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Pink Floyd


Discographie / Discography

Pink Floyd

Mes Matérialisés

1969Pink FloydUmmagummaHarvestSHDW 1/22xLP
1973Pink FloydA Nice PairHarvest5C 178-50203/42xLP
1975Pink FloydWish You Were HereHarvest2C 068-96918, 2 C 068-96918LP
1977Pink FloydAnimalsHarvest14C 064-98434LP
1983Pink FloydThe Final CutCBS14-1668LP
2010Pink FloydAllen's Psychedelic BreakfastCircus Sun RecordsPDF-22LP

Mes Autres

1899Pink FloydA Momentary Lapse Of ReasonM12810
1899Pink FloydAnimalsM1285
1899Pink FloydRare TracksM19217
1899Pink FloydThe Early SinglesM32010
1967Pink FloydThe Piper At The Gates Of DawnM19211
1968Pink FloydA Saucerful Of SecretsM1607
1968Pink FloydThe EmbryoM1928
1969Pink FloydUmmagummaM16016
1970Pink FloydAtom Heart MotherM1975
1971Pink FloydMeddleM2566
1971Pink FloydObscured By CloudsM18110
1971Pink FloydRelicsM21511
1971Pink FloydThe Dark Side Of The MoonM1999
1972Pink FloydThe Man & The JourneyM19214
1983Pink FloydThe Final CutM32013
1987Pink FloydMoreM18913
1994Pink FloydDivision BellM12811
1994Pink FloydThe WallM12826
2000Pink FloydWish You Were Here - 25th AnniversaryM1285
2002Pink FloydPulseM18721
2014Pink FloydThe Endless RiverM32021

Allées X Venues

Pink Floyd


1001968-05-25BBC StudiosLondonEnglandA01


1801969-04-14Royal Festival HallLondonEnglandA01
1821969-05-09University Of SouthamptonSouthamptonEnglandA01
1851969-05-12BBC Session, Paris CinemaLondonEnglandA01
2901969-06-22Free Trade HallManchesterEnglandA01
3001969-06-26Royal Albert HallLondonEnglandA01
4001969-08-08Plumpton FestivalPlumptonEnglandA01
4251969-08-09The ParadisoAmsterdamNetherlandsA01
4551969-10-25Festival D AmougiesAmougiesBelgiumA01


500X1970-01-23Théâtre Des Champs-elyseesParisFranceA01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05


6001971-06-12Palais Des SportsLyonFranceA01


5ticketT1972-01-27City HallNewcastleEnglandB
21972-05-21Open Air FestivalGermersheimGermanyB01
31972-09-22Hollywood BowlHollywoodCA, USB01

European Tour Oct20-Dec10, 1972

4151972-11-12Ernst Merck HalleHamburgGermanyA01
4751972-11-29Palais Des ExpositionsPoitiersFranceA01 / 02
4801972-12-01Palais Des SportsSaint OuenFranceA01
500XticketT1972-12-07Le Palais Des SportsLilleFranceA01 / 02 / 03
505ticketT1972-12-08Parc Des ExpositionsNancyFranceA
5101972-12-09HallenstadionZurichSwitzerlandA01 / 02
5151972-12-10Palais Des SportsLyonFranceA01


41973-10-12Olympia HalleMünchenGermanyB01


3ticketT+Ticket : Jean Claude Karle1974-06-22Parc des ExpositionsColmarFranceB


11977-02-27Olympia HalleMünchenGermanyB01
21977-02-28Olympia HalleMünchenGermanyB01


42012-03-07Passons Le Bac Avec Les Pink Floyd Au Théâtre Du ChâteletParisFranceB01


42016-10-09Roger WatersCoachella FairgroundsIndioCA, USB01
52016-10-16Roger WatersCoachella FairgroundsIndioCA, USB01


(100/1) Pink Floyd, 1968-05-25, BBC Studios, London, England

Audio/Flac, /, ()


My contribution to the memorial posts. RIP Rick Wright, you'll be missed.

Pink Floyd
"Celestial Voices"
Rover Records (RR CD 002)

Source: Dime post by Darkcycle - thanks !!
Pink Floyd_Celestial Voices_1969-08-09_BBC1968-69_(DeGlitched)[SHN].torrent

Which was a beautifully de-clicked version of this Dime post:

Taken from silver bootleg CD: "Celestial Voices."
Ripped with EAC.

Lineage: Silvers > EAC > SHN

Additional lineage,
Tracks 1-8, 11 and 12: SHN > WAV (CEP2.1 deglitching) > TLH (SBEs fixed) > SHN (MKW)

Changes Made (Nero 7): SHN > MKW > Nero > FlacFrontend (level 6)

Paradiso tracks:
Fixed phase offset by moving left channel +0.15msec
- Balance centred
- More bass and drums more dynamic
Noise print NR at very lowest possible setting
- Noise and hum lessened, but not totally eliminated
- More bass and fuller sound
Cross faded tracks by 1sec to smooth transitions

1969 session tracks:
This is a mono recording with a better sounding, higher level right channel
- Remixed with both channels 100% right channel
- Fuller sound
Noise print NR at very lowest possible setting
- Hum lessened, noise only lowered a little
Deleted little silences and small glitches at beginning / end of tracks
Cross faded tracks by 1sec to smooth transitions

1968 session tracks:
No change at all, excellent sounding mono, you don't need these if you got the original.

Quality: As good as you'll hear from any of this era Pink Floyd posts

The original was very good sounding with Darkcyle doing a great job on the glitches, but the
live tracks were very phasey and the 1969 session was actually mono with a false impression of
slight stereo due to the duller left channel, so I fixed all this, whilst leaving the 1968 mono
session alone...

...Enjoy !!

(TomP) Remaster on Dime (Oct 2008)

Original Info >>>>

-The Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (August 9, 1969)
01. Interstellar Overdrive (Segment)
02. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
03. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
04. A Saucerful Of Secrets

-BBC Session, Paris Cinema, London, England (May 12, 1969)
05. Daybreak (Grantchester Meadows)
06. Nightmare (Cymbaline)
07. The Beginning (Green Is The Colour) / Beset By Creatures Of The Deep (Careful With That Axe, Eugene)
08. The Narrow Way (Part 3)

-BBC Studios, 201 Piccadilly, London, England (June 25, 1968)
09. 'Top Gear' Introduction
10. The Murderotic Woman (Careful With That Axe, Eugene)
11. The Massed Gadgets Of Hercules (A Saucerful Of Secrets)
12. Let There Be More Light
13. Julia Dream
14. 'Top Gear' Conclusion


The BBC Recordings here do indeed sound better than those included on the current Harvested
Rev.A release of BBC Archives 1967-1969 (HRV CDR 008)! Nice upgrade! Though, MOB did find
evidence that some of the BBC 1969 tracks may have been processed. I kept the Spectral View of
Track 7 that Ron Toon posted, together with this SHN set.

The only unfortunate thing is that there were a number of crackle/pops, most obvious on Track 5,
but other tracks were affected as well. I had to fix these, I felt it was worth the effort.

I ended up fixing the pops/snaps on ten tracks (1-8, 11 and 12). Some 'pops' were VERY minor,
others were quite obvious, like the ones during the first bit of Track 5, 'Daybreak (Grantchester

I extracted the SHNs to WAV, then used Cool Edit Pro v2.1 to manually remove the digital pops, I
aligned on sector boundaries with Traders Little Helper and reSHNed with MKW Audio Compression
Toolkit. New ST5 Checksum created with TLH - Jan. 9, 2008.

Notes by MOB (from a post on Dime 2008-01-08 21:08:18 GMT):

The 1969 BBC session torrented here is an obvious upgrade compared to HRV CDR 008 Rev.A, but we
already have an even better source for this session (the versions of BBC69 here have excellent
sound quality, but spectral analysis reveals some kind of compression - high frequencies were
"cleaned" by some compression process, maybe mp3). The source we have sounds slightly more
natural and has a pure frequency range.

For the 1968 BBC session, the tracks here were directly taken from the "master" version of John
Peel 11Aug68 show torrented here some years ago (this torrent also included tracks by Tim Rose,
Leonard Cohen...). The volume has been normalised for the present RoIO but apart from that they
are strictly the same. And for the quality, with the exception of Massed Gadgets which is an
obvious upgrade compared to HRV CDR 008 Rev.A, the gain in sound quality it's not so obvious for
the 3 remaining 1968 songs. The "master" versions here have pure spectral characteristics, so
they are probably from a direct transfer from BBC masters, but the tapes appear to have suffered
with the years and there is a lot of tape warble, especially during Murderotic Woman (the exact
title announced by John Peel) and Julia Dream. These tape flaws are NOT present on the
corresponding HRV versions, that were taken from excellent sources (probably 1st gen). So you
have the choice between a direct transfer from slightly "damaged" BBC masters (the current torrent)
and the HRV versions from an older transfer, done before the tapes began to reveal their age.

It's a matter of taste of course, but personnally I don't consider the 1968 tracks as upgrades
(except Massed Gadgets), I prefer the HRV versions for their clarity and the absence of tape warble.
The HRV versions are much brighter and more pleasant to my ears. This is an example where "master" does
not directly mean better sound quality; sound quality depends on the age of the master at the time of
the transfer (in other words, a well preserved 1st gen can sometimes have less flaws than a recent
transfer of a "damaged" master).



[Seems a Rev.B of HRV CDR 008 is in our future!]

Other Notes:

'Celestial Voices' is a brand new (2007) bootleg from Rover Records. They offer a recently
uncovered, lost recording from August 9, 1969. According to a review at boot-review.com:

The first four songs come from a recently surfaced soundboard tape of a recording made of Pink
Floyd at the Paradiso in Amsterdam on August 9, 1969. The band's set was professionally recorded
with the intention of broadcast on Hilversum 3 Radio. When this tape first surfaced it was said
there was a malfunction with the microphone for the vocals and the band were forced to play the
songs as instrumentals. This isn't exactly accurate because Waters does still sing in Set The
Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, Careful With That Axe, Eugene, and in the latter part of A
Saucerful Of Secrets. The vocals are present but barely audible.

Neither the audience nor the band seems to notice this and it leads one to the conclusion that
the band's PA wasn't malfunctioning but the radio station's equipment was. Since the tape was
unusable for the radio, Pink Floyd returned to Amsterdam the following month and were recorded
by Hilversum 3 again on September 17th 1969 at the Concertgebouw, the famous The Man And The
Journey tape.

The versions of the two other shows (May 12, 1969 and June 25, 1968) on the Celestial Voices boot are
equally brilliant. The show at the Paris Cinema in London on May 12 precedes the Malaysian riots by
one day. The last tune played that day was called The Narrow Way. It's chilling how it can describe
the political fortunes of both Malaysia and Singapore.

This period of Pink Floyd was also their most liberating with all four members equally in charge
and contributing. By the time Dark Side Of The Moon was made, Roger Waters was in control.
- The Little Chicken

(180/1) Pink Floyd, 1969-04-14, Royal Festival Hall, London, England

Audio/Flac, /, ()



HRV CDR009 - The Massed Gadgets of Auximenies

Royal Festival Hall, London / April 14, 1969

Label: Harvested HRV CDR009
Audio Source: audience recording
Lineage: Original Harvested shn-files --> FLAC 8 --> MWP
(see protocol file for conversion details)

Artwork: included

Gallery Link

Number of Discs: 2
Disc 1 Running time 38m 59s / Disc 2 Running Time 54m 21s


April 14, 1969 - Royal Festival Hall, London
Comments: 1st performance of The Man & the Journey. Gilmour recieves an electric shock sending him across the stage during the show. drugged girl runs out screaming at sight of monster costume sitting next to her

What were 'The Man' and 'The Journey'?
[With much help from Adam Winstanley and others]: In fact several concert recordings exist of The Man and The Journey and many people probably possess RoIOs of these pieces without realising it. The Man and The Journey were two parts of "More Furious Madness From The Massed Gadgets of Auximenies" and consisted of several well-known Floyd tunes linked into a concept piece as follows:

More Furious Madness From The Massed Gadgets Of Auximenies

Part One: The Man (representing a day in the life of a man)
Daybreak ("Granchester Meadows")
Work and Afternoon ("Biding My Time") [the band was served afternoon tea on stage at this point]
Doing It (instrumental) ("Grand Vizier's Garden Party, pt 3")
Nightmare ("Cymbaline")
Daybreak (reprise)

Part Two: The Journey
The Beginning ("Green is the Colour")
Beset By Creatures of the Deep ("Careful With That Axe Eugene")
The Narrow Way ("The Narrow Way part 3")
The Pink Jungle ("Pow R Toc H")
The Labyrinths of Auximenes ("Moonhead")
Behold the Temple of Light ("Nile Song"-based instrumential)
The End of the Beginning ("Sauceful of Secrets" - final part)

The complete piece lasted about 70 minutes.

The Man and the Journey (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

The Man and the Journey is the name of a conceptual music piece performed at Pink Floyd live shows in 1969. It consists of several of their early songs coupled with material that would appear on Music from the Film More and Ummagumma, as well as unreleased songs. The material was incorporated into two album-length suites, The Man and The Journey. The concerts also included visual performance elements such as the sawing and construction of a table and consumption of afternoon tea onstage.
The concept was first performed 14 April, 1969 at the Royal Festival Hall in a show billed as The Massed Gadgets of Auximenes - More Furious Madness from Pink Floyd. A truncated version of the show was recorded 12 May, 1969 for the Top Gear radio programme. The 17 September performance in Amsterdam is the most widely bootlegged of the shows on the tour because it was broadcast by radio station VPRO. Plans for an official live album release of The Man and the Journey were considered, but abandoned due to overlap of material with Ummagumma.
To most fans, the work is either entirely unknown or at least unrecognized as the genesis of Pink Floyd's 'themed pieces'. The band themselves have seldom made reference to it in later interviews. Yet the unique combination of quadraphonic sound effects, abstract program music, and recursive themes — all of which can be traced to The Man and The Journey — were to become further developed in the band's most enduring music, culminating in 1983 with their album The Final Cut.

On 14 April 1969, at Royal Festival Hall, they debuted their new pan pot 360 degree sound system dubbed the "Azimuth Coordinator". This show, named "More Furious Madness from the Massed Gadgets of Auximenes", consisted of two experimental "suites", "The Man" and "The Journey". Most of the songs were either renamed earlier material or under a different name than they would eventually be released.
A UK tour of "The Man/The Journey" occurred during May and June 1969 culminating in the show dubbed "The Final Lunacy" at Royal Albert Hall on 26 June 1969. Considered one of the most experimental concerts by Pink Floyd, it featured a crew member dressed as a gorilla, a cannon that fired, and band members sawing wood on the stage. At the finale of "The Journey" suite the band was joined on stage by the brass section of the Royal Philharmonic and the ladies of the Ealing Central Amateur Choir, and at the very end a huge pink smoke bomb was let off.
An additional complete performance of "The Man/The Journey" occurred at the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam on 17 September and was taped and later broadcast by Dutch radio station Hilversum 3. Portions of the suites were being performed as late as early 1970.

Azimuth co-ordinator (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

The Azimuth coordinator was the first quadraphonic sound system. Pink Floyd became the first band to use it in their early shows.
The Azimuth coordinator was a multi-speaker pan pot system. It used four large rheostats housed in a large box, converted from 270 degrees rotation to 90 degrees. The system was operated by a joystick, which allowed the sound to be panned around the hall. The Azimuth coordinator was operated by keyboardist Rick Wright. The original one was stolen after the first concert in Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, England. A second system was built for the concert at the Royal Festival Hall in London on April 14, 1969. The second one had two pan pots and four channels.

Info: This is the ninth Harvested release.




Disc 1
01 - Daybreak (Part 1) 6:16
02 - Work 8:39
03 - Afternoon 5:25
04 - Doing It 5:18
05 - Sleeping 10:55
06 - Daybreak (Part 2) 2:25

Disc 2
01 - The Beginning 4:35
02 - Beset By The Creatures Of The Deep 8:25
03 - The Narrow Way 4:46
04 - The Pink Jungle 4:18
05 - The Labyrinths Of Auximenies 8:30
06 - Behold the Temple Of Light 6:42
07 - The End Of The Beginning 5:49
08 - Interstellar Overdrive 11:15

Torrent History:
Originally seeded to Mind-Warp PaVilion by schnittstelle on October 15, 2007.
WackoBros&Sista thank the Harvested boys for their releases.

(182/1) Pink Floyd, 1969-05-09, University Of Southampton, Southampton, England

Audio/Flac, /, ()


MAY 9TH 1969

Source: Audience
Generation: Master > Reel > DAT(4) > CDR(5) > EAC 0.94 > WAV > SHN
Sound Quality: VG+

Disc (52:10m)

very nice upgrade over the common roio 'Beset By Creatures of the Deep'. It sounds real nice and bright.

g_b_c, july 2004

(290/1) Pink Floyd, 1969-06-22, Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England

Audio/SHN, /, ()


69-06-22 Manchester
From The Master Tape

June 22 - Free Trade Hall, Manchester, Lancashire

Recording Includes:
Doing It
Daybreak Pt. 2
The Beginning
Beset By The Creatures Of The Deep
Narrow Way Pt. 3
Labyrinths Of Auximenes
Behold The Temple Of Light
End Of The Beginning
Set the Controls

Source: Audience
CD Reference: Manchester 22.6.69, Man Chester, The Man and the Journey (ayanami)
LP Reference:
Quality: Very Good



EAC'd by sydb

seeded on PinkRoioShn

(300/1) Pink Floyd, 1969-06-26, Royal Albert Hall, London, England

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Pink Floyd
June 26, 1969
Royal Albert Hall, London
'The Man and the Journey' tour

master > 1st gen > DAT > CD-R > flac (files made with xACT 1.4b28)
flac files made by jimshoes

disc one
01. Afternoon (5:43) (Biding my Time)
02. Doing It (4:10)
03. Sleeping (5:27)
04. Nightmare (9:15) (Cymbaline)
05. Daybreak (1:04) this is just a clock sound effect!
06. The Beginning (4:39) (Green is the Colour)
07. Beset by Creatures of the Deep (5:56) (Careful With that Axe Eugene)
08. The Narrow Way (5:08)
09. The Pink Jungle (5:24) (Pow R Toc H)
10. The Labyrinths of Auximines (9:01)
11. Behold the Temple of Light (3:20)
12. The End of the Beginning (9:24) with orchestra and choir! (Celestial Voices)

disc two
01. Set The Controls for the Heart of the Sun (11:04)

Daybreak and Work were not recorded. This is the longest and lowest generation tape of this show known. No processing, filtering, or noise reduction was done to this, as you can probably tell. This recording might be a little fast (it sounds it to me, but I'm just guessing), and there is a nasty hiss in the 8k range that many circulating copies of this show have filtered out. Despite the hiss, this has clearer sound than other copies of this show.

Please don't "remaster" this and "improve" it. Please. I beg you.
Just listen, share and enjoy. Don't pee all over it with your 'mad mastering skillz.'
The Pink Floyd trading pool is polluted enough already.

(400/1) Pink Floyd, 1969-08-08, Plumpton Festival, Plumpton, England

Audio/SHN, /, ()


Pink Floyd

9th National Jazz & Blues Festival
Plumpton Racecourse
Plumpton, Sussex, England
AUD (rec1 cass[m]) (SQ: VG+)

Technical: Lineage: Shure SM57 > Philips Recorder >BASF C90 Cassettes(Master) > DAT(2) > CDR(1) - Recorder #1
Source: AUD > rec1 > cass[m] > ...

01. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 10:46
02. Cymbaline 9:34
03. The Journey 9:07
04. The Narrow Way (Pt. 3) 5:42
time: 35:09

Comments (as they came): Sound quality is superior to all of the versions that I have listened to so far. Several versions of this set are circulating, most probably from the same source and cut to fit tapes. The longest version is presumably of the entire show, some 65 minutes in all.

Not a lot of hiss and good separation. The audience is noticeably quiet, presumably because many of them are asleep or bombed out by this late hour.

Fantastic performance (one of my favorite). Ratings came as VG+ but I'd give it a EX or at least EX-, too bad it's incomplete.

For trade only, do not sell.
Do not encode as MP3 or any other lossy format and redistribute.

- fatoldpig


I DL'd this from beerlover in one of the Hubs on 2008-02-06. No art...files were renamed a la' etree.org, original verification mechanism(s) saved, then copied and edited to reflect file-name change.
ref: http://www.pf-db.com/index.php?concert_id=400&bootleg_id=3309


(450/1) Pink Floyd, 1969-09-17, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Amsterdam, Concertgebouw, Pays Bas

01 Introduction
02 Daybreak
03 Work
04 Teatime
05 Afternoon
06 Doing It
07 Sleep
08 Nightmare
09 Daybreak (Part II)
10 The Beginning
11 Beset By The Creatures Of The Deep
12 The Narrow Way
13 The Pink Jungle
14 The Labyrinths Of Auximenes
15 Behold The Temple Of Light
16 The End Of The Beginning

(455/1) Pink Floyd, 1969-10-25, Festival D Amougies, Amougies, Belgium

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Pink Floyd - Interstellar Zappadrive
Actuel Music Festival, Amougies, Belgium, October 25, 1969

Label: HRV CDR031

Audio Source: CD 1 Audience (Speed corrected) / CD 2 Soundboard

Sound Quality: A-

Lineage: Original Harvested SHN-files --> FLAC level 8 --> MWP
(see protocol file for conversion details)

Artwork: Included

Gallery links:

Number of Discs: 2
Total running time: (77:43 / 25:14)


Taken from http://members.cox.net/scottstrades/69-Oct-25_hrv.txt

From Harvested Weeds (www.harvested.org): Introducing Interstellar Zappadrive!! HRV-CDR-031. The complete Pink Floyd performance from October 25, 1969 at the Actuel Music Festival.

These (above tracks) are all from the new audience source recently uncovered. They have been speed corrected and carefully mastered by the Harvested staff. These 8 tracks all fit nicely on a single 80 minute disc.

However, the shn disc now being seeded has 3 bonus tracks. These are the soundboard tracks from this show that were broadcast on the radio. After some digging, we found the best source and put in our own handiwork.

The following comments were ripped from The Pink Floyd Database at http://pf-db.com/index.php?concert_id=905&bootleg_id=3467
Also speedcorrected and pitch corrected version of the original seed of the audience recording, slightly at diff speed than "Let's Be Frank..." though. The shn disc comes with bonus material from the supposed radio broadcast (soundboard source), but is not mentioned as a D2 on the artwork. -Furry_Animal


Notes that came with the ORIGINAL recording (from which all others have come from):

source: audience recording

Our Amougies series continues with probably the most anticipated performance of all - Pink Floyd's. Of course, the version of "Interstellar Overdrive" with Frank Zappa, long presumed lost, will now be familiar to most, but I'm sure this complete set will be of high interest to Floyd fans. As previously stated, the taper (JJB) didn't record everything, but when he did, he generally recorded complete sets. There are exceptions though, and Freedom is one of them - presumably after a few minutes the taper thought the band wasn't worth taping? Still, better than nothing!
Also, there are obvious issues with the sound quality. Firstly, the tape recorder used was way below modern standards and the sound is nowhere near "professional" quality. Secondly, in order to save on batteries, the taper occasionally turned the recorder off between songs, resulting in a few truncated introductions. These reservations aside, however, this is simply an unbelievable document of a legendary festival, and so our hearfelt thanks to the taper for recording this at the time, and for allowing me to seed it here.

Disc 1 - 80.33 *
1 Astronomy Domine 10.53
2 Green Is The Colour 3.37
3 Careful With That Axe 10.08
4 Tuning w/ Frank Zappa 2.48
5 Interstellar Overdrive 21.03
6 Set The Controls 13.28
7 Saucerful Of Secrets 18.36

* (my comment): You can compare the disc and track
times to get an idea of how much HRV slowed the

Taken from http://wherethevibeis.blogspot.com/2007/10/trolling-underground-interstellar.html

Thirty eight years ago, Paris was slated tohave its first rock festival, the Festival "Actuel".

The festival did occur, but due to bureaucratic nonsense it ended up in Belgium. It must have been one hell of a scene, though.
If you look at the list of bands below (click to embiggen) there are some amazing possibilities. I recognize the name Aynsley Dunbar from his work with Zappa and Jefferson Starship, and likewise recognize Keith Tippet from his brief stint with King Crimson in the 70s, but don't know if either of these bands was ever recorded. Better known bands included Yes, the Nice, and the Pretty Things. Zappa was there first as Capt. Beefheart's road manager, and soon stepped up to being the MC for the festival. This presented certain problems, however, since the audience spoke little English and Zappa's command of French was tenuous at best. He abdicated those duties and ended up playing as a guest with many of the bands instead. One of them was Pink Floyd.


...this delicious 20 minute jam from October 25 1969. On that night Zappa joined Pink Floyd onstage to improvise through an uncustomarily long and experimental version of the already long and experimental Syd Barrett classic Interstellar Overdrive.

When I found this, I actually found two different versions of it. One was called Interstellar Zappadrive and the other was Let's Be Frank. Being as it doesn't cost anything, I downloaded them both and gave them both a listen. Not only was IZ the better sounding audience recording, it also came with a few alternate soundboard cuts. What I have here, though, is from the audience - no board of the Zappa stuff. It sounds pretty damn good, though, and has become a favored listen here Under the Bridge. Those of us familiar with Gilmour and Zappa's styles will be able to pick them apart, and it's amazing how easily Zappa fits in with and influences what's going on with the song.

Info: Thirtyfirst in a series of Harvested uploads...




Disc 1
01 Astronomy Domine 9:51
02 Green Is The Colour 4:10
03 Careful With That Axe Eugene 9:44
04 Tuning Up With Zappa 2:29
05 Interstellar Overdrive 20:33
06 Tuning Up 0:51
07 Set The Controls 12:07
08 A Saucerful Of Secrets 17:58

Disc 2
01 Green Is The Colour (SBD) 4:14
02 Careful With That Axe Eugene (SBD) 9:44
03 Set The Controls (SBD) 11:16

Torrent History: Originally seeded to Mind-Warp PaVilion by xuncat on December 29, 2007.

WackoBros&Sista thank the Harvested boys for their releases :D

(500/1) Pink Floyd, 1970-01-23, Théâtre Des Champs-elysees, Paris, France

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Pink Floyd
The man : In memoriam Michel Lancelot, Rick Wright.
Théatre des Champs-Elysées
Paris, France.
From original Europe 1 live broadcast (AM bandwidth).
(Campus by Michel Lancelot, from 8:00 o'clock till 10:30 o'clock).
3 cuts :
- First : during "Sleeping", perhaps 20 seconds lost to flip the tape over.
- Second : at the end of "Cymbaline", the news (about 2 or 4 mn at 9:00 or 10:00 o'clock).
- The final cut :) at the end of the first part of the show, during the intermission, before the David Gilmour's interview.
No memories of what happens next. Surely, the end of Campus (10:30).
Sound Quality : G
(1970) Philips > Geloso mono tape recorder G257 >
(2008) Sony stereo tape recorder TC-377 > Archos AV320
Lineage: ANA(M) > WAV(PCM 44.1Khz 16 bits) > Flac(Level 8)
Audacity v 1.3.5 (unicode) Beta (notch 4800 Hz frequency, split)
Trader's Little Helper v 2.4.1 (Build 160) (flac, md5)
LineUp :

Richard Wright
David Gilmour
Nick Mason
Roger Waters
Track List :

1. Daybreak 7:26
2. Work 4:48
3. Tea Time 3:14
4. Afternoon 6:12
5. Doing It 3:22
6. Sleeping 9:11
7. Nightmare 9:47
8. Celestial Voices 16:19
Total Time : 60:26 mn

(500/2) Pink Floyd, 1970-01-23, Théâtre Des Champs-elysees, Paris, France

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Artist: Pink Floyd
Date: 23rd Of January, 1970
Venue: Theater Comedie des Champs-Elysees, Paris, France
Bootleg Title: "The Violent Journey To Paris"
Company: Fat Old Sun Records
Serial: FOS-CDR-003
Artwork: Moonwall

Disc 1:
1. Daybreak* [7:22]
2. Work* [4:43]
3. Tea Time* [2:28]
4. Afternoon [6:01]
5. Doing It [3:20]
6. Sleeping [6:42]
7. Celestial Voices* [3:08]
8. Green Is The Color [3:07]
9. Careful With That Axe, Eugene [6:37]
10. The Violent Sequence [4:54]

Disc 2:
1. The Amazing Pudding [19:42]
2. Main Theme (from "More") [6:51]
3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun* [12:39]

* - tracks come from source 2.

Total running time: 1hr 27min 27sec.

source 1 - FM source from Sean Z > FM > cas(?) > cdr
source 2 - Reels > mic in front of R2R speakers > cass[?] > CDR(?) > FLAC
then i've done - decode both to wav vial flacfronted > wav > cool edit pro 2.0 > wav > flac level 8.

background info:

How would i describe the floyd era of January and Febuary of 1970? My description would be one comprising of
confusion, continuity, experimentation, originality but, most of all, creative. The band had finished a not so busy tour
of the UK and Europe with "The Man and The Journey", and it seemed they wanted to continue with those songs whilst
performing some new creations written over the christmas period of late 1969 and very early 1970.

This is the last audio document of the band playing "The Man and The Journey" sets, but its hard to say if the whole
two sets were played due to all the different sources being incomplete, yet. Celestial Voices has just surfaced which was
usually at the end of the second set. It seems to segue straight into "Green Is The Color", so i'm not actually sure
if they closed set 1 with "Celestial Voices" or they did in fact play the whole "The Man and The Journey" suite. That is
why i put "Celestial Voices" at the end of the first set.

The floyd augmented the "The Man and The Journey" suite with some very new material. "Main Theme" was composed for the
film "More" in 1969 but was only ever played once before being only five days prior (as far as we know). There are only
three documented performances of the "Main Theme" being the 18th and 23rd of Jan, and the 11th of Feb making this a
rarity just for that. And making only its second appearance was "The Amazing Pudding" (aka Atom Heart Mother) which
was still untitled even as far as the 28th of Febuary when Roger introduced it as being "as yet untitled".

recording info:

This is the most complete version of this date at present. All versions don't surpass an hour, yet this is an hour and
twenty-seven minutes long. I came across a really nice version of the already mass circulated "source one" with a
completely different transfer. It sounded a little clearer than the recently released roio "Mothered Man (LPP)" which
i used as much as possible. "Source two", which only surfaced just recently, had some audio that was missing from source
one including about twenty seconds more of the intro for Daybreak. It also brought to light "Celestial Voices" and "Set
The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun" which until recently had not been heard at all from this date.

Source two was riddled with a "whistling" sound throughout most of the songs which really annoyed me so i only used the
source when needed to fill gaps or present the newly surfaced songs. The "whistling" is documented in the .txt file of
source two.

Going back to the addition and positioning of "Celestial Voices", on source two, it seems "Celestial Voices" goes straight
into "Green Is The Color" which confused me somewhat. Maybe the band were doing different things with the "Man and The
Journey" set list because "The Violent Sequence" directly follows "Careful With That Axe, Eugene", which it never used
to do. So thats why i took the chance that the band actually played "Celestial Voices" at the end of "The Man".

I don't think anyone really knows what exactly was the set list for the night so what i've done is i've presented "The Man
and The Journey" upfront and followed it by the other songs which have nothing to do with the suite. But as i said, i
don't think anyone really knows the setlist and i'm definitely not implying that this was HOW it was played that night.
I'm trying to make sense out of all the material i had.

One more thing, both sources were speed corrected. I didn't spend hours correcting them but both sources were occasionally
running so fast that they were two semi-tones too high. I brought them both back down to a much normal speed. During
"Afternoon" (Biding My Time) and "Green Is The Color" i actually fade from one source to the other, and they sound exactly
the same pitch wise so they ended up being as close as you get to the same speed.


The recording is still a digusting roio to listen to and only hardcore roio-er's will be able to listen to it the whole
way through without an earache lol, but this is a much better sounding roio than anything i've heard from this date, but
in saying that, its not a massive upgrade by any means but it is definitely THE longest version. The rarity factor of this
roio is very high due to the rare performances of some of the songs, if you don't have anything from this date YOU NEED
THIS! lol.

Fat Old Sun Records would like to thank Moonwall for the fantastic artwork provided for this. I love her work so i never
give her any requirements or boundAries to work within (I always say "come up with something".) She never ceases to suprise
me. As you can see, she came up with some awesome pictures of some famous France landmarks, The Eiffle Tower and The Arch
Of Triumph which don't directly correspond with this show besides that the performance was in france yet the pictures
blew me away, so her delightful creativity completes this release.

The original .txt files from the sources used are included.


**----Sell on ebay and die----------------**
**----convert to any lossy format and die-**
**----re-flac and die---------------------**
**----take credit for this work and die---**
**----remaster and die--------------------**

(500/3) Pink Floyd, 1970-01-23, Théâtre Des Champs-elysees, Paris, France

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Pink Floyd
Date: January 23, 1970, June 12, 1971
Location: Hotel de Champs-Elysees a Paris Paris, France, Palais Des Sports Lyon, France
CD Bootleg: Broadcasting From Europa 1
Label: Free Range Pigs (FRP CDR-002)
Quality: EX

CD Bootleg "Broadcasting From Europa 1" > EAC > FLAC level 5


(+) From a First Generation tape, of the April 30, 1995 rebroadcast by the French radio station, Europa 1. The Sound Quality is EX, making it essential for collectors. This snippet is about 22 minutes total length, however the original ORTF Radio, France broadcast was around 60 minutes.

(++) This recording is taken from the Europa 1 Radio France broadcast from sometime in June 1971. This is a two channel recording, unlike the one channel recording or AM broadcasts that have circulated previously.

Set List:

Hotel de Champs-Elysees a Paris Paris, France January 23, 1970 (+)

1. L'introduction en Français
2. The Violent Sequence
3. The Amazing Pudding

Palais Des Sports Lyon, France June 12, 1971 (++)

4. Set The Controls
5. Cymbaline
6. Atom Heart Mother (with Orchestra)

David Gilmour
Rick Wright
Nick Mason
Roger Waters

Recordet live at Hotel de Champs-Elysees a Paris Paris, France, Palais Des Sports Lyon, France
January 23, 1970, June 12, 1971

(500/4) Pink Floyd, 1970-01-23, Théâtre Des Champs-elysees, Paris, France

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Concert de Pink Floyd au Théatre des Champs-Elysées (Paris) le 23 janvier 1970.

Concert historique ! Il contient une rare version publique du theme de More, et une des toutes premières présentations publiques de Atom Heart Mother, encore sous le titre provisoire de "Amazing Pudding". Et puis la version présentée ici de "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun" est aussi une des plus musclées que je connaisse.

Il s'agit là d'une reconstitution de la plus grande partie du concert à partir principalement de 3 sources :

1. Un CD qui a été fait à partir d'une K7 que j'ai faite en enregistrant, il y a quelques années, avec un micro devant le haut-parleur du vieux magnéro de mes parents, la bande originale que je n'ai pas encore retrouvée (Elle doit être dans tout mon fourbi...). Ben oui, ce foutu magnéto à bande n'était même pas équipé d'une sortie pour prise directe de magnéto à magnéto !! Alors forcément, c'est pas toujours top. Et puis il y a des siflements parasites qui s'accompagnent de baisses du son sur certains morceaux mais je me suis efforcé d'utiliser au maximum, quand c'était possible, d'autres sources pour ces passages abîmés. Ils proviennent d'une manip' catastrophique que j'ai dû faire sur la master-tape quelques mois après qu'on me l'ait donnée. Ca se passait vers 1973... Mea culpa ! J'étais jeune à l'époque... Mais je vous jure qu'avant que ce soit abîmé, c'était pas mal du tout ! (sadique, va !)
Je ne connais pas précisément la source originelle, certainement la radio et il semblerait que ce soit Michel Lancelot qui commente le concert (un peu trop parfois !). Je ne sais pas plus les raisons des coupures : j'ai eu la bande telle quelle...
Abrégé en "K7" dans la liste des morceaux ci-dessous)

2. Le roio "The Man In Paris" (qui provient certainement de la même source que ma bande magnétique. Il y a vait des coupes sombres dans certains morceaux, et notamment "Amazing Pudding", inutilisable en l'état, mais d'autres morceaux sont intégraux ou presque (Biding My Time, More Main Theme...). Abrégé en "TMIP" dans la liste des morceaux ci-dessous.

3. Le roio "Broadcast from Europa 1" pour la majeure partie de "Amazing Pudding". Abrégé en "BFE1" dans la liste des morceaux ci-dessous.

Les commentaires de Michel Lancelot ont été gardés pour leur intérêt descriptif.

Les morceaux :

1. Daybreak (Grantchester Meadows) (sources K7 + TMIP)
2. Work (source : K7)
3. Tea Time (avec présentation des musiciens) (Source K7)
4. Biding My Time - Doing It (sources K7 + TMIP)
5. Sleeping (source TMIP)
6. Celestial Voices (Fin)
7. Green Is The Colour (sources K7 = TMIP)
8. Careful with that axe Eugene (source TMIP))
9. The Violent Sequence (sources TMIP + BFE1)
10. More, Main Theme (sources K7 + TMIP + un roio de quelques jours plus tard pour les 80 premières secondes (petite tricherie))
11. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (source K7)
12. Annonce par Gilmour (sources K7 + BFE1)
13. The Amazing Pudding (Atom Heart Mother) (sources K7 + BFE1)

Tous les morceaux sont entiers, sauf Celestial Voices.

Commentaires :

1 Daybreak (GM) : version habituelle à l'époque, introduisant la suite "The Man", dont il semble que ce soit une des dernières présentations publiques, peut-être même la dernière.

2 Work : Très rare version pirate de ce morceau étonnant ! Waters à l'égoïne, Gilmour au marteau, Wright au vibraphone, Mason à... la batterie. Et ça fait... de la musique !! Quel dommage que ce morceau n'ait jamais connu de sortie officielle !

3. Tea Time : Pendant que les quatre musiciens se font servir le thé sur scène, l'animateur radio en profite pour les présenter. On apprend ainsi que Waters a "un visage de Christ" (!), que Wright est féru de Stockhausen, que Gilmour est "le beau gosse du groupe -il y en a toujours un- ", et que Mason est le batteur, merci !

4. Biding My Time - Doing It : une belle version de ce classique du Floyd, avec de belles envolées de Wright au trombone et de Gilmour à la six-cordes. Une belle démo de blues maîtrisé, suivie d'un déchainement de Mason aux percus.

5. Sleeping : version du sommeil qui précédait normalement "Nightmare" (Cymbaline), encore introuvable.

6. Celestial Voices (Fin) : une coda de Saucerful, un peu abimée par les parasites,

7. Green Is The Colour : version habituelle à l'époque.

8. Careful with that axe Eugene : enchainé directement sur la précédente, comme d'habitude alors. Cette version ne restera pas dans les annales, sa fin est expédiée. J'ai dû travailler sur les niveaux d'amplification pour lui donner un peu de pêche...

9. The Violent Sequence : le futur "Us and Them", alors instrumental prévu pour "Zabriskie Point". J'ai superposé deux sources pour donner de la profondeur au son.

10. More, Main Theme : une version live très rare de ce morceau très peu joué sur scène (je n'en connais qu'une autre version, quelques semaines plus tard). Ca déménage bien. Elle est entière, reconstituée à partir des sources citées. Néanmoins, comme il manquait le début, j'ai pris les 80 premières secondes sur la version du 11 février 1970 à Birmingham, petite tricherie.

11. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun : Une version assez speed de ce grand classique du Floyd à cette époque. Les commentaires du présentateur ont été conservés tels quels.

12. Annonce par Gilmour : Gilmour annonce le tout dernier morceau en français.

13. The Amazing Pudding (Atom Heart Mother): sans doute le clou de ce bootleg : une des toutes premières présentations publiques de Atom Heart Mother. La version proposée dans "Broadcast..." a un son correct, mais il lui manque près de 3 minutes au milieu de "Mother Fore", où Gilmour et Wright improvisent des choeurs en voix de tête. Ces trois minutes, je les ai dans ma version K7, et les ai intégrées. Le passage d'une source à l'autre se perçoit nettement, mais l'ensemble reste audible. J'ai superposé les deux sources sur les trois premiers mouvements pour donner plus de profondeur au son, celui de "Broadcast..." étant trop "propre" et sans grand relief.

(500/5) Pink Floyd, 1970-01-23, Théâtre Des Champs-elysees, Paris, France

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Pink Floyd
Work In Paris

Theater Comedie des Champs-Elysees
(Note: The "Theater des Champs-Elysees" and "Comedie des Champs-Elysees"
are two separate, adjacent venues)
Paris, France
23 January 1970

1. Green Is The Colour (2:54)
2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene (6:40)
3. The Violent Sequence (5:00)
4. Biding My Time (5:43)
5. The Amazing Pudding (20:02)
6. Daybreak (6:21)
7. Work (1:25)
8. Doing It (2:47)
9. Sleep (6:03)
10. Main Theme From 'More' (6:46)
11. Interview (including Work) (5:29)

(1/1) Pink Floyd, 1972-03-12, Sapporo, Japan

Audio/mp3, ?/?, (?)


Pink Floyd
Sapporo, japan

01 - speak to me
02 - breathe
03 - on the run
04 - time
05 - the great gig in the sky
06 - money
07 - us and them
08 - any colour you like
09 - brain damage
10 - eclipse
11 - one of these days
12 - careful with that axe eugene

(2/1) Pink Floyd, 1972-05-21, Open Air Festival, Germersheim, Germany

Audio/flac, ?/?, (?)



Label: The Bubble Company
Cat. N: KA 01/02

CD 1:

Side 1:

1) Atom Heart Mother (17:08)
2) Set The Control For The Heart Of The Sun (11:37)

Side 2:

3) One Of These Days (08:32)
4) Be Careful With That Axe Eugene (09:57)

CD 2:

Side 3:

5) Echoes (23:04)

Side 4:

6) A Saucerful Of Secrets (12:58)

1972 05 21 Germersheim, GER (Open Air Festival)
Insel Grun, Germersheim

1000 copies, mine is n. 602.

Digital copy of original vinyl. Comic paper inside the cover.

(3/1) Pink Floyd, 1972-09-22, Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA, US

Audio/flac, ?/?, (?)


Pink Floyd
Bowl de Luna (Rev. A)

Live @ Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood

Superb Quality

CD 1
01 - Breathe
02 - The Travel Sequence
03 - Time
04 - Home Again
05 - The Great Gig in the Sky
06 - Money
07 - Us and Them
08 - Any Colour You Like
09 - Brain Damage
10 - Eclipse

CD 2
01 - One of These Days
02 - Careful with that Axe Eugene
03 - Echoes
04 - A Saucerful of Secrets
05 - Set the Controls


by waking_eyes



Concert enregistré le 22 septembre 1972 à l'Hollywood Bowl en Californie.
Le son est excellent, l'interprétation superbe... pour changer, voici encore un indispensable !

Label : Harvested HRV CDR 012 (Rev. A)

(415/1) Pink Floyd, 1972-11-12, Ernst Merck Halle, Hamburg, Germany

Audio/, /, ()


Pink Floyd - 1972-11-12 Ernst Merck Halle, Hamburg, Germany
Quality: Vg+/Ex-
Lineage: Master>dat>cd-r(2)>EAC (secure with C2)>CDWave>CEP 2.1>WAV>TLH (with Align)>FLAC(7)
Taped by: ??
Transfered by: mesquite


Set List:

Disc 1:
01. Speak To Me 0:47
02. Breathe 2:50
03. On The Run 6:11
04. Time 5:58
05. Breathe (reprise) 1:05
06. The Great Gig In The Sky 4:35
07. Money 6:20
08. Us And Them 7:41
09. Any Colour You Like 6:02
10. Brain Damage 3:46 (cut at the end, tape flip)
11. Eclipse 0:58 (cut at the beginning, tape flip)

Disc 2:
01. One Of These Days 8:13
02. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 13:03
03. Echoes 23:53
04. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 12:03

Total: 103:33

Notes: Many many thanks to the taper and Mesquite for sharing this gem from his fantastic collection. Recording seems a little boomy, turn down the bass & turn up the treble during playback. Can never get bored of CWTAE (a psychedelic masterpiece) and Echoes. Nice jam during OTR & ACYL.

This cd came to me with 11 tracks with some repeats between cds. I used cdwave & Cool Edit pro (CEP) to split tracks and remove any repeats. No other processing was done.

Seeded by: fatoldpig

Trade/share freely, do not sell.
Do not encode as MP3 or any other lossy format and redistribute.
Do not remaster with evil Noise Reduction (NR) or alter the text if you want to share.
Include the original text/lineage if you remaster.

(425/1) Pink Floyd, 1972-11-15, Sporthalle, Boblingen, Germany

Audio/, /, ()


Pink Floyd
Boblingen, West Germany

disc 01
01 Speak To Me/Breathe - added Speak to Me from 1st Gen
02 On the Run - fixed gap at 0:40 and drop out at 0:54 with 1st Gen material
03 Time/Breathe (Reprise)
04 Great Gig in the Sky
05 Money
06 Us and Them
07 Any Colour You Like - fixed drop out at 5:02
08 Brain Damage/Eclipse - fixed gap at beginning of song

disc 02
01 Careful With That Axe, Eugene
02 Echoes (Looking Through the Knotholes in Granny's Wooden Leg) -
added intro and ending and fixed gap at 21:30 from 1st Gen material
03 One of These Days
04 Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun - combined two tracks into one





**Comments by Feather at Dimeadozen.org June 2005:

Great Gig in Boblingen REV A.K
Sporthalle Boblingen West Germany

The main source for this revision is The Great Gig in Boblingen Ganja 011/2 ROIO minus the filler from the Rainbow Theatre.
Additional material was used from the untitled 1st Gen ROIO of this date to fill in missing intros, gaps and drop outs.
In my opinion Great Gig is better sounding than the other ROIOs available for this date but had some bad edits, bad indexing
and other minor problems.
I did clip restoration to the whole ROIO and balanced the channels a little better.
Also did various declicking and what not. All modifications were done using Cool Edit Pro.

As always please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or complaints.
kingjollytrouser 04-13-2004

oh yeah... don't encode to crappy loss-riden formats blah-blah-blah.


This is one of my favorite bootlegs to listen to. It is both haunting and fascinating.
This show of "Darkside of the Moon" predated the albums release by several months and has a few differences.
For instance, "The Great Gig In The Sky" is played as an instrumental without the vocalist musings on the album version.
So crack open a beer (or whatever), fire up your lava lamp and turn out the lights as you slip on the earphones.
This is a great thing for any Floyd fan both casual or diehard...

I have take this torrent "as-is" with the original SHN.

(475/1) Pink Floyd, 1972-11-29, Palais Des Expositions, Poitiers, France

Audio/, /, ()



any colour you like
palais des expositions, poitiers

01-speak to me-breath.
02-on the run.
04-breath (reprise).
05-the great gig in the sky.
07-us and them.
08-any colour you like.
09-brain damage.
12-one of these days.

(475/2) Pink Floyd, 1972-11-29, Palais Des Expositions, Poitiers, France

Audio/, /, ()


Palais des Expositions, Poitiers, France
"The Devils Inside" - FA019

Lineage: Cass[M or 1] > CDR > WAV > SHN > WAV > remastering > FLAC
(sector boundaries aligned, level 8)
Software: mkwACT 0.97 beta 1 - Adobe Audition 1.5 - CDwave 1.71 -
Flac Frontend 1.1.0 - Trader's Little Helper 0.9.356 (for ffp and md5)
Source: analog audience recording, equipment unknown
SQ rating: EX-

Disc 1: [47:22]
01. Speak To Me [2:10]
02. Breathe [2:52]
03. The Travel Sequence [6:31]
04. Time [5:10]
05. Breathe (reprise) [1:03]
06. The Great Gig In The Sky [4:19]
07. Money [5:49]
08. Us & Them [7:25]
09. Any Colour You Like [6:38]
10. Brain Damage [3:41]
11. Eclipse [1:38]

Disc 2: [46:30]
01. Tuning Up [2:31]
02. One of These Days [8:24]
03. Careful with That Axe, Eugene [12:34]
04. Echoes [23:00]

Total Time: [93:52]

First of all I have to thank The Greedy for giving me the source for this remaster and making nice artwork for this release. The source he gave me was a slight upgrade to the previous 3rd generation
version that I had before.

This show is one of the few French concerts from winter 1972, in terms of length probably the shortest concerts ever for Pink Floyd (if we don't consider short festival appearances). At that point in this European Winter Tour, Pink Floyd was near the end of a marathon touring year with 85 gigs played to date: two UK tours, two US tours, two European tours and even a series of concerts in Japan. Though this was the 79th and a half time they played the Dark Side of The Moon suite (including the aborted premiere in Brighton on January 20th) and though most of the album was already recorded, Dark Side was still undergoing some changes. Remember the album was not yet released, testify the friend of the taper asking during the set to the taper what the names of the songs were. "They're all unreleased!"

Typical of the 1972 performances, On The Run is still a nice guitar jam. What was previously entitled "The Mortality Sequence" began to sound allmost like the definitive Great Gig In The Sky. That fantastic piano composition of mr. Wright was still lacking the now famous vocals and included a more heavy sounding chorus portion.
Since the band wasn't touring with backing vocalists or saxophonist Dick Parry, as for Great Gig in The Sky, Money and Us & Them sound rougher than the definitive versions. David Gilmour and Richard Wright deliver fantastic work to fill in the vocal and sax parts with their respective instruments. Particularly Wright seems to have fun playing with a wah-wah pedal effect on his organ for the Money solo.

The second set is not less typical for this tour, though it consists of older songs, familiar to the audience which sounds a little more receptive. First comes One of These Days, then Careful with That Axe, Eugene, one of the 5 or 6 known versions with Roger's Pictish rant, making the tune even more scary and mysterious before the culminating point of the climax. I surely would have shivered if I was there. As usually, the audience keeps asking for Echoes, Pink Floyd's masterpiece at that time. And that's just what they get! Nothing less than a 22 minutes long encore.

Performance-wise, it shows the band was a little tired. Here and there you'll spot some errors, especially during Echoes. Once Nick changes pattern a few bars too early, another time it's Dave who sounds a bit lost in his solo. Dark Side also sounds a bit too mechanical at times. Still we can't call this a weak show, but just not one of the most memorable.

Though the audience behaves most of the time, they are a little bit more noisy than usual. Nothing compared to the typical American crowd, but all that whistling between songs becomes a little annoying towards the end. Another source of noise are the taper and his friends. Not enough of the many interferences dued to the equipment, you'll easily notice they are drinking wine from the bottle throughout the show. One of the guys in particulary is very jovial "Il y a encore du rouge?" (Is there some red wine left?) ; "Assis bande de cons!" (Sit down bunch of morons) etc.

Overall, we would rate this show a 7/10 for the performance and again 7/10 for the sound (mind that the source was barely 5/10!). Not a essential, but very enjoyable!

Everything has been done with Adobe Audition 1.5.

The whole show has been speed-corrected, it ran too fast, off by about 105%. I used both the cash register sound effect from Money and the clocks from Time taken from the official release of Dark Side of
The Moon as reference point. Indeed, it's just the same backing tape they used live :-)

About a hundred little crackling sounds of less than 0.1s have been carefully removed throughout the whole show, either on both channels or just one. I spent about 12hours (for a 95min recording!) removing them one by one, but of course I might have overlooked a few even after a 5th listen. Some were not to be completely removed but I have at least reduced them a lot.

Some drops in the right channel have been corrected by mirroring the left channel instead. Since the right channel seemed to be a tad weaker than the left one, I mirrored the left channel at 90% volume.

There was a huge drop+crackle in the intro of Money, I deleted that bar and merged the previous and the next one nicely.

A big "firecracker" sound occured in the intro of U&T, exactly the same type of sound as on the roio "cracked crackers". I managed to reduce this noise to a minimum, what is left is a light crackle.

It seems the tape is a little bit damaged during the first verse of U&T, causing some mini-warbles and speed fluctuation - nothing to do about that.

A few channel micro-drops but especially a long 7s drop of the right channel during Any Colour You Like have also been corrected by mirroring the left channel. This one correction, because of it's length, might be more audible than others, because the panning clearly changes.

There was also a cut with loss of music during ACYL (I guess from tape flipping). I have tried to smoothen this cut with a progressive fade out and in.

Again in the intro of Brain Dramage the tape source dropped causing a loss of 2 bars. I managed to merge the last bar before the drop with the first bar after the drop, and I hope quite smoothly. What you'll hear is Brain Damage with a very short intro that is missing a few bars and therefore the lyrics are beginning early.

The taper stopped recording during intermissions, that's why I had a 'natural' gap between the Dark Side suite and OOTD. Since we don't lose anything in the continuity I decided to put OOTD on the second
disc while it is actually part of the first set, so the discs timing are more or less equal.

There is no audible gap between Careful and Echoes, but clearly part of the intermission was cut (on the master). I did nothing to correct the merge between those songs, I found that cut not too annoying and hardly noticeable. That's the point I chose for track split.
However, part of the audience noise and Roger's announcement of Echoes were repeated. This is because on my source CD transfer Echoes was put as only track on disc 2 and it began with the end of disc 1.
Of course I deleted this repeated segment and merged it nicely to the previous portion.

There was constant hiss present, prominently on the left channel, causing a very disturbing unbalanced effect. I applied very slight curved hiss reduction with a peak of -5dB around the 16KHz range for
the left channel and -4dB for the right channel, that was a little weaker and less hissy.
No worries, I do hate the usual quickly and unintelligently applied Noise Reduction too. I did not use simple NR but rather a process of reducing the volume of some frequenties. Hence the depth and the
sound quality of the master are preserved. Just listen to Nick's cymbals at the very end of GGITS during the piano outro or during the quieter parts of the Travel Sequence (On The Run jam) and you'll hear
by yourself there's no swooshy cymbal or any other artifact generated by this process.

Finally the last 'remastering' process I applied is making the stereo field a tad wider for a more enjoyable listen with headphones. I did it by mixing the new channels by 100% of the channel + -40% of the opposite channel. This had also as an effect to reduce the overall volume a bit, which was very loud anyway and proach to clipping.

Furry Animal zoulouy@hotmail.com and The Greedy
Released in October 2005

** **
** Respect the trading spirit ; DO NOT SELL **
** Respect the sound quality ; DO NOT TRADE IN LOSSY FORMAT (MP3) **
** Also, DO NOT RE-RELEASE THIS. Use your own source. **
** **

(480/1) Pink Floyd, 1972-12-01, Palais Des Sports, Saint Ouen, France

Audio/, /, ()


Pink Floyd

Palais des Sports de L'Ile de la Jatte, Saint Ouen, France
1 December 1972

01 On The Run (incomplete)
02 Time
03 Breathe (Reprise)
04 The Great Gig In The Sky
05 Money
06 Us And Them
07 Any Colour You Like (cuts)
08 Any Colour You Like (in full)
09 Brain Damage
10 Eclipse
11 One Of These Days
12 RTL presenter
13 Careful With That Axe, Eugene
14 BlueS (cuts)
15 Blues (in full)
16 Echoes
17 Childhood's End

Total running time 97m 38s

AM > Cass(1) > DAT(1) > WAV (16-bit/48kHz) > FLAC

This is a 1st gen 48kHz recording of the RTL Radio broadcast from 2 December 1972. Like other sources from this date it does not feature Speak to Me or Breathe.

The correct running time of the concert is about 90 minutes. My DAT has about 8 minutes of duplicated music with 4 in 15 secs repeated during Any Colour You Like and another 3 mins 40 secs minutes during Blues. Somebody might like to edit the extra music out but I decided it was best to avoid the temptation.

I normalized the WAV but no other processing has been applied.

Neon 05/08

(500/1) Pink Floyd, 1972-12-07, Le Palais Des Sports, Lille, France

Audio/Mp3, /, ()


Date : 1972-12-07 Version 1
Palais des sports, Lille

Source: Telefunken tape recorder > Audacity > mp3/128
Taped by: ZEF

Disc 1: Dark Side Of The Moon

Speak to Me/Breathe
On the Run
Breathe (Reprise)
Great Gig in the Sky
Us & Them
Any Colour You Like
Brain Damage

Disc 2:

One of These Days
Careful with that Axe Eugene

(500/2) Pink Floyd, 1972-12-07, Le Palais Des Sports, Lille, France

Audio/Flac, /, ()


No Known Recording
Pink Floyd
Palais des Sports
Lille, France

Audience mono.

Sound Quality : G

(1972) Telefunken mono tape recorder
(2008) Sony stereo tape recorder TC-377

Lineage: ANA(M) > WAV(PCM 48Khz 24bits) > Flac

Recording : ZEF
Joking : Raymond
No Editing : ANDbreton
Artwork included : John SousMarin

The Band :

Rick Wright
David Gilmour
Nick Mason
Roger Waters

Track List :

disc 1

Dark Side Of The Moon

00 audience
01 Speak to Me
02 Breathe
03 On the Run
04 Time/Breathe (Reprise)
05 Great Gig in the Sky
06 Money
07 Us & Them
08 Any Colour You Like
09 Brain Damage
10 Eclipse

Total time : 48:45

disc 2

00 Tune up
01 One of These Days
02 Careful with that Axe Eugene
03 Echoes

Total time : 40:20

Hehe, my dear friend...let us not forget that heaven is blue...tomorrow the world!

(500/3) Pink Floyd, 1972-12-07, Le Palais Des Sports, Lille, France

Audio/Flac, /, ()


"Filling a Gap" (IFWT-CDR-035) (REC.1)
With a huge thanks to ParanoidEyes, IFWT team is glad to seed this missing date


Telefunken tape recorder, external mic (mono) > Audacity (1.2.6) no Filter >
WAV (48Khz/24bits) > remastering / cleaning / restoration (MOB "touch") > FLAC (44.1Khz/16bits)


Disc 1: Dark Side Of The Moon
01. Speak To Me
02. Breathe
03. On The Run
04. Time
05. The Great Gig In The Sky
06. Money
07. Us And Them
08. Any Colour You Like
09. Brain Damage
10. Eclipse

Disc 2:
01. One Of These Days
02. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
03. Echoes

Taped by: ZEF


Remastering notes (from MOB):

The rough recording was already very good, but needed some restoration and cleaning before being spread worldwide. Indeed, due to the age of the mastertape, a lot of crackles, tape warble and level fluctuations were present on the rough digital transfer.
These have been manually cleaned as much as possible. Also, the rough version had a lot of clipping that needed to be corrected. Some frequencies with musical content were buried in the original transfer, therefore a slight EQ was applied in order to bring clarity to the recording. There were some abrupt cuts on the mastertape (two cuts during Breathe, one cut at the beginning of Us And Them and one cut in the middle of OOTD, not to mention numerous "pause" operations by the taper during some tunings and applause between songs).
These have been restored by editing, so that the recording is now presented in a continuous way, with smooth transitions.


Notes by PE:

Almost like David Vincent, it all started with a torrent which had attracted my attention : Gong 1973-06-19, a gig at Roger Salengro's salle - Lille, France, chez les ch'tis.

Contact was made with the seeder (Sous-Marin) who turned out to be the taper of this show.
Sewing up, and after a few blow-jobs I learned that he had recorded the Campus radio show AM original broadcast (1970) : Pink Floyd 1970-01-23 at the Théâtre des Champs Elysées.
I therefore encouraged him to torrent this recording.
Then, on his website, I saw a date which intrigued me : Pink Floyd 1972-07-12,Lille.
.... Lille? le pays des ch'tis œuf course ! but as far as I knew no recording of this particular gig were reported !...

With this new contact we discussed via emails until I learned that the taper (named ZEF) actually taped this gig and that SousMarin owns a mp3/128Kbits recording of this show.
Then began the quest for the "lossless" source of this recording...
Days passing, a lot of blow-jobs again and weeks later, an email just arrived, ZEF replied to Sous-Marin :

I had a small tape recorder, the later Telefunken (R.I.P blessed tape recorder) connected to an external microphone.
I digitalized the tape with Audacity (version 1.2.6) using default settings.
Audacity detected my recording as being in mono. I did not correct the file or apply any filters. This was a "rough" transfer direct from tape to HD.

Bingo! we finally got it


Dedicated to all the good people in Yeeshkul, IFWT & PRS hubs.
I really want to thanks all the guys behind this release :

MOB - for the mastering of this show, Breathe - for his general help, and the use of IFWT label for this release.
Alex - for helping in translations,
Sous-Marin (aka AndPh.) - for grabbing the source
Raymond Dzarek (aka PhD.) - for discovering 2 years back that a recording exist!

...and the last, but not the least, the taper ZEF (aka AndP.)!


Now, time to seed IFWT-CDR-035
Thanks all

BruNo. (aka PE)

(510/1) Pink Floyd, 1972-12-09, Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland

Audio/, /, ()


Pink Floyd
December 09, 1972
Hallenstadion - Zurich, Switzerland

Source: AUD > Low gen clone of master tape > CD-R > WAV > SHN

Sound quality - A-/A

Taken from the 'In a Neutral Land, Revision 1' bootleg. Man of Leisure Music (MoLM)
Remastered by Danalog

Disc 1:

Dark Side Of The Moon ...48:24

Disc 2:

01) One of These Days ...08:48
02) Careful With That Axe, Eugene ...13:17
03) Echoes ...23:59
04) Childhood's End ...11:19


This is speed-corrected and de-hissed, with some boosting having been done to the upper sound range. This is a complete concert, and includes 'Childhood's End', which is missing from other versions of this great concert.

(510/2) Pink Floyd, 1972-12-09, Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland

Audio/, /, ()


Pink Floyd

a01 Speak To Me
a02 Breathe
a03 On The Run
a04 Time
a05 Breathe (reprise)
a06 The Great Gig In The Sky
a07 Money
a08 Us And Them
a09 Any Colour You Like
a10 Brain Damage
a11 Eclipse
b01 One Of These Days
b02 Careful With That Axe, Eugene
e01 Echoes
e02 Childhood's End

(515/1) Pink Floyd, 1972-12-10, Palais Des Sports, Lyon, France

Audio/, /, ()


Pink Floyd - 1972-12-10 Palais des Sports, Lyon, France
Quality: VG+
Lineage: 1st gen>dat>cd-r(2)>EAC (secure with C2)>CDWave>CEP 2.1>WAV>TLH (with Align)>FLAC(7)
Taped by: ??
Transfered by: mesquite


Set List:

Disc 1:
01. Speak To Me 2:36
02. Breathe 2:48
03. On The Run 6:04
04. Time 5:14
05. Breathe (reprise) 1:05
06. The Great Gig In The Sky 4:30
07. Money 6:15
08. Us And Them 7:28
09. Any Colour You Like 9:25
10. Brain Damage 3:59
11. Eclipse 1:40

Disc 2:
01. Tuneup 3:17
02. One Of These Days 7:55
03. Tuneup 2:21
04. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 12:53
05. Tuneup 2:22
06. Echoes 23:36

Total: 103:37

Notes: Many many thanks to the taper (whereever you're) and Mesquite for sharing this gem from his fantastic collection. 1972 is one of my favorite year and this show has pic rant on CwtAE (what a treat)! This cd came to me with 4 tracks with some repeats between cds. I used cdwave & Cool Edit pro (CEP) to split tracks and remove any repeats. No other processing was done.

Seeded by: fatoldpig

Trade/share freely, do not sell.
Do not encode as MP3 or any other lossy format and redistribute.
Do not remaster with evil Noise Reduction (NR) or alter the text if you want to share.

(4/1) Pink Floyd, 1973-10-12, Olympia Halle, München, Germany

Audio/, /, ()


PINK FLOYD: Olympiahalle, Munich-October 12, 1973-Master Tape

Master tape>dat>cd-r>Bias Peak Pro 5.2.1>XACT>flac

Gilmour/Waters/Wright/Mason/w. Dick Parry on sax

Here is a wonderful 1973 Floyd show from the master tape, recorded by the same lad who did the recently posted Emerson, Lake & Palmer 1973 Munich show. The sound quality is EX- and song samples are provided. This one is for those who live "by thy rivers gently flowing, o'er thy prairies verdant growing," in the noble Land of Lincoln.

Disc One: (67:42)
1.Obscured By Clouds/When You're In
2.Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
3.Careful With That Axe Eugene
Disc Two: (69:49)
Dark Side Of The Moon:
5.Speak To Me/Breathe/On The Run
6.Time/Breathe (reprise)/The Great Gig In The Sky
8.Us And Them/Any Color You Like/Brain Damage
10.One of These Days

(1/1) Pink Floyd, 1977-02-27, Olympia Halle, München, Germany

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Pink Floyd - 1977-02-27 Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany
Sound Quality: Ex (if you can ignore the right channel problem)
Lineage: Master>dat>cd-r(2)>EAC (secure with C2)>CDWave>CEP 2.1>WAV>TLH (with Align)>FLAC(7)
Taped by: ??
Transferred by: mesquite


Set List:

Disc 1:
01. Sheep 12:13 (cut at 3:53)
02. Pigs On The Wing (part 1) 1:56
03. Dogs 18:44 (cut at 18:00)
04. Pigs On The Wing (part 2) 2:28
05. Pigs (Three Different Ones) 18:01 (Roger sings 17 at 12:25)

Disc 2:
01. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (part 1-5) 14:23 (cut at 5:43)
02. Welcome To The Machine 8:18
03. Have A Cigar 6:09
04. Wish You Were Here 6:34 (cut at 6:04)
05. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (part 6-9) 17:53 (cut at 6:44 & 17:50)
06. Money 10:32

Total: 117:17

Notes: Many many thanks to the taper (wherever you're) and Mesquite for sharing this gem from his fantastic collection. Right channel goes in and out and sometimes it's completely dead, there are some cuts here & there, otherwise SQ is quite excellent. This cd came to me with 6 tracks with some repeats between cds. I used cdwave & Cool Edit pro (CEP) to split tracks and remove any repeats. No other processing was done.

The frequency spectrum in the other 2 versions I have (Band Is Just Fantastic & Munich 27.2.1977) seem suspicious, hardly any frequency left beyond 11KHz).

Seeded by: fatoldpig

Trade/share freely, do not sell.
Do not encode as MP3 or any other lossy format and redistribute.
Do not remaster with evil Noise Reduction (NR) or alter the text if you want to share.

(2/1) Pink Floyd, 1977-02-28, Olympia Halle, München, Germany

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Pink Floyd - 1977-02-28 Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany (rec2)
Sound Quality: VG/Ex
Lineage: Master>dat>cd-r(2)>EAC (secure with C2)>CDWave>CEP 2.1>WAV>TLH (with Align)>FLAC(7)
Taped by: ??
Transferred by: mesquite


Set List:

Disc 1:
01. Sheep 11:41
02. Pigs On The Wing (part 1) 2:09
03. Dogs 18:12 (cut at 1:05)
04. Pigs On The Wing (part 2) 2:31
05. Pigs (Three Different Ones) 16:27 (Roger shouts 18 at 11:35) (cut at 9:58)

Disc 2:
01. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (part 1-5) 14:19
02. Welcome To The Machine 7:56
03. Have A Cigar 4:40 (cut at 0:42)
04. Wish You Were Here 6:32
05. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (part 6-9) 17:50
06. Money 9:51

Total: 112:12

Notes: Many many thanks to the taper and Mesquite for sharing this gem from his fantastic collection. This cd came to me with 5 tracks. I used cdwave & Cool Edit pro (CEP) to split tracks and remove any repeats. No other processing was done.

Seeded by: fatoldpig

Trade/share freely, do not sell.
Do not encode as MP3 or any other lossy format and redistribute.
Do not remaster with evil Noise Reduction (NR) or alter the text if you want to share.
Include the original text/lineage if you remaster.

(4/1) Pink Floyd, 2016-10-09, Roger Waters, Coachella Fairgrounds, Indio, CA, US

Audio/Flac, /, ()



AT831 -> BB -> DR-2d -> Soundforge -> FLAC

01. Speak To Me
02. Breathe
03. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
04. One Of These Days
05. Time
06. Breathe (reprise)
07. The Great Gig In The Sky
08. Money
09. Us And Them
10. Fearless
11. -intro-
12. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V) (with Greg Galeazzi)
13. Welcome To The Machine
14. Have A Cigar
15. Wish You Were Here
16. (Battersea Power Station Chimnies)
17. Pigs On The Wing 1
18. Pigs On The Wing 2
19. Dogs
20. Pigs (Three Different Ones)
21. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
22. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2
23. Mother
24. Run Like Hell
25. Brain Damage
26. Eclipse
27. Why Cannot the Good Prevail
28. Vera
29. Bring The Boys Back Home
30. Comfortably Numb

(5/1) Pink Floyd, 2016-10-16, Roger Waters, Coachella Fairgrounds, Indio, CA, US

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Roger Waters
Desert Trip - Weekend 2
Main Stage
Indio, CA

SP-CMC-8 (w/Mods) > SONY PCM-M10 > Sandisk MicroSD Card (16gb - Class 10)

.WAV (24/96) > Adobe Audition CC 2015.2 (normalize/splitting - downsampling to 16/44) > Trader's Little Helper > Flac (Level 8)


01. Intro
02. Speak to Me
03. Breathe
04. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
05. One of These Days
06. Time
07. Breathe (reprise)
08. The Great Gig in the Sky
09. Money
10. Us and Them
11. Fearless
12. (Roger Waters speaks)
13. Shiny On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)
14. Welcome to the Machine
15. Have A Cigar
16. Wish You Were Here
17. (sirens intro/chimneys go up)
18. Dogs
19. Pigs (Three Different Ones)
20. The Happiest Days of Our Lives
21. Another Brick in the Wall Part 2
22. Mother
23. Run Like Hell
24. Brain Damage
25. Eclipse
26. (crowd applause)
27. (Roger Waters speaks)
28. Why Cannot the Good Prevail (a poem by Roger Waters)
29. (Roger Waters speaks)
30. Vera
31. Bring the Boys Back Home
32. Comfortably Numb


Favorite gig of all of Desert Trip? Easily Roger Waters. When you say "Go big or go home", Roger Waters must take seriously...from the amazing visuals, production, and the surround sound, there's no detail left behind in what turns out to be almost 3 epic hours of music and performance.

Once again, just as the previous two other days, I got in early with my crew and we camped out at a rail spot on the GA Standing Room only rail, and though it was hot, and we were tired, thirsty and hungry, we hung in there for Roger and were not disappointed. As luck would have it, our spot was also the same spot that the giant fucking pig decided to come flying by past (multiple times), so that was a treat in and of itself (not sure how all the older richer conservative crowd in the expensive seats ahead of us felt about the whole thing, but it was pretty powerful for us). And then to end the main set with a gigantic laser prism with rainbow lights/laser shooting across the field from the stage...just one word to describe it, WOW. I was literally left speechless after this performance. Definitely was 100x better than when I saw him perform in the same venue back in 2008 at Coachella (while he was on the "Dark Side of the Moon" tour - and there I actually watched a live version of "Dark Side of Oz" while he played). Perfect ending, to a pretty perfect festival. Now crank this up and relive it (or experience it for the first time + more).

I included the "intro" portion of this, and there is a small amount of talking between me and some neighbors while we were waiting for Roger and the band to come out. Don't like it? Skip over it...

Check out my site:




Syd Barrett


Discographie / Discography

Syd Barrett

Mes Matérialisés

1970Syd BarrettBarrettHarvestSHSP 4007LP
1988Syd BarrettOpelHarvestCDP 79 1206 2, CZ 144CD
1990Syd BarrettThe Madcap LaughsCapitol RecordsCDP 7 46607 2CD

Mes Autres

1970Syd BarrettBarrettM32019
1970Syd BarrettThe Madcap LaughsM16019
1988Syd BarrettCrazy DiamondM16020
2010Syd BarrettAn Introduction To Syd BarrettM32019

Allées X Venues

Syd Barrett

Have You Got It Yet

11HYGIY Vol 01B01
12HYGIY Vol 02B01
13HYGIY Vol 03B01
14HYGIY Vol 04B01
16HYGIY Vol 06 Interviews + Miscellaneous tracksB01
17HYGIY Vol 07 InterviewsB01
18HYGIY Vol 08 EsotericaB01
19HYGIY Vol 09 Distorted ViewB01
20HYGIY Vol 10 OOPS I Did It AgainB01
28HYGIY Vol 18B01
29HYGIY Vol 19B01

2Psychedelic Freak OutB01
1Beyond Rhyme Nor ReasonBeyond Rhyme Nor ReasonB01


31974-08-12Last Recording SessionAbbey Road StudiosLondonEnglandB01


(2/1) Syd Barrett, , Psychedelic Freak Out

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Syd Barrett
Psychedelic Freak Out
(Demos, Acetates & Mixes)
The Godfatherecords GR 483
Matrix Disc : G.R. 483
(P) 2010 Made In Italy
Barcode: 28012010843
Tri-fold Paper Sleeve

Tracks: Time:

01 Interstellar Overdrive 14:56 October 31, 1965 - Demo
02 See Emily Play 02:52 May 21, 1967 - Acetate With Alternate Ending
03 Scream Thy Last Scream 04:40 August 7, 1967 - Malcom Jones Mix 1987
04 Vegetable Man 02:37 October 1967 - Malcom Jones Mix 1987
05 Vegetable Man 02:47 1967 Mix From Mason Interview, March 1969
06 Silas Lang 02:47 May 6, 1968 - Backing Track
07 Lanky 01:36 May 14, 1968 Part Two
08 Golden Hair 01:56 May 28, 1969 Instrumental - Gareth Cousins Mix 1988
09 Swan Lee 02:43 June 20, 1968 - Backing Track
10 Clowns & Jugglers 02:45 July 20, 1968 Take 1 - Alternate Mix With Studio Chat
11 Love You 01:17 April 11, 1969
12 Clowns & Jugglers 01:34 May 3, 1969 Take 2 - Keyboard Mix
13 Long Gone 01:45 July 26, 1969
14 Dark Globe 02:58 July 27, 1969 Choral Version - Peter Jenner 1987 Echo Mix
15 Dark Globe 02:57 July 27, 1969 Choral Version - Malcolm Jones 1987 Clean Mix
16 Maisie 02:51 February 26, 1970 - Alternate Mix With Extra Vocals
17 Slow Boggie 02:58 August 12, 1974
18 John Lee Hooker Inspired 03:52 August 12, 1974
19 In The Beachwoods 04:49 1967 - Backing Track

Bonus Track:
20 Interstellar Overdrive 14:55 Pink Floyd Live Supporting Jeff Back Group, Shrine Exposition Hall,
Los Angeles, CA, July 27, 1968

Total Time: 55:47



Syd Barrett
Review Psychedelic Freak Out
1965 - 1974 Demos, Acetates & Mixes

I don’t think I’m easy to talk about.
I’ve got a very irregular head.
And I’m not anything that you think I am anyway.”
So said Syd Barret.

Founding father of the Pink Floyd & enfant terrible of avant garde rock.

This release from Godfather draws a hard, dark line under the above quote, showcasing a mish mash of some of the best of Syd’s various demos & studio out takes.

The main bulk of this release spans Syd’s solo releases with a dash of Pink Floyd on the side to exemplify his work within that group.

Presumably lifted from the epic 17 Internet tree’d CD set “Have You Got It Yet” this makes a far more interesting listening experience than the bigger set.

For anyone who wants to pick through the murky depths of his back catalogue with out trawling through various different takes, outfakes, Oopsed tracks or interviews then it’s a great way to start.

The Godfather has created this CD chronologically too so we can hear how Syd’s sound evolved or devolved through out his short recording career.

1. Interstellar Overdrive ( Demo - October 31st 1965 ).
I suppose, true to the date, this piece was recorded on Halloween at the Thompson Private Recording Studios for the short film “San Francisco” by filmmaker Anthony Stern And is certainly nightmarish compared to it’s commercial sister recording.
Recorded much faster than the CV & without the plodding, meandering “Steptoe & Son” styled riff.
A few elements remain throughout such as the meandering guitar riff that permeates the track.
It should be noted that this track also lasts a few seconds shorter than the track that was released on the “Have You Got It Yet” internet treed CD.

2. See Emily Play ( May 21, 1967 - Acetate With Alternate Ending ).
Not a great deal different from the CV to my ears. The alternate ending would seem to suggest that the sitars are abbreviated slightly on the acetate.

3. Scream Thy Last Scream ( August 7, 1967 - Malcolm Jones mix 1987 ).
The unreleased follow up to ‘See Emily Play’ & one of two tracks ( Inc. Vegetable Man ) that were pulled from the 1988 rarities album “Opel”.
Another rather disturbing track from the dark rooms of Barrett’s mind with Nick Mason’s vocal being aped by a high pitched gnomic voice ( Actually Barrett.)
Without the double track vocal then the track might have stood a very good chance of actually getting a release but i can only guess that the reason it was left off is because of the allusions to the voices that could have been a little too close to Syd’s madness for some tastes. Filled with mind skewering time changes,
violent themes & rapidly surreal lyrics it’s on of the highlights from the unreleased cannon.

4. Vegetable Man ( October 1967 - Malcolm Jones mix 1987 ).
This unreleased track is somewhat less fun to listen to. Written autobiographically from Barretts point of view it makes a point of being almost Spectoresque in filling each nook & cranny with oddball noises, sounds & various chattering, it’s a song that just doesn’t really want go anywhere or even if it did wouldn’t know what to do with itself when it got there. a pantomime in obscurity.

5. Vegetable Man ( 1967 Mix from Mason Interview ).
Recorded from a reel to reel tape that Nick Mason brought with him to an interview with a nameless collage student in March 1969.
The subsequent interview tape has gone missing in the interim but dubs had been made of the musical parts of the interview.
Sounding very much like an off air radio recording ( this isn’t a quiet under the table recording ) the track sounds markedly different to it’s 1987 compatriot.
This on has a little more move about it with a rampant, crazy guitar line wringing through it & with a powerful drum track administered throughout.
We can also ( almost ) hear Mason’s views on the track as he runs through his interview

6. Silas Lang ( May 6, 1968 - Backing track ).
Noted as being “Silas Lang, this is RM 1 from four track, take 1 by the recording engineer. This track starts out rather optimistic for a Barrett written track with a rather twee strummed guitar line but then turns in to an altogether darker guitar track utilizing, according to Roger Waters “a great plan…to expand the group, get in two geezers, some two freaks that he’d met someplace or other. One of them played banjo and the other played saxophone. We weren’t in to that at all and it was obvious the crunch had finally come”.
Another of Syd’s ideas gone awry then but it also shows that Syd wasn’t always the doom & gloom merchant that some of his later Floyd recordings suggest but rather when he put his mind to it was capable of producing elegant & world wise tracks such as this one. It reminds me of some of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band’s tracks - particularly Topo D’ Bill’s “Witchi Tai To” or rather his cover of the Harpers Bizarre cover. It’s just a shame that the track was never actually finished but, seems to be reported as being a work out to the eginning of the track “Swan Lee” ( see track 9 )

7. Lanky - Part 2 ( May 14, 1968 ).
Another tribal influenced track rather like “Silas Lang” ( above ). Sounding like an authentic, simple, track with an african hollow drum sound.
It’s obviously a simple riff that Barrett was toying with but one that was never finished up. This track is also speculated to be known as Rhamadan as they were recorded in the same date.
It’s pure speculation mind & without the Motorbike sounds Barrett wanted to add to it there’s really no way of knowing.

8. Golden Hair ( May 28, 1969 Instrumental - Gareth Cousins mix 1988 ).
Starting ominously like one of Brian Wilson’s “SMiLE” tracks ( although it would be difficult to pinpoint who might be influencing who at this time .. )
one of Barrett’s most down beat & maudlin tracks but presented here as an instrumental.
Not as effective without Syd’s lyrics but to which that might be missing the point. The instrumentation might work as just the trick for some & so will be appreciated.
This was proposed for the “Crazy Diamond” release but left off for an earlier recorded version.

9. Swan Lee ( June 20, 1968 - Backing Track ).
Taking the same route as “Silas Lang” a groove revolving around a mumbling, noodled bass part.

10. Clowns & Jugglers ( July 20, 1968, Take 1 - Alternate with with Studio chat ) “Octopus” in different sleeves. Not a great deal of difference from the Opal release but the “studio chat” referred to at the beginning is the studio announcement “This is ‘Clowns & Jugglers’ RS 1 from Take 1 on reel 69631".

11. Love You ( April 11, 1969 ).
The Syd from the old days. Free from the menace & doom of his later recordings & back to the seaside parade & whimsy of his earlier recordings. The track has a very Beatley type of jangle.
This version is free of the out of tune bar room piano & is wildly underproduced compared to the CV.

12. Clowns & Jugglers ( May 3, 1969. Take 2 - Keyboard Mix ).
Often there are very good reasons why one piece of an artists oeuvre remains unreleased or unrealised. This mix of the “Madcap Laughs” sessions track is truly the work of an over exaggerated mind.
Powerfully over egged & messy the reason that this was released as a pared down & almost acoustic song in the end must be that it was thought to be too far our for public consumption.
Thing of Captain Beefheart at his most fevered & wacked out & this mix comes perilously close.

13. Long Gone ( July 26, 1969. )
Sounding like an early, stripped back demo version rather than the augmented organ version found on the ‘Madcap .. ‘. A track thats very close to the Sound of Skip Spence on his “Oar” album.

14. Dark Globe ( July 27, 1969 - Choral Version. Peter Jenner 1974 Echo mix )

15. Dark Globe ( July 27, 1969 - Choral Version. Malcolm Jones 1987 Clean mix. )
Tracks 14 & 15 are two sides of the same coin. The ‘Choral’ tag refers to Syd’s delayed double tracked voice.
The main two differences being that the 1987 version is somewhat tighter & wider than the 1974 version & less scummy to listen to.
The second difference is that in the ‘74 Mix Barretts singing voice is heard quite clearly over the choir where as on the ‘87 mix the two voices are brought closer together in the mix the difference is not so obvious.
The session log seems to omit the fact that there was a session on the 27th of July so we either have to assume that there was no session & the tapes are wrongly labled ( and the 26th of July was the actual last session ) or the 27th was when the mixes of this track were submitted.

16. Maisie ( February 26, 1970 - Alternate mix w/ extra vocals. )
Starts with a clip of studio chat ( sounds like “Put The Kettle on”? ) this version differs to the track on “Barrett” by adding additional spoken word vocals panned from center to left & right.
Maybe Syd had influenced what Yoko Ono was about to be doing with her solo album as this track sounds ominously like one of the ‘Plastic Ono Band’ Sessions tracks but with a little of the Barrett magic on top.

17. Slow Boogie ( August 12, 1974. )

18. “John Lee Hooker Inspired” ( August 12, 1974 )
Tracks 17 - 18 are from the much fabled 1974 sessions when Peter Jenner managed to get Syd back in to the studio for a rough 4 days of ‘work’.
Both of these tracks feature much less than the work we’d come to expect from Syd who’s mental state must have failed him so much by this time that to focus at all would have been a struggle.
of the 8 pieces bootlegged from these sessions these two must have been chosen as ‘best’ although the rest of the material is fragmentary & untogether.
Both titles allude as much to the sound contained therein - two blues inspired tracks that sound like Nick Drake’s legendary home tapes where he can be heard strumming away old blues classics although at least Nick had songs,.
the riffs that Syd plows through must have, at the very least, been made up on the spot or half remembered from his own record collection. One can only assume that this was what Syd was listening to at home at the time for them to be at the forefront of his mind or they were just the easiest thing to play ..

19. In The Beechwoods ( 1967. Backing Track. )
Another track from the Mason interview tape that never was. “In The Beachwoods” has a very soulish if Floydian groove. Think Tamala Motown as realised by Syd Barrett. it sounds like a great track if
only it had have been finished up & could have been another great commercial success for the group had Syd not taken the direction he did. The track, as mentioned, is taken from the interview tape
so besides being played loud had a nasty, shrill clip to the top end & a clicky, strange flutter to the tape but this does nothing to desecrate the fact that it’s unreleased Floyd.

Bonus Track

20. Interstellar Overdrive
( Pink Floyd live supporting the Jeff Beck Group, Shrine Exposition Hall, Los Angeles, CA, July 27, 1968. )
To top it all off a slightly distant audience recording of the Floyd in America supporting the Jeff Beck Band. Lunacy abound in this section with the middle section taking the form of a happening of sorts.
By all accounts this was the form of the track at the time & fans of this era Floyd or students of underground forms will find something to listen to here.

The Packaging itself it particularly handsome ( as with most of The Godfathers work. ) the front cover featuring an over exposed shot of Barrett in his live Floyd heyday fulfilling the “Psychedelic Freak Out” tag.
A colourised picture by Mick Rock on the back featuring Syd looking through a telescopic lens.
Inside the trifold is a montage of pictures featuring Syd, an excellent short essay retelling Syd’s career & achievements by Alex the Gnome & Enigma Publius & most excitingly a painting of Syd bordered on purple featuring the legend “Psychedelic Freak Out - Demo’s, Acetates & Mixes.” it’s a shame the Don didn’t include this as a mini poster as it’s very handsome indeed.

An excellent attribution to your Barrett collection or another must have disk to file under “B”. It certainly won’t get left on the shelves.
It certainly won’t get left on the shelves.

(11/1) Syd Barrett, , HYGIY Vol 01

Audio/mp3, /, ()


Disc #1

01) Lucy Leave, 10/65, acetate
02) King Bee, 10/65, acetate
03) Interstellar Overdrive, 10/31/66, demo
04) Mike Leonard interview w/Floyd beneath, 12/17/67
05) Interstellar Overdrive, (Love In London Soundtrack), edit/mix used in film, 1/12/67
06) Nick's Boogie (Love In London Soundtrack), 1/12/67, stereo enhanced
07) Interstellar Overdrive, (Love In London Soundtrack), LP edit, 1/12/67
08) Matilda Mother, Live at UFO, 1/20/67, TV w/voiceover
09) Interstellar Overdrive, Live at UFO, TV (McCartney interview afterward)
10) Let's Roll Another One, 1/22/67, rehearsal
11) Instrumental, 1/22/67, rehearsal
12) Arnold Layne, 1/28/67, acetate
13) Candy And A Currant Bun, 1/28/67, acetate
14) Interstellar Overdrive, 2/27/67, French "Arnold Layne" EP mix
15) Row R Toc H and commentary, 5/14/67, BBC TV
16) Astronomy Domine, 5/14/67, BBC TV
17) See Emily Play, 5/23/67, stereo enhanced

(12/1) Syd Barrett, , HYGIY Vol 02

Audio/mp3, /, ()


Disc #2

01) Arnold Layne, 2/27/67?, stereo enhanced
02) Candy And A Currant Bun, 2/27/67?, stereo enhanced
03) Remember A Day, 5/9/67, mono
04) See Emily Play, 5/21/67, acetate, alt. ending
05) Flaming, 6/29/67, mono single mix
06) Instrumental (aka Beechwoods), 9/4/67?
07) Set The Controls... concl. 8/7/67 (Syd's part)
08) Scream Thy Last Scream, 8/7/67, Peter Jenner 1974 mix
09) Scream coda ("Dark Side Of The Moo" boot, dubious authenticity)
10) Vegetable Man, 10/67, Peter Jenner 1974 mix
11) Flaming, 9/25/67 BBC
12) Scarecrow, 9/25/67 BBC
13) The Gnome, 9/25/67 BBC
14) Matilda Mother, 9/25/67 BBC
15) Reaction In G, 9/25/67 BBC
16) Set The Controls, 9/25/67 BBC
17) Jugband Blues, 10/24/67, mono
18) Scream Thy Last Scream, 8/7/67, Malcolm Jones 1987 mix
19) Vegetable Man, 10/67, Malcolm Jones 1987 mix
20) Apples And Oranges, 11/15/67, stereo, "Masters of Rock" LP
21) Paint Box, 11/12/67, stereo
22) Vegetable Man, 12/20/67, BBC (80s rebroadcast, proc. from 1st gen)
23) Pow R Toc H, 12/20/67, BBC (80s rebroadcast, proc. from 1st gen)
24) Scream Thy Last Scream, 12/20/67, BBC (80s rebroadcast, proc. from 1st gen)
25) Jugband Blues, 12/20/67, BBC (80s rebroadcast, proc. from 1st gen)
26) Julia Dream, 2/13/68, "Masters of Rock" LP mix (echoed vocals, louder backing track), stereo enhanced
27) It Would Be So Nice, 3/21/68 stereo enhanced
28) Julia Dream, 2/13/68, stereo

(13/1) Syd Barrett, , HYGIY Vol 03

Audio/mp3, /, ()


Disc #3 (length -- 78:23)

Star Club, Copenhagen, 9/13/67, clone of 1st gen audience tape

01) Reaction In G
02) Arnold Layne
03) One In A Million
04) Matilda Mother
05) Scream Thy Last Scream
06) Astronomy Domine

Hippy Happy Fair, Oude Ahoy, Rotterdam, 11/13/67, clone of 1st gen audience tape

07) Reaction In G
08) Pow R Toc H
09) Scream Thy Last Scream
10) Set The Controls
11) Interstellar Overdrive

(14/1) Syd Barrett, , HYGIY Vol 04

Audio/mp3, /, ()


Disc #4 (length -- 77:02)

01) In The Beechwoods backing track 1967 (1st gen from 3/69 Mason interview, digitally enhanced) 4:49
02) Vegetable Man 1967 mix (1st gen from 3/69 Mason interview, digitally enhanced) 2:58
03) Vegetable Man 1967 rehearsal (1st gen from 3/69 Mason interview, digitally enhanced) 3:27
04) Silas Lang backing track 5/6/68 2:52
05) Lanky, Part II (aka Rhamadan) 5/14/68 1:37
06) Golden Hair instrumental, 1988 Gareth Cousins mix 5/28/68 1:58
07) Swan Lee backing track, Malcolm Jones alt mix 6/8/68 0:56
08) Swan Lee backing track 6/20/68 2:44
09) Clowns and Jugglers take I, alt mix w/studio chat 7/20/68 2:46
10) Swan Lee fragment, with vocal 4/10/69 0:45
11) Opel studio chatter 4/11/69 0:27
12) Love You take II 4/11/69 1:21
13) Clowns and Jugglers take II, keyboard mix 5/3/69 1:35
14) Long Gone take II 7/26/69 1:50
15) Dark Globe choral version 7/27/69 Jenner 1974 echo mix 2:59
16) Dark Globe choral version 7/27/69 Jones 1987 clean mix 2:58
17) Maisie take I, false start 2/26/70 0:24
18) Maisie take II, alt mix, extra vocals 2/26/70 3:00
19) Rats take I, false start w/studio chatter 6/5/70 1:08
20) Wined and Dined takes I & II edit w/studio chatter 6/5/70 1:40
21) Terrapin (Olympia, London, processed from 1st gen) 6/6/70 4:03
22) Gigolo Aunt (Olympia, London, processed from 1st gen) 6/6/70 4:54
23) Effervescing Elephant (Olympia, London, processed from 1st gen) 6/6/70 1:11
24) Octopus (Olympia, London, processed from 1st gen) 6/6/70 5:18
25) Baby Lemonade (BBC) 2/16/71 2:15
26) Dominoes (BBC) 2/16/71 2:51
27) Love Song (BBC) 2/16/71 1:29
28) "Boogie" 8/13/74 1:32
29) If You Go, Don't Be Slow 8/13/74 2:34
30) "Ballad incomplete" 8/13/74 0:24
31) fragment 8/13/74 0:05
32) "Slow Boogie" 8/12/74 2:59
33) John Lee Hooker 8/12/74 3:53
34) "Fast Boogie" 8/12/74 1:21
35) random bit 8/13/74 0:20
36) Was That OK? 0:04

(16/1) Syd Barrett, , HYGIY Vol 06 Interviews + Miscellaneous tracks

Audio/mp3, /, ()


Disc #6 - Interviews + Miscellaneous tracks (length -- 79:54)

01 Pink Floyd interview w/Interstellar Overdrive (CBC) 1/67 10:35
02 Barrett/Waters interviewed by Hans Keller (BBC-TV) 5/14/67 03:43
03 Syd, unknown studio chatter 1970? 00:06
04 Waters interview, Stockholm (Tonarkvall P3) 9/10/67 02:56
05 John Peel, Waters, Jenner interviews (1970s FM) 04:02
06 Jenner interview, one channel of Piper underneath (1970s FM) 06:08
07 Jenner, Mason, Gilmour interviews (1970s FM) 06:29
08 Pink Floyd interview Blackpool, UK 03/21/69 04:58
09 Pink Floyd interview NYC 09/28/70 05:57
10 Waters interviews Roger The Hat (for "Dark Side" background voices) 1972 07:36
11 Paul Breen interview (BBC) 10/27/88 05:18
12 Octopus rough mix (Malcolm Jones fragment) 6/13/69 00:25
13 ytpmE sescapS (hidden msg on "The Wall") 1979 00:20
14 eltit on 9-4-67
15 eeL nawS (excerpt) 6/8/68 00:31
16 seonimoD (solo as Syd played it) 7/14/70 03:35
17 sampling loop #1 ("One In A Million") 00:06
18 sampling loop #2 ("Pow R Toc H") 00:36
19 sampling loop #3 ("King Bee") 00:04
20 Scream Thy Last Scream excerpt (chipmunk voices at 16rpm) 01:21
21 My Little Red Book (Love, 1966) the riff that inspired Int Overdrive 00:15
22 steptoe & son theme (edit)
23 in the beechwoods raw
24 vegetable man 1967mix raw
25 vegetable man 1967rehearsal raw

missing Terrapin (London 6/6/70, faster tape) 03:42
missing Gigolo Aunt (London 6/6/70, faster tape) 04:47
missing Effervescing Elephant (London 6/6/70, faster tape) 01:20
missing Octopus (London 6/6/70, faster tape) 04:53

(17/1) Syd Barrett, , HYGIY Vol 07 Interviews

Audio/mp3, /, ()


Disc #7 Interviews (length -- 76:57)

1 Nick Mason interview (1995) for the book, "Kaleidoscope Eyes" 47:51
2 David Gilmour interview (1991) promoting the "Shine On" box set 27:32
3 Nick Mason interview (1986) excerpt 01:31

(18/1) Syd Barrett, , HYGIY Vol 08 Esoterica

Audio/mp3, /, ()


Disc #8 "Esoterica" (length -- 79:24)

01 Corporal Clegg (Belgian vid mix, 31Jan68) 2:53
02 Paintbox (Belgian vid mix) 3:29
03 Set the Controls (Belgian vid mix) 4:53
04 It Would Be So Nice (promo single edit, 21Mar68) 3:15
05 Julia Dream (echo mix, 13Feb68) 2:32
06 Let There Be More Light (promo single edit, mono) 3:01
07 Remember A Day (promo single edit, mono) 2:42
08 Vegetable Man (mono mix, 11Oct67?) 2:32
09 It Would Be So Nice (stereo enhanced) 3:41
10 Relics LP, radio ad #1 1:03
11 Relics LP, radio ad #2 1:03
12 No Man's Land (spoken, semi-audible) 17Apr69 1:06
13 Octopus (Malcom Jones fragment, 13Jun69) 0:25
14 Octopus (Left channel mix, unplugged version) 3:45
15 Love You (Right channel mix, with synth) 2:28
16 Rats (Right channel mix, more guitar) 2:57
17 Gigolo Aunt (Left channel mix, more guitar) 5:47
18 Wined And Dined (Left channel mix, unplugged) 2:59
19 Wolfpack (Right channel mix, more guitar) 3:45
20 Let's Split (edit, minus the "mistakes", 14Jul70) 1:37
21 soesimoD (the solo as Syd played it, 14Jul70) 3:35
22 eltiT oN (04Sep67) 1:17
23 eeL nawS (Malcolm Jones fragment, 08Jun68) 0:32
24 secapS ytpmE (The Wall secret message, 1979) 0:21
25 My Little Red Book riff (Love, 1966 -- inspired IO) 0:15
26 Steptoe & Son/Old Ned (TV theme, also inspired IO) 2:29
27 Interstellar Overdrive ("Love In London" edit/mix, 12Jan67) 9:43
28 Scream Thy Last @ 16rpm (chipmunks become Syd) 1:21
29 AMMusic - Later During A Flaming Riviera Sunset (edit, AMM Jun66) 3:56

(19/1) Syd Barrett, , HYGIY Vol 09 Distorted View

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Number 9.... Number 9.... Number 9....
"Distorted View"

Out of Phase Stereo (OOPS) mixes
length -- 77:48

These would comprise nearly every currently available stereo Floyd track Syd is either on or ever been rumored to be on. Alternate mixes were left off for reasons of space (and if the alternates didn't produce an interesting OOPS mix).

"See Saw" and "Jugband Blues" were also left off, because in OOPS much of the track is very quiet, with occasional jumps in volume. It all has to do with where things were panned originally, and that can't be changed.

In the left channel of each track is an OOPS mix produced by inverting the left channel of the original, and the right channel contains a right channel OOPS inversion. As it turns out, these produce the same mix, and one channel is a mirror image of the other. (Identical, but with the polarity reversed.)

Therefore, although an OOPS mix comes out in mono by definition, these tracks are in stereo, technically speaking -- the term of art being a "dual signal expansion." The wavform for a standard mono file would show an identical graph in each channel. The wavform for these looks like an inkblot, but horizontal. It's the same (or very nearly), but in symmetry.

They sound like mono, but with more depth and ambience than would be possible from a one-channel mix. (If played through QSound, Carver Sonic Holograph or any similar stereo-wide function, they will appear to pan further to the left and right simultaneously.)

In place of "See Saw" and "Jugband Blues," we substituted two left-channel mixes from "Piper." The final two tracks are "Scarecrow" and "Astronomy Domine." Incidentally, these mixes were first heard on the Capitol Records Radio Show in December 1976, beneath an interview with Peter Jenner. (This can be heard on HYGIY6.) At the time, people thought they might be outtakes, but they're simply the left channel of "Piper." They make viable and interesting tracks nonetheless, and so here they are without the voiceover.

01 Astronomy Domine 4:12
02 Lucifer Sam 3:07
03 Matilda Mother 3:08
04 Flaming 2:46
05 Pow R Toc H 4:26
06 Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk 3:07
07 Interstellar Overdrive 9:42
08 The Gnome 2:13
09 Chapter 24 3:42
10 Scarecrow 2:11
11 Bike 3:22
12 Scream Thy Last Scream (1974 mix) 4:41
13 Vegetable Man (1974 mix) 2:31
14 Paint Box 3:29
15 No Title (04Sept67) 1:36
16 Apples and Oranges 3:06
17 Remember A Day 4:33
18 Set The Controls 5:28
19 Corporal Clegg 4:13
20 Scarecrow (Left channel, not OOPS) 2:08
21 Astronomy Domine (Left channel, not OOPS) 4:05


Disc #9 "Distorted View" (length -- 77:48)

Syd / Pink Floyd OOPS (Out Of Phase Stereo) Mixes

These are fan-created remixes. These are NOT session outtakes. OOPS is a process by which a home user can remix a stereo track, thus revealing musical details that were less evident in the commercial mix. Depending on how the original track was put together, the differences may be subtle or dramatic, varying from song to song and in different parts of the song.

To better understand the OOPS effect, go here:
a href=http://www.beatletracks.com/btoops.html

and then here:

This CD consists of nearly every available stereo Pink Floyd track Syd is either on or ever been rumored to be on. (We left off "See Saw" and "Jugband Blues" because there were volume jumps and and other oddities that wouldn't hold up to repeated listening.)

(20/1) Syd Barrett, , HYGIY Vol 10 OOPS I Did It Again

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Disc #10 "OOPS I Did It Again." (length -- 79:36)

(CDs 9-10 feature a few single-channel mixes left over from CD8, noted as such. These are not OOPS mixes, but feature one channel of the original panned to stereo. A few of these tracks are good enough to stand alone as such, and so we present them this way.)
Every OOPS and mono track in HYGIY 8-10 has been rendered as a dual-signal expansion: one channel is a mirror image of the other. For the listener, this means a richer soundfield and a more natural ambience than could be expected from pure mono, yet without any obvious attempt at a stereo result from a mono source.

More tracks could be included, but the OOPS process didn't yield a particularly interesting mix, and considerations of space won out.
It goes without saying that acoustic songs could not be used. When there's nothing to work with beyond a guitar and a vocal, OOPS is beside the point. By necessity, this disc features Syd with a band, or at least some overdubs.

Most of these came from the first two solo albums.
A few tracks came from HYGIY4 or "Opel," but not as many as we might have liked. "Opel" and the "Crazy Diamond" outtakes were mixed in the late 80s and early 90s -- the superior technology involved doesn't translate into a superior OOPS mix. We had high hopes for "Lanky," for example, but in OOPS it's a river of murk.

Some songs yield backing tracks when OOPSed, or else the vocal seems to be coming from down the hall. This is typical enough for OOPS and we included some examples of each. What comes out is determined by where all the instruments were panned in the original mix. There's no control on our end -- we OOPS it and save the result.

(Track #14 is not OOPS, it's the left channel of "Rats," panned to center. This is a leftover from HYGIY8.
There was room for it here, and so it is.)

As on HYGIY9, all tracks were rendered as a dual-signal expansion -- mono in one channel, inverted mono in the other.

01 Late Night, take 2 (slide guitar) 3:14
02 Swan Lee (backing track) 2:44
03 Golden Hair, take 5 2:18
04 Clowns And Jugglers 3:28
05 No Good Trying 3:26
06 Love You 2:30
07 No Man's Land 3:03
08 Dark Globe (choral version) 2:58
09 Here I Go 3:12
10 Octopus 3:48
11 Golden Hair 2:00
12 Late Night 3:11
13 Swan Lee 3:14
14 Rats (Left Channel, not OOPS) 2:57
15 Gigolo Aunt, take 9 3:48
16 Baby Lemonade 4:12
17 Dominoes 4:10
18 It Is Obvious 3:00
19 Rats 3:02
20 Maisie, alt mix 3:00
21 Gigolo Aunt 5:48
22 Wind And Dined 2:59
23 Wolfpack 3:41
24 Effervescing Elephant 1:55
25 Golden Hair (instrumental) 1:56

(28/1) Syd Barrett, , HYGIY Vol 18

Audio/mp3, /, ()


Disc #18 MP3 CDRom
Syd / Pink Floyd OOPS (Out Of Phase Stereo) Mixes-

-random notes-
It's damn near impossible to assemble the definitive comp of Syd covers, so we didn't try. What we have here is a wide selection of faves and obscuros for every taste. We have the Okey-Pokey Band (first Syd cover EVER) ripping through "See Emily Play" and we have Three To One ripping off the Okey-Pokey band years later. We have a half- accidental live cover from Tangerine Dream. We have Area Code emptying out a half-empty Buffalo dive with "Astronomy Domine." There's a cover of "Echoes," included because... well, they covered *Echoes*...! (There were *two* covers of "Echoes" to choose from, in fact. Count your blessings.) You'll appreciate some, you'll hate some, you'll ignore a lot of them.

Fine. This is the do-it-yourself volume of HYGIY. Take what you like, load it onto your MP3 player, burn your own CD, whatever. Most songs are by Syd. Others are about him. Others are early Floyd. We're not fussy; this is Casual Day.

Here are comments on a few of the songs, when we could think of something to say. More notes can be found in individual folders elsewhere on the disc. Enjoy.

This California band somehow considered Roger Waters to be a kindred spirit; they opened their 1985 album "Panic Station" with this excellent cover of "Point Me At The Sky." Features Arthur Barrow (ex-Zappa) on keyboards. No obvious Syd connection but a fine cover nonetheless.

An early-1980s "real music" band from Buffalo, NY, playing "Astronomy Domine" at the now-defunct McVan's on 4/20/81. McVan's had been the first rock club in the city, premiering such diverse talents as Little Richard, Foreigner (as Black Sheep), Hendrix (pre-Experience), Frank Sinatra, John Cale, the B-52s. At this point it was a punk dive on the skids. This is the last known instance of "Astronomy Domine" being played there.

This isn't quite on the level of Pat Boone covering Little Richard, but only because Syd saw a lot of money from it, enabling him to move to London's fabulous Chelsea Cloisters. I'm glad this exists, and it's too historic to omit, but the track hasn't aged very well. It appeared on "Pinups," Bowie's oldies-remake album of 1973.

It turns out Marianne is old friends with Roger Waters of all people. In 1999, she finally got around to asking if he'd care to donate a song to her new album. He eventually came up with "Incarceration Of A Flower Child," supposedly written in 1968 and his first-ever song about Syd. Both the music and the lyrics suggest he revised it afterward. Rewriting songs about Syd is something of a hobby with him. ;)

America's premier psychedelic band (on a major label anyway), they've been playing the occasional Syd cover for years. The earliest we're aware of is their rendition of "Opel" from 1994. It had been intended for this collection, but they stretch out the coda for eight minutes... that's great if you're already a fan, but it wouldn't win them any new ones. Here they are doing "Lucifer Sam." All well and good, but what you really want is to run out and buy one of their albums. Any album from 1993 onward will do. Go ahead: buy a Flaming Lips album. All things will be revealed unto you. We'll wait right here until you get back.

>From the 1973 "As He Stands" album, this is another of those no-Syd-but-oh-well. Geesin didn't rate Syd at all but he thought highly of Waters, enough to record "To Roger Waters, Wherever You Are." It was too much fun to leave out, so here 'tis.

I can't even remember where this came from. I believe somebody emailed it to me, but it was some time ago. Another fine version of "Lucifer Sam," more laid-back than many (semi- acoustic), but retaining that "Secret Agent Man" feel. He has a track on HYGIY15 as well.

This is the singer from Soft Cell. His "Terrapin" imagines it's Burt Bacharach on Mars. Surprisingly it works--for maybe four minutes. This goes on for 4:18.

>From "Neil's Heavy Concept Album," this version of "The Gnome" is everything one could hope for after having read the liner notes. (I could never get through them, but dig those horns!)

Their "Flower Power" album was the sort of thing you'd see in the bargain bin for $1.99 in the drugstore. A concept album: anonymous session musicians recreate recent chart hits. The liner notes go out of their way to reassure us there really is a place for this sort of album. (Would YOU buy an album whose liner notes are half-apologetic about its very existence?) All kidding aside, it's reasonably well done. This sort of LP would do quite well in countries like Paraguay, where kids couldn't tell the difference. However, this was aimed at the American market, which makes "Emily" a curious selection. (Whoever compiled it may have been connected with Tower Records on some level?) It's notable for being THE very first known cover of a Syd or Pink Floyd song. All the tunes on the LP charted in mid-1967, so this would have been produced a month or two after that.

The problem with assembling a comp like this is that everybody does "Lucifer Sam." Even so, nobody does it like Shockabilly. Nobody ever will. Recorded in 1984, now it belongs to the ages.

"Monolight" (conclusion), from the LP "Encore." Live in North America, March/April 1977. The piece takes up an LP side, and this is the end--after the usual festivites, a piano takes up the main four-chord theme of "Celestial Voices." The band picks it up from there, for a pleasant two or three minutes. They don't get any further than those four chords, but we could count it as a cover version nonetheless. Homage. The liner notes to their first LP ("Electronic Meditation," 1969) mention "Saucerful Of Secrets" as an influence.

What's this??? We thought nobody else even *knew* about the Okey-Pokey Band. We were wrong. Three To One not only copped the same crappy album, they stole... errr, they sampled? they appropriated the Okey-Pokey version of "See Emily Play" and made it their own. (Just barely.)

HYGIY 18 contents:
360s - Long Gone
Acid Casualties - Point Me At The Sky
Architectural Metaphor - Echoes
Area Code - Astronomy Domine (4/20 1981 McVan's, Buffalo NY)
At The Drive-in - Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk
Awaken - Left Alone (Ballad Of Syd Barrett)
Kevin Ayers - Oh! Wot A Dream
David Bowie - See Emily Play (1973)
Chandeen - Apples and Oranges
Changelings - See Emily Play
Cleaners From Venus - Song For Syd Barrett (1984)
Damned - Arnold Layne
Doglegs & Feet - Effervescing Elephant
Eden - Jugband Blues
Electric Hellfire Club - Lucifer Sam
Elevator Through - No Good Trying
Marianne Faithfull - Incarceration of a Flower Child (1968 Waters song about Syd)
Faraday Cage - Set The Controls/Storm
Matthew Fischer - Octopus
Flaming Lips - Lucifer Sam (London 22Jan03)
John Frusciante - Jugband Blues (live Paradiso)
Ron Geesin - To Roger Waters Wherever You Are
Grapes Of Wrath - See Emily Play
Half Japanese - Candy and a Currant Bun
The Iditarod + Drekka, Ring & Peter Scion - Julia Dream
In the Woods - If it's in You
LaMarque Jaune - Lucifer Sam
Jeff the Hobo - Feel
Jesus and Mary Chain - Vegetable Man
Lightning Seeds - Lucifer Sam
Livid - Love Song
Los Planetas - Baby Lemonade
Lost & Profound - Dark Globe
Love & Rockets - Lucifer Sam
Mandra Gora Lightshow Society - Point Me At the Sky
Marc & the Mambas - Terrapin
Mike McInnis - Effervescing Elephant
Melting Euphoria - Point Me At The Sky
Melvins - Interstellar Overdrive
Minimal Compact - Late Night
Moonboy - Matilda Mother
Neil the Hippie - The Gnome
Okey-Pokey Band - See Emily Play (1st Syd cover version, 1967)
Pearl Jam - Interstellar Overdrive
Peter Principle - No Man's Land
Placebo - Dark Globe
Primal Scream - Vanishing Point - Burning Wheel
Quasimojo - Late Night
Replicants - No Good Trying
Ritalin - Scarecrow
Shockabilly - Lucifer Sam (1984)
Skullflower - Golden Hair
Slowdive - Golden Hair
Smashing Pumpkins - Terrapin
Smell of Incense - (Smell Of) Interstellar Overdrive
Soundgarden - Dark Globe
Sprout & The Orange - Set The Controls
St.Hubbins - 9 Miles High - Light Globe (Syd tribute)
Tangerine Dream - Monolight, concl - live Spr77 (Celestial Voices)
This Mortal Coil - Late Night
Three To One - See Emily Play
Wellwater Conspiracy - Lucy Leave
Widespread Panic - Astronomy Domine Jam (incomplete)
Wondermints - Arnold Layne
Worms - A Tribute to Syd

Interstellar Overdrive (1986)
Interstellar Overdrive (1986 outtake)
Interstellar Overdrive--> Porpoise Mouth (Davis, CA 10Jun87)

Dominoes - 18Jan02
Terrapin - 22Jun01

Let's Split
Let's Split (live Austin 1992)

Love You (unknown show)
Love You (10May91 3rd gen sbrd)

A Star Too Far (A Lullaby for Syd Barrett)
A Star Too Far (1994, Space Daze compilation)
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

Dark Globe
Dark Globe (live in Italy)

Nile Song
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

Astronomy Domine (Mar80 London "Two Halves")
Vegetable Man (Maxwell's, Hoboken NJ, 06Sep80)
Astronomy Domine (Maxwell's, Hoboken NJ, 06Sep80)
Gigolo Aunt (live 1980)
Vegetable Man (studio)

Arnold Layne
Chapter 24 (live)
Dark Globe (live)
Dominoes 1
Dominoes 2
Long Gone
The Man Who Invented Himself (1981 mix with horns)

Interstellar Overdrive
Interstellar Overdrive (Boulder, CO 30Jul95)

Bike (live)
I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives (live)
I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives (original)
I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives
Matilda Mother (live)
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

Lucifer Sam
Afterinbetweentime (fanclub flexidisc, first release as 3 O'Clock)

Lucifer Sam
maS reficuL (rare 1983 single, 500 made)

Psychedelic Punkaroo
Psychedelic Punkaroo (live w/Plasticland, 22Oct88 Chicago)
You Reached For The Stars

Astronomy Domine
Astronomy Domine (Stockholm 14Oct99)
The Nile Song

(29/1) Syd Barrett, , HYGIY Vol 19

Audio/mp3, /, ()


Disc #19 Apocrypha (length -- 79:51)

Most of these are credited to Syd or Pink Floyd, although if they were REALLY Syd or PF they wouldn't be here. Common sense dictated it was easier to list them as you see them than to put quotation marks around every other word. When in doubt, consult the Liner Notes--SHN copies of this disc come with nine pages of twisted tales, explanations and debunkings.

01 Twink - Enter The Diamonds 2:05
02 Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine Demo 4:03
03 Sun Ra, Keith Moon & Syd - Stonehenge '69 Solstice Jam 4:42
04 The Beatles - The Candle Burns (Peace Of Mind) 3:13
05 Syd Barrett - Susan's Lungs 0:49
06 The Beatles - Pink Litmus Paper Shirt 0:39
07 Pink Floyd - Julia Dream Demo 3:04
08 Syd Barrett - Interstellar Overdrive Demo 6:24
09 Syd Barrett - Bob Dylan's Blues Demo 2:00
10 Syd w/The Beatles - What's The New Mary Jane 3:13
11 Syd Barrett - Milky Way (alternate mix) 3:04
12 Syd Barrett - Cinnamon Toast 3:41
13 Pink Floyd - See Emily Play (Top of the Pops 7/67) 2:45
14 Pink Floyd - Piggy Back Demo (edit) 2:38
15 Syd Barrett - Chooka Chooka Chug Chug 0:35
16 Syd w/Kevin Ayers - "Oh Is That...Is That Ummmm" 0:13
17 Syd w/Soft Machine - Esther's Nose Job edit (live 3Feb70) 5:35
18 Pink Floyd - Scream Thy Last Scream, mono mix 6:02
19 Pink Floyd - Vegetable Man, mono mix 2:36
20 Syd Barrett - Last Ever Recording Session 1975 1:10
21 Pink Floyd - Take Up Thy Stethoscope Demo 3:00
22 Pink Floyd - Stanley The Simpleton 1:12
23 Syd w/Steve Took - Molecular Lucky Charm (edit) 5:30
24 Syd w/Steve Took - Syd's Wine (edit) 4:30
25 Pink Floyd w/Hawkwind (BBC) - Heckty Skies (edit) 7:06


The final disc in the HYGIY canon is a FLAC collection of fakes and hoaxes.
The general gist is that with the arrival of Napster on the scene, anyone could create a Syd rarity, simply by changing the name on the track.
At the time of the creation of volume 19 there were around 80 of these "Syd" tracks of varying degrees of legitimacy.
Volume 19 collects the best. Some may well have Syd hiding in there somewhere, but it's safest to consider it as a tribute to the legacy he left us all.

I've included the comments from the liner notes against each track.

1. Enter The Diamonds (Twink) 2:05

By Twink

"For title alone, we can’t think of a better opener.
On Napster, this was credited to “Twink with Syd Barrett,” as if saying a thing was the same as making it so. Admittedly, that lead guitar has a similar tone and mood to Syd’s in “Gigolo Aunt.
” (All the more reason to doubt it could be Syd, who never played anything the same way twice.) And yes, there is that reference to “diamonds.
” But this has much more in common with the great sloppy drunken boogie of the Pink Fairies.

The fact is, this track appeared on a Twink EP called Do It ’77. It was recorded in 1977.
Any questions? I pointed this out to the person from whom I downloaded it, and he said “but there’s a rumor” Syd plays on this. No. There isn’t.

If Twink had ever had Syd guesting on one of his sessions, you wouldn’t be able to shut him up about it. There’d be a big pink sticker on the cover, “featuring SYD BARRETT!!!, ” cut into the shape of a crazy diamond. Ironically, the EP featured another track,
“Psychedelic Punkaroo,” which Twink has since claimed was written for Syd.
The fun thing about Twink is, he’ll say anything."

2. Astronomy Domine (Barrett) 4:03


"Ahhhh… The Freak-Out Demos. I have 45 minutes of this stuff, and most of it can’t bear the light of day. Some things are too horrible to contemplate, and so most of them will not be preserved here. We’ll give you just enough to get the general idea. This tape appeared at some point in the 1980s and a few people were convinced that these were, in fact, Pink Floyd demos from the Piper era.
Bernard White saw through them immediately, but the late, great Nicholas Schaffner, writing in A Saucerful Of Secrets, took them at face value.
He wrote that if Syd had had his way, the final mix of Piper would have been awash in reverb and phase shift.
(See what we mean about harm to the artist’s good name? People who ought to have known better were fooled into thinking Syd liked tape hiss and distortion, and enjoyed noise for its own sake.)

What we have here is one channel of the Piper track, fed into an EQ that cranked the lower frequencies while compromising everything else. Here and there, bits of incompetent/incontinent lead guitar are dubbed on top, giving the impression that Syd was in the process of learning his own song.
They ran this through a few more tape decks, which changed the speed and added extra hiss.
Then they inflicted it on the world.

With “fans” like these, is it any wonder Syd won’t even read their mail?"

3. Stonehenge '69 Solstice Jam (unknown) 4:42

Sun Ra, Keith Moon and Syd

"Somebody’s idea of a joke; a power trio from hell. In real life, these three people never met.
If they had, I doubt they would have had very much to say to each other.
This recording is a pleasant-enough bit of guitar strumming with flute over that.
It sounds like it was done in somebody’s basement on a low-end 4-track cassette recorder, the sort that finally became affordable to amateur musicians in the late 1980s.
There is no percussion at all. No keyboards either. And no Syd."

4. The Candle Burns (Peace of Mind) (unknown) 3:13

The Beatles - then Syd

"Attributed to Lennon or Harrison or both, this “outfake” has been a perennial on Beatle bootlegs since the mid-1970s.
It has long since been debunked and the identity of the person responsible been determined.
However, there have been some attempts made to reclaim it under Syd’s name, and so we include it here. It is a decent-enough bit of psychedelia, but not very convincing as a hoax. (The Beatles, just possibly. Syd, not at all.)"

5. Susan's Lungs (Barrett) 0:49

"This is an insult. A portion of the “Silas Lang” backing track was fed through a flanger, and some random female intoning in French or German is dubbed on top.
I guess there’s supposed to be some clever pun going on between “Silas Lang” and “Susan’s Lungs.” Some things aren’t worth taking the time to debunk, but we’ll document them all the same."

6. Pink Litmus Paper Shirt (Lennon/McCartney) 0:39

The Beatles

"A companion piece to “Susan’s Lungs.” This one takes up where the last bit of “Silas Lang” left off, while two-part harmonies chant “You know that I’ve been hurt/Check my litmus paper shirt.” Words to live by. Pink litmus is acidic, isn’t it? Whoa, deep.
Unless pink litmus is alkaline, which would explain the perception of injury—not enough acid. This track has been attributed to the Beatles, but since Syd’s music was used we include it here."

7. Julia Dream (Waters) 3:04


"I’ve even seen a session date assigned to this one, in August of 1967.
However, it’s from the Freak-Out Demos. Not everything on that tape was derived from Piper.
Half the tracks feature a guitarist and bass player pretending to be Barrett and Waters.
This is one of those. For what it’s worth, it’s the best track on the tape.
I got it in the early 1990s and thought it was genuine. It’s plausible, anyway.
That snarling guitar tone could never be Gilmour. One could imagine it to be Syd, until hearing several more Freak-Out Demos featuring the same guitar sound on tracks they never recorded."

8. Interstellar Overdrive (Barrett/Wright/Waters/Mason) 6:24


"This track has been around since the early 1980s and was considered authentic until the 31 October 1966 recording came into circulation.
(It’s not far off from the Freak-Out Demos overall, but the version of “Interstellar” on that tape is infinitely worse.
It’s unspeakable, and goes on for 17 minutes. This one is pretty decent.)
Again, it’s a plausible hoax, purporting to be a two-guitar demo tape.
However, the 1966 studio take used in the San Francisco film is closer in spirit to Love’s “My Little Red Book” than any version they did afterward.
One would expect an earlier demo to have a tempo and feel even closer to the Love track.
This one derives from the Piper version. I’m told the Barrett family debunked this as well.
Fair enough; if Syd had owned a two-track recorder and made demos on it, they’d have been first to know."

9. Bob Dylan's Blues (Barrett) 2:00


"Enough with the plausible—this track returns us to the land of the woefully inept.
In mid-2000, I personally downloaded this track from the individual who put it into circulation. He had already been laughed out of two or three Syd forums, mostly for claiming to own tracks he couldn’t produce.
His explanation for the lack of a vocal on this was priceless:
“I was mailed the tape from England, and it was a multitrack.
So I put it into a multitrack deck to attempt a mixdown, and I accidentally erased the vocal.
Yeah I know it sucks, but” we should be grateful for what we do have, hmmmmm?
Even though it was well-documented that “Bob Dylan Blues” was a two-track demo then in the possession of one David Gilmour.

Not only was he sloppy in basic research, he never bothered to check the Info fields of the MP3 he had renamed for this project.
If he had, he would have altered them so nobody could tell this was really “Slide Guitar Freestyle” by Ben Harper, live on FM from Portugal in 1996."

10. What's The New Mary Jane? (Lennon/McCartney) 3:13

The Beatles with Syd

"This White Album outtake (featuring John, George and Yoko) was a staple of pre-Anthology Beatle bootlegs; I own at least three mixes of it but used none of them here.
The very track that launched the hoax was sent in by Christer Undemo of Stockholm, Sweden, who writes:

“Trying to make THE END of a very very long story about Beatles/Barrett, ‘What’s the Shame Mary Jane.’ I’m responsible for it.

“I bought a Beatles bootleg for a friend and Unforgotten Hero for me, way back in 1980-1982.
After listening to Unforgotten Hero, we played the Beatles bootleg.
I thought the singing on the second verse did sound very strange and not by John.
So I said to my friend, who could this be, I said could it be Syd?
We had seen in the Miles book that they did write about a meeting on April 15, 1967.
But we couldn’t decide who was singing. So I sent this song to two friends,
one in Germany and one in USA, and asked them, could this be Syd?
One said no I don't think so, the other one couldn't say, like us.

”Then one of these two must have sent it to someone else. I didn't send it to anyone else,
as I didn't think it actually was Barrett singing.
Then suddenly I saw it on tape lists as ‘Barrett w/Beatles 67-04-15.
’ I have gotten it several times as filler on tapes and it has always been the same version as the one I got from the Beatles bootleg.
They have even played it on Swedish national radio as Barrett w/Beatles.
That’s the story of how it ‘was born.’”"

11. Milky Way (Barrett) 3:05

Rare mix

"There are one or two legitimate alternate mixes of “Milky Way” floating around.
(With only one take in existence, and nothing to mix but a vocal and a guitar, the differences are trivial. The Opel mixdown is the only one that matters.)
However, this version includes some pleasant surf guitar and percussion that sounds suspiciously like shoe boxes.
Somehow, these overdubs go unmentioned in David Parker’s Random Precision.
If they had been found on the master tape, we would have heard them on Opel."

12. Cinnamon Toast (Barrett) 3:41

"Outstanding! Finally, somebody’s idea of a joke is genuinely funny.
If a Syd parody had ever landed on a National Lampoon LP or been submitted to Dr. Demento, this would’ve been it.
This is more “grey area” than hoax per se, since we’re not expected to believe that’s really Syd singing. Famous last words: “Let’s go watch some telly.”"

13. See Emily Play (Barrett) 2:44

Top Of The Pops, live, July 1967

"And sure enough, here’s the Floyd on TV in mid-67. It’s been rumored that Syd sings a live vocal over the “Emily” single, but the recording quality is so bad it’s a tough call.
In fact, we found a reasonably decent source for this track (B+ quality at least), and there doesn’t seem to be any live vocal.
There are one or two spots when the double-tracking isn’t perfect, but if you listen closely to the single you’ll hear them in the original.
The rougher sound quality does tend to exaggerate these flaws, but the fact is that everybody lip-syncs on Top Of The Pops.
There’s no reason to believe they would have rigged up a live microphone just for Syd—the only thing “live” in this track is the bit of applause and announcer
at the very end. The truth is, Syd didn’t even want to be there."

14. Piggy Back (Barrett) 2:38


"It’s the dreaded Freak-Out Demos again. This time, “Syd” and “Roger” are working on an “original.” (The title was taken from a 10/66 set list.)
Amusingly enough, “Roger” can’t find the riff. He can barely find the E string.
The two players are so untogether that this sounds a little like Syd’s 1974 sessions —which is interesting in a way, because nobody had heard them yet.
The main riff seems to think it would like to be the intro to “Baby Lemonade” but can’t quite make up its mind. After two or three minutes it becomes impossible to care.
We edited this down and faded it early. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss a thing."

15. Chooka Chooka Chug Chug (Barrett) 0:36

"There is a legitimate track with this title on the 1974 session reel.
It’s 34 seconds long. This track also lasts exactly 34 seconds before it cuts off in mid-note. (Coincidence? Or…destiny?) Since Syd didn’t have titles for most of the tracks, Peter Jenner came up with descriptive names for the various bits that made up this reel.
This one was based upon Syd’s guitar rhythm: chooka chooka chug chug.

Why then does this version feature some ass-clown playing a bass through a chorus pedal?
(The fact that it was announced by the same individual who had blessed us all with the “Bob Dylan’s Blues demo” a year previous might have something to do with it.)

And what does the ass-clown play? Ooom-pah, ooom-pah, ooom-pah, ooom-pah.
As anybody who owns a Syd album already knew…Syd never wrote any polkas.

We’ll give the final word to the person who “discovered” this one—who would care to argue the point? “It has not been known to be on any bootlegs or anything like that.
It is very short. Again, we have no proof that the track is real.
There are no vocals so it would be hard to pinpoint if the track is indeed a hoax because we don't even know if it is or not.
But we believe and several close friends have all said this track sounds indeed real.”"

16. Oh Is That, Is That Ummm (Ayers/Barrett) 0:13

Syd Barrett and Kevin Ayers

"Everybody knows about “Singing A Song In The Morning” by now.
With the reissue of Joy Of A Toy, there was no point in including it here.
There’s no mystery anymore. Everyone should just go out and buy the thing.
I did. And there’s no point in preserving the “acetate version” either, which was merely a low-fi copy of the single.
However, there is one other Syd bit of interest on Joy Of A Toy.
In this sliver of dialogue before “Song For Insane Times, ” it’s rumored you can hear Syd saying the words “Oh is that… is that ummmm?” and then the tune launches in. Maybe it’s Syd, maybe not. I dunno. It sounds like his voice.
Grey area."

17. Esther's Nosejob (Robert Wyatt/Mike Ratledge) 5:35

Syd and the Soft Machine, 3/2/70 (Edit)

"Supposedly with Syd. His few live shows are very well documented.
He once was advertised to appear on a bill with Kevin Ayers for a European gig, but Syd never went. The one time he set foot on a stage in 1970 was the 6/6/70 London show, and they all but had to drag him out.
Earlier in the year he was busy making the Barrett album with David Gilmour, not gigging with The Soft Machine. Any questions?"

18. Scream Thy Last Scream (Barrett) 6:02

Mono mix

See track 19 for notes.

19. Vegetable Man (Barrett) 2:36

Mono mix

"These two songs went unheard until 1975, when they were played on UK radio.
Because it includes the DJ patter, this tape might be of some slight historical interest since it documents the occasion.
Unfortunately, either the broadcast or the tape deck was in mono.
The DJ patter is in mono as well. Underneath the DJ patter at the beginning is “Flaming”—the stereo mix.
(It’s easy to distinguish between them; the true mono mix features flanging on the drums.)
It’s the stereo mix of “Flaming,” flattened into mono on the tape.

Minus the announcer, these tracks have often been passed off as “mono single mixes, ” even though they were never approved for release.
There was no special mix done for radio play.
We hear what any schmuck would achieve using outdated equipment.
In fact, neither track sounds all that good. With authentic stereo mixes in A+ quality available elsewhere on HYGIY?...why care? Some people will collect anything."

20. Last Ever Recording Session - 1975 (Barrett) 1:10

"Never mind that it was really 1974. What we have here is a chunk from those sessions, but slowed down to half speed. News flash: at 16 RPM, Syd’s guitar sounds like a bass.
This might be another attempt at humor. Syd was “on downers” for the sessions. Riiiiight.

There are several of these tracks floating around on peer-to-peer networks, and no need to include them all. It’s interesting listening for a minute or so, though I prefer Chris Squire. Past that point the novelty wears off, and so we pulled the plug."

21. Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk (Waters) 3:00


"The Freak-Out Demos, once more for old time’s sake.
This is another deconstruction of a Piper track.
We could have included their “Pow R Toc H” instead, but this one includes more of that extra-special guitar work from “Syd.
” Then again, we could’ve included “Gimme A Break” from that tape, except it’s an alternate take of “Piggy Back” and features a little too much of that extra-special guitar work from “Syd.” You’re welcome."

22. Stanley the Simpleton (unknown) 1:11

Pink Floyd

"Syd with the Floyd was at the peak of his powers.
This has been purported to be an outtake from 1967, and as such it is an insult to his considerable talents.

Whoever inflicted this one, I’ll give them credit for at least writing a little song and singing it. Most hoaxers are too lazy for that. However, every song Syd recorded with the Floyd has been thoroughly documented.
It shouldn’t be necessary to point out that there is nothing in EMI’s tape vault titled “Stanley The Simpleton.” It shouldn’t, except for the casual fan or the newcomer who has seen this plastered all over the peer-to-peer networks so many times they figure it must be true.

It isn’t. This was made at some point in the mid-1990s.
It’s typical of home-studio recordings from that period.
If you listen closely to the echo effects they’re all digital.
And the guy doing the singing is nowhere near to a Cambridge accent.
(To his credit, the guy who sang “Cinnamon Toast” didn’t even try.)
Then there are the lyrics, such as they are, and the melody, such as it is..."

23. Molecular Lucky Charm (Took) 5:30

Steve Peregrine Took

See track 24 for notes.

24. Syd's Wine (Took) 4:30

Steve Peregrine Took

"Steve Took is mostly remembered today for having been the original percussionist in Tyrannosaurus Rex. One could say Marc Bolan got rid of him for the same reason
Mick Jagger got rid of Brian Jones—everything Bolan pretended to be, Took really was.
Marc wanted desperately to be a Popstar, and all Steve ever wanted was “to sit under an orange tree, play my guitar in the sun, get stoned and dig the smells and the colours.”

Steve continued writing and recording until his untimely death in 1979, but little came of it at the time. One set of 1972 home recordings was issued in 1995 as
Missing Link...(to Tyrannosaurus Rex). There are rumors Syd plays on these two tracks.
Unlike various Napster “rumors,” there is at least some plausibility to these.

We don’t know. The Tookie group on Yahoo has been researching the question, but results so far have been inconclusive. There are two people who could verify this.
Steve Took is dead. Roger Barrett, if he even recalls Steve Took thirty years later, no longer answers questions. It’s difficult to make certain, because anyone in the London underground community might have dropped in on Steve at some point and been roped into a session. All the “evidence” is circumstantial.

Among the reasons it is suspected Syd may have done so is the fact that Steve had done some session work for Syd in 1968. (He appears on “Lanky” and “Rhamadam.”)
It’s thought that Syd might have returned the favor.

Steve Took and Syd were friendly; he was a great admirer of Syd.
Given their respective situations they had a lot in common.
Both of them had seen something they’d been involved in from the very beginning take on new life after their respective departures.
According to Mick Farren in Give The Anarchist A Cigarette, Steve and Syd hung around together in the late 1960s and on occasions Took “dragged Syd along” to things or would be “talking maniacally at Syd.
” (According to Farren, part of the reason was that Syd attracted prettier girls than the rest of “The Pink Fairies Drinking Club.”)

Then there’s the fact that these sessions took place at Steve Took’s flat.
By 1972 it would have been nearly impossible to get Syd to enter a studio, but there was a decidedly casual vibe at Steve’s place.
(Listen closely during one of these tracks and you can hear him fall out of his chair.
The other musicians don’t bat an eye.)

Steve’s manager, Tony Secunda, had been Bolan’s manager as well, and Steve didn’t altogether trust him. In fact, he had something close to a phobia at that
point about going into a studio, which is why Secunda arranged for a multi-track tape recorder to be installed into Took's living space.

The intent never went beyond making some rough demos to shop around.
Steve didn’t keep close track of who played what, although he occasionally entitled a song after someone who had participated—which raises the obvious questions about “Syd’s Wine.”

(We don’t know if Syd was using cocaine circa 1972 but if he was at all interested, that would have been another reason to see Steve Took.
As well as furnishing Took with a tape recorder, Secunda provided Took with near-limitless suppliers of cocaine.
This has been confirmed by a number of sources including Took’s girlfriend and mother of his son, Lou. She recalls “piles of it. Literally piles.”
Syd in the 1970s seems to have preferred downers mostly, but who knows? We don’t.
But there is that possibility as well.)

Paul Cox (editor of Terrapin at the time) thanked Steve Took and his girlfriend Lou in one issue for giving him Syd’s home address. This was in 1973/4,
which suggests that they remained in contact for some years, even after Syd had moved from London back to his mother’s in Cambridge.

The most interesting bit of “evidence”—we are told Steve credited acoustic guitar on these two tracks to one “crazy diamond.” I would want to see the song sheet in his handwriting to be certain of this; it’s almost too coy to be true.
(In any case, these sessions took place in 1972 and nobody would have referred to Syd that way until 1975.)

At this point, there’s no way to know. But they are very nice tracks.
They have been processed and edited for this collection, although we left in all the acoustic guitar work that might be Syd’s.
(For the originals you’ll need to track down the Steve Took CD.)
There are several excellent Steve Took resources on the web.
Chief among them is “Steve Peregrin Took’s Domain.” More on Steve’s career, biography and unreleased recordings can be found there at http://www.steve-took.co.uk."

25. Heckty Skies (Harley) 7:06

Pink Floyd and Hawkwind

"With much fanfare, there was an announcement in late 2001 of a newly discovered track, “unknown to the Barrett world.
It is rumored to have been recorded in late ’67 or early ’68 at the BBC Sound Workshop.
With lyrics like “couch my disease and chinse covered kisses, glazed calico cloak my costume misses” this is a definite [must] for all Barrett and Floyd collectors.
The lyrics are a rewrite of Hilaire Belloc’s ‘Ballade to Our Lady of Czestochowa.’”

Perhaps somebody got the idea into their head by misinterpreting the lyrics.
They seemed to think the first four lines went, “Guttle of white insanity/Counting dread in some vanity/This is hardly paradise/We’re off in search of Heckty Skies.”
The last two words are actually “petty scorn,” and there will be no shortage of that.

I’d never before heard this attributed to Syd, but a day or two later I was told in a private email, “The ‘Chinese Kisses’ track did the rounds a few years ago.
It was labeled as a PF ’67 BBC Radiophonic Workshop recording and/or some Syd collaboration with some Hawkwind members?? It sounds NOTHING like Syd, and PF did not record anything at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.
This is confirmed by David Parker’s research in Random Precision.”

A moot point. It’s Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel.
The song is “Ritz,” and the album is The Psychomodo, released in 1974.
Their finest, and “Ritz” is arguably the best song on it.
(Hawkwind’s debut was recorded in 1969, by the way.
None of them had done anything to warrant a BBC session in late ’67, and none is on record.)

If anyone had asked, we could have crushed this one years ago.
As it was, we made certain inquiries. Steve Harley was amused.
He confirmed what we already knew: the song has no connection with Syd Barrett.
It has even less to do with Belloc, except in somebody’s fantasy world. And for the record, the correct lyric is as follows:
“Couch my disease in chintz covered kisses/Glazed calico cloth, my costume this is/Come to Pablo Fanque’s In Indigo/And we'll show you pastel shades of rhyme.”

It was soon announced: “We had doubts if the track was a real Barrett track.
We were very hesitant about putting it on our collection. At least we know now, thanks to the Laughing Madcaps group that is not Syd Barrett and we thank you for that.”

We’re all about public service.

As with the Steve Took tracks, this one has been slightly edited and processed.
The original can be found on The Psychomodo by Cockney Rebel, and we highly recommend it.
More information about Cockney Rebel can be found at http://www.steveharley.com.
About the only thing Steve Harley has in common with Syd is that both took a lot of acid when they were younger—but this is one of his finest songs and he deserves proper credit for it. Let those who deserve it deal with the petty scorn.
Honi soit!"

(1/1) Syd Barrett, , Beyond Rhyme Nor Reason, Beyond Rhyme Nor Reason

Audio/Flac, /, ()


This is the tracklist for ths 6CD set as noted on the back cover. As you will see, there are some duplicates, sometimes labeled differently, also some mislabeled and other questionable sources.
All in all this compilation is still interesting in several aspects. Firstly because it does include some previously unreleased tracks (seemingly genuine). Secondly because this is a valuable alternative to the "Have You Got It Yet?" marathonian series which tends to be a little bit pointless after the first few volumes.
The sound quality overall is nice, of course some source are the same crappy ones as usually, but others are genuine upgrades. Here and there some NR is noticeable but nothing too bad. It might have been a definitive series if all of it was free of dupes and mislabels. But on the other hand this looks quite complete.
I don't know the origin of this bootleg (I say bootleg cause it's a silver pressed commercial release), but the only few traders I found having it are Japanese. And that's where I got it from, some Japanese trader who made CDR copies of his silver CD's. So lineage would be something like Original Silvers>CDR(1)>flac (flac'ed by me).

- Furry Animal (zoulouy@hotmail.com)

001. 01 - Lucy Leave (Oct 1965 Acetate) [2:52]
002. 02 - King Bee (Oct 1965 Acetate) [3:01]
003. 03 - Interstellar Overdrive (65-10-31 demo) [14:53]
004. 04 - Mike Leonard Interview (67-12-17) [2:02]
005. 05 - Interstellar Overdrive (TLAMLIL ost 67-01-21) [9:30]
006. 06 - Nick's Boogie (TLAMLIL ost 67-01-21) [11:46]
007. 07 - Interstellar Overdrive (TLAMLIL ost LP 67-01-21) [3:03]
008. 08 - Matilda Mother (Live at UFO 67-01-21) [2:32]
009. 09 - Interstellar Overdrive (Live at UFO 67-01-21 with McCartney interview) [5:01]
010. 10 - Let's roll Another One (rehearsal 67-01-22) [1:30]
011. 11 - Instrumental (rehearsal 67-01-22) [1:28]
012. 12 - Arnold Layne (67-01-28 acetate) [2:35]
013. 13 - Candy and A Current Bun (67-01-28 acetate) [1:59]
014. 14 - Interstellar Overdrive (67-02-27 French Arnold Layne EP mix) [5:10]
015. 15 - Pow R Toc H (67-05-14 BBC TV) [1:45]
016. 16 - Astronomy Domine (67-05-14 BBC TV) [3:55]
017. 17 - See Emily Play (67-05-23) [2:53]

018. 01 - Arnold Layne (67-02-27) [2:53]
019. 02 - Candy and A Current Bun (67-02-27) [2:44]
020. 03 - Remember A Day (67-05-09 mono) [4:20]
021. 04 - See Emily Play (67-05-21 acetate with alt ending) [2:50]
022. 05 - Flaming (67-06-29 mono single mix) [2:45]
023. 06 - Beechwoods (67-09-04) [1:24]
024. 07 - Set The Controls For The Heart of The Sun (67-08-07 Syd's part) [0:30]
025. 08 - Scream Thy Last Scream (67-08-07 Jenner 1974 mix) [4:37]
026. 09 - Scream Coda [0:24]
027. 10 - Vegetable Man (Oct 67 Jenner 1974 mix) [2:27]
028. 11 - Flaming (67-09-25 BBC) [2:37]
029. 12 - Scarecrow (67-09-25 BBC) [2:03]
030. 13 - The Gnome (67-09-25 BBC) [2:10]
031. 14 - Matilda Mother (67-09-25 BBC) [3:21]
032. 15 - Reaction in G (67-09-25 BBC) [0:35]
033. 16 - Set The Controls For The Heart of The Sun (67-09-25 BBC) [3:18]
034. 17 - Jugband Blues (67-10-24 mono) [2:54]
035. 18 - Scream Thy Last Scream (67-08-07 Malcolm Jones 1987 mix) [4:38]
036. 19 - Vegetable Man (Oct 67 Malcolm Jones 1987 mix) [2:34]
037. 20 - Apples And Oranges (67-11-15 stereo Masters of Rock LP) [3:02]
038. 21 - Paint Box (67-11-12 stereo) [3:26]
039. 22 - Vegetable Man (67-12-20 BBC 80s rebroadcast) [3:12]
040. 23 - Scream Thy Last Scream (67-12-20 BBC 80s rebroadcast) [3:37]
041. 24 - Jugband Blues (67-12-20 BBC 80s rebroadcast) [3:46]
042. 25 - Julia Dream (68-02-13 stereo Masters of Rock LP w. echoed vocals) [2:29]
043. 26 - It Would Be So Nice (68-03-21 stereo) [3:41]
044. 27 - Julia Dream (68-02-13 stereo) [2:36]

045. 01 - Reaction in G (67-11-13 Rotterdam) [4:05]
046. 02 - Pow R Toc H (67-11-13 Rotterdam) [11:42]
047. 03 - Scream Thy Last Scream (67-11-13 Rotterdam) [4:29]
048. 04 - Set The Controls For The Heart of The Sun (67-11-13 Rotterdam) [8:56]
049. 05 - Interstellar Overdrive (67-11-13 Rotterdam) [14:13]
050. 06 - Pink Floyd Interview (Jan67 CBC) [10:32]
051. 07 - Barrett and Waters Interview by Hans Keller (67-05-14 BBC TV) [3:39]
052. 08 - Studio Chatter (1969) [0:04]
053. 09 - Roger Waters Interview (67-09-10 Stockholm P3) [2:53]
054. 10 - John Peel, Roger Waters, Peter Jenner Interview (70s) [3:59]
055. 11 - Peter Jenner Interview (70s) [6:05]
056. 12 - Octopus (69-06-13 rough mix Malcolm Jones fragment) [0:22]
057. 13 - Backing Track Excerpt (67-09-04) [1:14]
058. 14 - Swan Lee Excerpt (68-06-08) [0:29]

059. 01 - In The Beachwoods (67 backing track from 69-03 Mason Interview) [4:47]
060. 02 - Vegetable Man (67 backing track from 69-03 Mason Interview) [2:33]
061. 03 - Vegetable Man (67 rehearsal from 69-03 Mason Interview) [2:45]
062. 04 - Silas Lang (68-05-06 backing track) [2:50]
063. 05 - Lanky Part 2 (68-05-14) [1:34]
064. 06 - Golden Hair (68-05-28 instrumental 88 Gareth Cousin mix) [1:56]
065. 07 - Swan Lee (68-06-08 backing track 87 Malcolm Jones alternate mix) [0:53]
066. 08 - Swan Lee (68-06-20 backing track) [2:41]
067. 09 - Clowns And Jugglers (68-07-20 Take 1 alternate mix with studio chat) [2:44]
068. 10 - Swan Lee (69-04-10 fragment with vocal) [0:41]
069. 11 - Opel Studio Chatter (69-04-11) [0:24]
070. 12 - Love You (69-04-11 take 2) [1:17]
071. 13 - Clowns And Jugglers (69-05-03 take 2 keyboard mix) [1:32]
072. 14 - Long Gone (69-07-26 take 2 [1:48]
073. 15 - Dark Globe (69-07-27 choral version Peter Jenner 1974 echo mix) [2:56]
074. 16 - Dark Globe (69-07-27 choral version Malcolm Jones 1987 clean mix) [2:55]
075. 17 - Maisie (70-02-26 take 1 false start) [0:22]
076. 18 - Maisie (70-02-26 take 2 alt mix with extra vocals) [2:56]
077. 19 - Rats (70-06-05 take 1 false start with studio chatter) [1:06]
078. 20 - Wined And Dined (70-06-05 takes 1 and 2 edit with studio chatter) [1:38]
079. 21 - Terrapin (70-06-06 Olympia London) [4:19]
080. 22 - Gigolo Aunt (70-06-06 Olympia London) [4:51]
081. 23 - Effervescing Elephant (70-06-06 Olympia London) [1:21]
082. 24 - Octopus (70-06-06 Olympia London) [5:17]
083. 25 - Baby Lemonade (71-02-16 BBC) [2:12]
084. 26 - Dominoes (71-02-16 BBC) [2:48]
085. 27 - Love Song (71-02-16 BBC) [1:26]
086. 28 - Boogie (74-08-13) [1:29]
087. 29 - If You Go Don't Be Slow (74-08-13) [2:31]
088. 30 - Incomplete Ballad (74-08-13) [0:21]
089. 31 - Fragment (74-08-13) [0:04]
090. 32 - Slow Boggie (74-08-12) [2:56]
091. 33 - John Lee Hooker Inspired (74-08-12) [3:50]
092. 34 - Fast Boogie (74-08-12) [1:18]
093. 35 - Random Bit (74-08-13) [0:17]
094. 36 - Was That OK (74-08-13) [0:04]

095. 01 - Sound Opinions WXRT Chicago 2001-01-03 [1:12:52]

096. 01 - Reaction In G (67-09-13 Star Club Copenhagen) [6:26]
097. 02 - Arnold Layne (67-09-13 Star Club Copenhagen) [3:09]
098. 03 - One In A Million (67-09-13 Star Club Copenhagen) [5:55]
099. 04 - Matilda Mother (67-09-13 Star Club Copenhagen) [6:03]
100. 05 - Scream Thy Last Scream (67-09-13 Star Club Copenhagen) [5:21]
101. 06 - Astronomy Domine (67-09-13 Star Club Copenhagen) [7:21]
102. 07 - In The Beechwoods (1967 backing track) [4:47]
103. 08 - Vegetable Man (1967 mix) [2:57]
104. 09 - Vegetable Man (1967 rehearsal) [3:26]
105. 10 - Peter Jenner Nick Mason David Gilmour Interview (1970s) [6:23]
106. 11 - Pink Floyd Interview (69-03-21 Blackpool UK) [4:55]
107. 12 - Pink Floyd Interview (70-09-28 NYC) [5:55]
108. 13 - Roger Waters Interviews Roger The Hat (1972 for DSOTM FX) [7:33]
109. 14 - Paul Breen Interview (88-10-27 BBC) [4:56]

(3/1) Syd Barrett, 1974-08-12, Last Recording Session, Abbey Road Studios, London, England

Audio/Flac, /, ()


Syd Barrett's Last Recording Session - Abbey Road Studios 1974-08-12 -Now you can finally hear it!

Well, well, well! After lusting after this gem for many years... here it is, finally... 11 instrumental tracks of pure unrealized potential, going nowhere faster and faster...

I wish someone with more talent for visualization than I have, and with more dexterity at arranging than I have, and with the vision that Syd has started - would finish these tracks, especially "If You Go". One of the many biographies I have read about this session (arranged for three days, but only worked on for one) said that all they could produce from Syd is "a few unfocused licks". Well, it's a bit more than that.


Boogie #1
Boogie #2
Boogie #3
If You Go #1
Ballad (unfinished)
If You Go #2
Slow Boogie
John Lee Hooker
Fast Boogie

Source: Peter Jenner's Mixdown Reel

Lineage: Boot Vinyl LP "You Got It Now!" -> Sound Forge ->click and crackle removal, vinyl restoration, and light NR ->FLAC via FLAC frontend level 6, sectors aligned and verified

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