with about 50 shows of the seventies!!!
Unfortunatly, maybe some of (parts) them are damaged (noises, mediums or highs spoiled)
I'll add some samples.


1) A Visit To Newport Hospital

2) Long Piece No. 3 Part 2
3) Long Piece No. 3 Part 3

4) Long Piece No. 3 Part 4

Dave Stewart: organ, piano and tone generator
Mont Campbell: bass and vocals
Clive Brooks: drums

"THE CELLAR'S TAPES" already on the tracker:

01-GREENSLADE, 1975 june xx, Whiskey, Los Angeles, CA
02-HENRY COW & ROBERT WYATT, New London Theatre, London, on May 21, 1975
03-VAN DER GRAAF, Victoria Palace, London, UK, october 16 1977
04-EGG, The Roundhouse, London, UK, may 4 1970
05-HENRY COW, Radio Broadcast, may 1973

(4/1) Canterbury, 1978-07-19, Soft Head, Phoenix Club, London, England

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Soft Head
Phoenix Club, London

Hugh Hopper - Bass
Elton Dean - Sax
Alan Gowen - Keyboards
Dave Sheen - Drums


1.01 - Ranova
1.02 - The Lonely Sea and the Sky
1.03 - One Three Nine

2.01 - Circle Line
2.02 - Seven Drones
2.03 - Remain So
2.04 - CRRC

lineage: aud > ? > trade cd-r > wav > soundforge 5.0 (tracking) > flac

(2/1) Canterbury, 1983-07-25, BBC Goes to Canterbury, BBC, London, England

Audio/Mp3, /, ()



BBC Goes to Canterbury - Rare radio sessions 1977-83
by Observation Point

Published October 23, 2015
Topics prog, progressive, jazz, avantgarde, canterbury

I discovered a box of cassette tapes while clearing out my loft when moving house. I recorded these in the 80's from BBC Radio shows, including Radio 1's John Peel sessions and Radio 3's 'Jazz in Britain'.

Considering the fact that BBC had a habit of destroying analogue tape in those halcyon pre-digital days, there was a likelihood that these recordings may not have survived. I therefore felt it essential to digitise for fans of the Canterbury genre. The sound is still of good quality, considering the time passed. What is also evident, is that Elton Dean is clearly deranged.

Track listing:

In Cahoots - Second Sight
In Cahoots - Your Root Two
From BBC Radio 3's 'Jazz in Britain' 14.11.83
National Health - The Collapso
National Health - A Legend in His Own Lunchtime
From BBC Radio 1's John Peel Sessions 1977
Soft Heap - Toot de Sweet

From BBC Radio 3's 'Jazz in Britain' 25.07.83

For more downloadable gems, please go to:

Language English

plus-circle Add Review
Reviewer: propylaen2001 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 24, 2016
Subject: National Health
The National Health sessions is from Nov. 9, 1977.
A Legend In His Own Lunchtime features Richard Sinclair.

The Soft Heap track can also be found on the "A Veritable Centaur" cd

(5/1) Canterbury, 1998-09-22, Dagmar Krause, Kyoto University, Kyoto, japan

Audio/mp3, /, ()


Dagmar Krause + Marie Goyette

live in japan kyoto university

track 01
track 02
track 03
track 04
track 05
track 06
track 07
track 08
track 09
track 10
track 11
track 12
track 13
track 14
track 15
track 16

(1/1) Canterbury, 2014-06-07, Artchipel Orchestra, Teatro Kennedy, Fasano, Italy

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Artchipel Orchestra

recorded at Teatro Kennedy, Fasano (Brindisi), ITALY, on saturday 7 June 2014

arrangements and conduction by Ferdinando Faraò
Marco Mariani, trumpet
Gianni Sansone, trumpet
Francesca Petrolo, trombone
Massimo Cavallaro, soprano saxophone
Paolo Profeti, alto saxophone
Rosarita Crisafi, tenor saxophone
Massimo Falascone, baritone saxophone
Simone Mauri, bass clarinet
Carlo Nicita, flutes
Eloisa Manera, violin
Paolo Botti, viola
Keith Tippett, pianoforte (from track05 onward only)
Beppe Barbera, pianoforte and electric piano
Massimo Giuntoli, electric piano and organ
Mariangela Tandoi, fisarmonica [accordion]
Giampiero Spina, electric guitar
Gianluca Alberti, bass
Stefano Lecchi, drums
Lorenzo Gasperoni, percussion
vocals by Giusy Lupis, Serena Ferrara, Filippo Pascuzzi, Naima Faraò, and Julie Tippetts
videos and visuals by Au+ (Fabio Volpi & Rosarita Crisafi)

this is an orchestra run by Fernando Faraò (brother of pianist Antonio), originally all dedicated to Mike Westbrook and Alan Gowen, then to Canterbury jazz in general. Here with the presence of Keith Tippet, almost become some kind of Softs tribute act, or better, Soft Machine as played by Hatfield and The North. Keith and Julie Driscoll only enter from track05 onwards. Also included in this folder as track00 a long radio introduction in ITALIAN with bio notes and commentaries - this intro runs for 7'22", you can skip downloading it if you don't understand italian.

(00-radio introduction by Pino Saulo)
01- Arriving Twice [by Alan Gowen and Gilgamesh]
02- Moeris Dancing [by Fred Frith and Art Bears]
03- Big Orange [by Ferdinando Faraò, dedicated to Pip Pyle]
04- Moon in June [by Robert Wyatt and Soft Machine]
05- Facelift [by Hugh Hopper and Soft Machine]
06- MouseTrap [by Hugh Hopper and Soft Machine]
07- Kings and Queens [by Hugh Hopper and Soft Machine]
08- Noisette [by Hugh Hopper and Soft Machine]
09- Cider Dance [by Keith Tippet]
10- Happy Birthday [I guess to Julie Driscoll Tippetts...]
11- radio outro

running time : 76'49" (without radio intros)
WITH radio intro and outro it would be 85'32"

FM radio broadcast by "Il Cartellone - Radio Tre Suite Jazz", Radio 3 RAI [third channell of Italian national radio], on wednesday 15 April 2015, 20:37 hours [CET].

Lineage (FM > wav > flacs > web):
aiwa XT-003Z tuner > Sony PCM-D50 linear PCM recorder > 44.100khz/16bit wav on Sony Memory Stick ProDuo [mark2] > usb > Audacity 1.3.5 Beta (editing and track splitting) > 44.100khz/16bit flac's (level 8) > webtorrenting

firstly upped by survivor69 on Dimeadozen.org, 16-april-2015 (dimeupload #1347)
note that due to disk space limitations, I will not be able to keep seeding this torrent for a long time - I will abandon the seed in a few days, maybe remove from HD these wav/flac files, and keep only my own CDR. Too many things to upload. In case of seeders going missing, enlist yourself as a leecher and some seeder will come back, and you are anyhow welcome to try and ask for additional torrenting...
checksum file included - if uploaded on other trackers or reseed (and you are welcome to do both), please include original infofile and also do not change FOLDER name. Also, if not satisfied with my offering, you are welcome to remaster/retrack/whatever and repost, but please always clearly state where/who did you have this material from and keep original infofile. IF YOU ARE THEN OFFERING THIS SET ON YOUR BLOG AS mp3's, PLEASE SPECIFY WHERE TO ALSO GET THE ORIGINAL LOSSLESS FILES

(6/1) Canterbury, 2015-05-29, Dagmar Krause, Bologna Teatro, San Leonardo, Italy

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Blegvad Greaves Cutler Mantler Krause
Angelica Festival
Centro Di Ricerca Musicale / Teatro San Leonardo
29 May 2015

Peter Blegvad - voice & guitar
John Greaves - bass, piano & voice
Chris Cutler - drums & percussion
Karen Mantler - organ & piano
Dagmar Krause - voice

01 Welcome clapping
02 Introduction by Peter Blegvad
03 Just Beware
04 P.B. talking
05 A Worm Is Not At Work
06 P.B. talking
07 The Unborn Byron
08 P.B. talking
09 That'll Be Him Now
10 P.B. talking
11 The Marvellous In The Everyday
12 P.B. talking
13 Slow Moon's Rose
14 P.B. talking
15 A Little Something
16 P.B. talking
17 Love Birds
18 Golden Age
19 Power In The Air
20 King Of Straw
21 Scarred for Life
22 The Hangman's Hill
23 Karen Mantler talking
24 Gold Fish
25 P.B. talking
26 Michelangelo
27 P.B. talking
28 Casablanca Moon
29 encore clapping
30 Introducing the encore
31 Twenty-Two Proverbs
32 audience clapping

total time: 76:30 min.

recorded by nadir_53
with Edirol R-09HR with Panasonic microphone
(wav 16 bit/ 44.1 kHz)
--> nero track separation -> flac (Level 8)

Don't sell/don't encode to mp3

Buy the official cd's!

uploaded to dime by nadir_53 June 2015